Gerard Depardieu Returns To Russia And His New Home On Democracy Street And To Fulfil A Variety Of Public Engagements

Gerard Depardieu Returns To Russia And A New Address On ‘Democracy Street’

Gerard Depardieu has returned to Russia for a slew of public engagements and to see his new address on “Democracy Street.”

The French actor was granted a Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin in early January, after a very public spat with the French government over President Francois Hollande’s move to impose a 75 percent super-tax on residents earning more than one million euros a year.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Cyrano de Bergerac star will spend some time in Moscow on Friday before traveling east to the provincial city of Saransk to register as a resident of Democracy Street, known in Russia as Demokraticheskaya Ulitsa.

“They will put a stamp in his most important document [passport] giving him permanent registration at a concrete address… The flat where Depardieu will be registered is in a building on Democracy Street in central Saransk,” Russian state television reported.

Depardieu’s new home is located in the Lenin district of the city and boasts a population of 300,000.

The apartment which the actor will stay in belongs to family members of the head of Russia’s State Film Fund, Nikolai Borodachev, who is a personal friend of the actor, AFP reports.

It is now known whether the actor will eventually buy the property or lease it indefinitely.

Gerard Depardieu Returns To Russia To See His New Apartment In Democracy Street And Fulfil A Variety Of Public Engagements