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Man Who Lost His Penis Aged 6 Prepares For Genital Reconstruction Surgery

A man who lost his penis in a car accident at the age of six, is about to go through penis reconstruction surgery in order to get his sex life back.

Mohamed, from Edinburgh, was pushed into the road as a child, and then proceeded to fall under the moving car, which dragged him for 600 yards. This resulted in serious injuries to his thighs and genitals.

The infant’s penis and left testicle were both completely destroyed in the incident, whilst he also stated that a portion of his right testicle was saved. However, he is unable to see or feel any evidence of this.

Mohamed had to go through over 100 operations to fix the problem, and he was also built a new penis from the skin on his leg, which he simply described as just “a tube to pee out of.”

Discussing this time of his life on the English TV show, Embarrassing Bodies, he said, “When you’re that age you just don’t realise. I was treated by one nurse when I was just seven, and she helped me throughout my younger life. She was like a second mother to me and we are still in touch.”

Mohamed recently got married and he stated that he simply wanted to live a normal life. This saw him visit a leading penis surgeon who was able to construct him a new penis from a radial forearm flap, which would be fully sensate. This will ultimately be completed over three operations, the first of which he has already gone through.