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Boehner Chastises Senate Over Lack Of Action [Video]

John Boehner harshly criticized the Senate for their lack of action regarding the pending budget cuts. The House Speaker appeared extremely frustrated when issuing the call to action during a recent press conference. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, the sequestration debate has been invading your consciousness every time you turn on the news.

The Ohio lawmaker did not mince words when calling out the Senate for supposedly sitting out the biggest political debate of 2013. The 2 percent across the board cuts represent a reduction in spending increases. Speaker Boehner noted that Republican intend to make sure that the government if funded and stated there is no looming shutdown, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Boehner had this to say about the Senate and sequestration:

“We have moved a bill in the House twice. We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their a*s and begins to do something.”

President Barack Obama will be in Virginia on Tuesday afternoon to talk about how he feels sequestration cuts could impact shipbuilding in the region, NBC News reports. John Boehner stated during the same press conference that he does not feel President Obama really wants to find a sequester solution.

The House Speaker maintains the president will use the military as a prop during his Virginia visit. Boehner noted that President Obama has traveled all over the country to “campaign rally” type event to garner support for tax hikes.

Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers has also taken issue with President Obama’s frequent flights over the past several weeks. She had this to say about the president sitting down with Congress to discuss sequestration before the Friday deadline:

“He has traveled over 5,000 miles the last two weeks and we challenged him to travel a mile and a half and come to Capitol Hill. Sit down with Harry Reid and urge the Senate Democrats to take action.”

Do you think sequestration is a real threat to the American economy or just a manufactured emergency?

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