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Disneyland White Rabbit In More Trouble [Video]

White Rabbit accused of misbehavior at Disneyland

Anaheim, CA — Disneyland character the White Rabbit has been accused of getting physical with two teen sisters.

For the allegedly bad bunny, it was the tale of the tape or the tape of the tail as it were — caught on cell phone video by the girls’ father.

The White Rabbit allegedly got squirrelly when both girls pulled on his tail according to ABC News San Diego. He went after the second girl and grabbed her roughly by the arm and neck and warned her that he would get her kicked out of the them park if she eve did that again. The other sister yelled at the White Rabbit to get off her.

His parting words to the two teens: “Don’t even start your [expletive] with me.”

Apparently it also is a firing offense for any Disney costumed character to speak to guests.

The Carlos family decided not to file a complaint with Disney management about the White Rabbit’s unprofessional behavior at the time because they felt they would be ejected from the park if they did so.

Disney is already being sued by an African-American family who claims the White Rabbit is racist for refusing to hug their children. Disney declined to disclose whether the same White Rabbit actor was involved in both incidents. Disney claimed, however, that the latest incident “is a blatant attempt” by the lawyer in the other case to generate publicity for the lawsuit.

In another incident, Donald Duck was accused of similar racist behavior.

Do you think that Disneyland is insufficiently supervising its characters?

Watch a news report on the White Rabbit behaving badly with the Carlos sisters:

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3 Responses to “Disneyland White Rabbit In More Trouble [Video]”

  1. Tim Hall

    Just because park guests pay an entrance fee, that does not give them the right to assault the actors wearing character suits. If you watch the video from the beginning, it shows two girls taking turns pulling on the White Rabbit's tail. They both do it by approaching from the rear, pulling on the tail, then quickly taking off to avoid being caught. To me, it appears to be an inappropriate assault on the actor, by two girls who appear to be old enough to know better, in an attempt to provoke a reaction from the actor.

    By filing a lawsuit, the girls' father has managed to demonstrate to the world not only that his daughters lack good judgement, but that they learned it from him.

  2. Esteban Rápido

    I don't believe anything about this story. It just happened to be the white rabbit and the same lawyer plans on using this as evidence in a case that he has no evidence for? It was in June but the family did nothing until now? The video on the father's iphone isn't at a good enough quality for anyone to tell where in the park they are let alone the time of year it was taken. Yeah, I'm saying it is a setup from this lawyer.

  3. Gary Burns

    I dunno I've had two ex-girlfriends that were both groupped on the ass by two different "Tiggers" over the years !

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