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Elisa Lam Video Analyzed, Drug Use Suggested But Not Proven

eliza lam on drugs?

The video of Eliza Lam in what are her final known moments (police aren’t sure yet what transpired between the CCTV capture of her attempt to get an elevator to work and the discovery of her corpse in a hotel water tank weeks later) has captivated and creeped out much of the internet, given Lam’s strange and visibly “off” behavior in her last sighting.

The Elisa Lam video surfaced after the Canadian student’s death was discovered, but what we don’t know is what happened between that moment and her death. It’s possible Lam survived longer, and what occurs on camera is perhaps a source of further confusion rather than an elucidation.

Watching Elisa Lam in the three to four minute video, posted on YouTube, it’s clear that something is amiss — and all sorts of possibilities spring to mind. One is a break with reality in the form of a nervous breakdown, for instance, given that the broken elevator seems to stall the young woman in confusion for quite some time.

Another is more worrying, as it appears Lam is interacting with or hiding from someone — given a lack of audio, this perception could be off, but given the circumstances of her death, the possibility it is accurate is chilling. The last is the influence of a chemical substance, which is perhaps an unfair assumption given we don’t know if Lam survived for days after the bizarre video was recorded or even if she was known to partake in recreational drugs.

LA Weekly, local to the Elisa Lam case, spoke with one expert on club culture who posited that Lam may have been under the influence of ecstasy as she is filmed in the unsettling surveillance footage. Described as a longtime club-drug expert formerly of the LAPD, Trinka Porrata viewed the clip and offered a possibility for Lam’s visibly strange behavior in the video — though she admits it is “hard to say” for sure.

The piece reads:

“She’s ‘petting’ something and then dancing a bit. Could be an Ecstasy pill that contains MDMA plus some other hallucinogen. Getting into the corner of the elevator and looking out repeatedly could seem like paranoia or just part of her hallucination. Hard to say from just that little bit.”

eliza lam on drugs?

Porrata adds:

“Even harder of course to guess whether it was something she took voluntarily or was slipped to her. Ecstasy IS considered a rape drug but so many pills called Ecstasy so often is a mixture or something else completely that they don’t get the desired effects for a sexual assault.”

While Elisa Lam could have been under the influence of MDMA or ecstasy, Porrata says that the water tank bit doesn’t mesh with what she knows about use of the drug, calling it “a weird place to end up,” with the caveat Lam may have been forced to go there.

The expert also said that PCP, a less common drug, “has a tendency to ‘attract’ people to water.” Toxicology reports on Elisa Lam are pending, and the results of the investigation will take several weeks to process.

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14 Responses to “Elisa Lam Video Analyzed, Drug Use Suggested But Not Proven”

  1. Nora Mercandy

    It looks like she sees someone down the hallway and goes toward them in the end of the video. Notice she halts in her movements, hesitates for a bit, and then goes in that direction. At first, I thought it was likely she climbed the fire escape to the roof herself, but if she got into the water tank on her own, why did she undress, and where are her clothes? I think now that she was on drugs, then someone motioned to her in the hallway and took advantage of her – her killer. Some people actually live in the Cecil long-term – it wouldn't have to be a maintenance person, just someone who knew the building well. Though, he or she probably got a maintenance person to assist in disposing of the body. This story really freaks me out as someone who took a similarly risky vacation at her age. 21 is a difficult time – I was just ready to graduate and very unsure of my future. Luckily, my dad insisted my mom go with me and now I'm glad he did!

  2. Daniel Gonzo Underhill

    What is most strange in my opinion is the fact that the elevator does not work until just a moment after she gives up on it. It's as though someone was operating it while being able to see her from the surveillance camera. I would posit that this was most definitely some sort of inside job, however, the hiding place of the body does not really support that theory very well.

  3. Evan Judd

    The water tanks were locked…guess who has the keys? Your theory may not be to far off.

  4. Diana Crandall

    After she leaves the screen, you can see the numbers at the bottom of the screen (even though blacked out) stop and jump, so there's a time lapse there- maybe the clip of someone walking by is deleted.

  5. Anonymous

    This poor lady is obviously psychotic…paranoia, strange hand movements, pushing multiple elevator buttons (flipping on the hold elevator switch).

  6. Ingrid Benson Reeves

    Club drug expert Porrata, you are an idiot. Obviously, her actions are consistent with fear for her life….

  7. Rob Lorenson

    I was going to say something similar. Ms. Lam is not "dancing," she is angry at someone, and making points using her fingers. She is also in extreme fear, one can tell by the way she stands, by the way she is moving, the expression on her face, and other subtle gestures.

  8. Tiffany Ariel DeRossett

    Someone was holding the button from outside and threatening her with a gun to exit the elevator or they would reach their hand around and shoot her. We can't hear the demand for her to leave the surveilled elevator bc there is no audio. The killer knew there was a security camera in the elevator. Both times she steps out she puts her hands on top of her head, something customarily done when a person is forced by fun to surrender their own force. He held the button until she made it to the point in the hallway where he intended to manipulate her further. He held the elevator door open and once she reached her forced destination in the hallway, he let the door close and released the button while still pointing the gun. Once the door closed he was able to pass the elevator without being caught on camera.

    A girl her size, especially of intoxicated, would not have the motor skills or strength to open a heavy steel cistern door all by herself.

    I pray God finds this man and punishes him.

  9. Tiffany Ariel DeRossett

    Once again I think suspect was pointing a gun at her from outside of the elevator. Most people, when confronted by a gun in their face, lose control of their nerves and have odd motor skill behavior. She almost looks like she is counting her fingers, maybe she was naming off reasons why the suspect should not shoot her. If someone pointed a gun at me, I'd Probably be flustered and highly agitated/dissociated.

  10. Kris Aaron Nelson

    I've spent more time than I would like to admit analyzing this video since last week when I first watched it. She seems like a funny smart girl almost having a good time (even smiles for a moment at 1:31) yet if was a detective and had to decide is there someone on the other side of that wall to the left (or in the hallway)…..YES OR NO it would be really hard to determine. For all we know her killer may have been a big butch dyke! Most likely a guy and if so lets strap a big boulder to him and throw him in the deepend. Get full media coverage with close up cameras. A real neighborly atmosphere with chants of DIE $%%^^& DIE ! Have Ryan Seacrest put a mike on him "So whats it feel like to know your gonna die". SLow motion shots on ABC NEWS all week long of him fighting for his last breath. Have a mermaid in the corner waiving at him (or Her)

  11. Anonymous

    I just now got around to looking at the video up close. And, after several viewings. I would buy that she is being chased and paranoid. But, no shadows or reflections (except hers) are seen on the side of the elevator or floors. And, being around some mental patients in a mental ward (my mom was diagnosed with Paranoid schizo), the contortions of her hands remind me of seeing such patients. Personally, I don't think we know enough about mental illness to know exactly whether it's organic or from a "demon" if you believe in such things? In another article it was said that Richard Ramirez stayed on the 14th floor at the time he killed people. He practiced satanism. But, my question would be why or how could she have organized a vacation trip on her own from Canadian much less dressing herself. When there is mental illness especially schizophrenia, they have a hard time functioning on their own. Was she like this before her trip?

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