Bigfoot Willow Creek

Bobcat Goldthwait Will Search For Bigfoot In ‘Willow Creek’

Stand-up comedian-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait has reportedly finished work on a Bigfoot flick called Willow Creek.

The “found footage” horror film will reportedly follow a group of individuals as they attempt to locate the legendary Bigfoot. According to Cinema Blend, Goldthwait has already finished shooting the genre flick.

Although the film will utilize the popular “found footage” format used in a number of recent genre films, Bobcat Goldthwait said the film is more about “bearing witness” than anything else. Given the director’s penchant for dark comedy, moviegoers should expect something a little different from this particular outing.

Goldthwait explained to Bleeding Cool:

“I thought I was doing a horror picture [called Anklebiters] next but I have a feeling that’s going to be left until next year. Though because I really do have to make a movie, I think my next film might be a found footage movie. Though, unfortunately, that’s been rather played out.”

Although Willow Creek has already gone in front of the camera, it’s unknown when the Bigfoot flick will be released.

Bobcat Goldthwait already has a handful of films under his belt. In addition to filming the enjoyable dark comedy World’s Greatest Dad with Robin Williams, he also directed the 2011 satire God Bless America.

Thanks to the popularity of the television series Finding Bigfoot., there are a number of Sasquatch-related movies currently in production. In addition to Goldthwait’s Willow Creek, 2013 will see the release of the low-budget monster movie Throwback.

There have also been a number of recent Bigfoot “sightings” as well. The Inquisitr reported last month that folks in Oregon heard a number of bizarre screams and screeches coming from an Indian reservation. Witnesses said the sounds are unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Are you a fan of Bobcat Goldthwait? Will you check out his latest film Willow Creek when it’s finally released into theaters or on home video?