Princeton Free Homes

Princeton Giving Away Free Two-Story Houses

Princeton is giving away free houses, but takers will find a small string attached to the offer.

The prestigious university is offering several houses near its campus free of charge. However, potential homeowners will need to foot the bill for relocating the structure, currently located on Alexander Street in Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton University will soon be clearing the land to make way for its Art and Transit project. Set to begin construction in the spring, the reportedly $300 million development will feature shopping, art buildings, and a train station.

ABC News writes that the two-story houses included in the offer would require fairly extensive renovation before they could be occupied.

Martin Mbugua, a spokesperson for the university, indicated the structures have some issues, “mostly in the interior, due to remediation work in preparation for the project.”

The houses previously served as Princeton University administrative and faculty office space. Once plans for the neighborhood renovation began to take shape, the interiors of the houses were essentially gutted.

The cost of moving one of Princeton’s free houses could be substantial. Relocating large buildings usually requires a massive dolly system or the help of a structure-lifting contractor.

According to The Daily Mail, transporting a house can run between $8,000 to $40,000 depending on size and distance. Additional costs for foundation and utility work at the new location could ultimately make it an expensive venture.

Anyone with serious inquiries about Princeton giving away houses can contact the university’s Office of Community and Regional Affairs at (609) 258-3204 or email