Apple iPad Oscars Commercial

Apple iPad Gets Its Own Oscars Commercial, Touts Movies And Technology

The Apple iPad attempted to steal a little bit of Oscars spotlight on Sunday when the Cupertino, California based company showed off its newest iPad ad.

The commercial features a film-themed homage based around the user interface found on the current generations of Apple’s popular tablet device.

While the ad did a good job of showing off the Apple iPad’s crisp video output and easy to navigate user interface, it did very little to show off any new “wow” factors for buyers.

Apple’s biggest challenge of late has been aligning its products against Samsung devices which offer newer technologies and flashier ad posts.

Apple has been running its Oscars night commercials since 2010. It was in that year that the late-Steve Jobs showed up at the Oscars and launched his company’s newest commercial.

This time around part of Apple’s campaign relied on simply displaying words to users. Those words which flash quickly across the screen include:

“Visionary, makeup, triumph, focus, starlet, romance, score, bold, suspense, director, lights, super, phenomenal, marvelous, and more.”

You know what word was missing from the Apple iPad commercial? “Magical,” one of the first words Steve Jobs ever used to describe the original Apple iPad prior to its release.

Apple has been facing an uphill battle against its competitors, namely Samsung. Oscars night definitely wasn’t Apple’s night to steal the spotlight as Samsung also worked to secure its own ads for the Academy Awards.

Here is the full Apple iPad Oscars night commercial. Take a view and let us know if you find the iPad commercial to be effective or a dud: