evolution of liberal dance

Michelle Obama’s Dance Moves Get Parodied By Conservative Blogger [Video]

Michelle Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week to show off her best dance moves. Obama did moves like the “just hands part of ‘Single Ladies,’ ” “the go shopping get groceries,” and “the raise the roof,” but conservative blogger Michelle Malkin thinks that Obama is hiding her true dance moves.

Malkin posted a video on YouTube showing Michelle Obama’s true dance moves.

The video, called The Evolution Of Liberal Dance, shows features moves like the “grab your wallet,” “the raise the debt ceiling,” and “the finger of blame.”

Malkin wrote on on her website:

“Hey, who needs Saturday Night Live?! It’s been a while since I was inspired to post a YouTube parody. Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama provided the perfect opportunity. On Friday, the late-night comedy duo collaborated on an “Evolution of Mom Dancing” video that has the lib media swooning.”

The video has received mix reactions. Some people have called it “beyond stupid” while others love the parody.

Regardless of your political affiliations we can all agree that Malkin’s video, as well as Obama’s video, features some absolutely terrible dancing.