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Kim K. Pregnancy Shoot: Kardashian Shows Off Growing Baby Bump

Kim K. Pregnancy Shoot: Kardashian Show Off Growing Baby Bump

Kim K. won’t let pregnancy stop her from having a photo shoot.

Ms. Kardashian gave the first official glimpse of her baby bump in a pregnancy shoot for Du Jour magazine. In the shoot she wore a two-piece bikini that showed off her growing belly.

Kim Kardashian shared some of the pregnancy shoot in Instagram, saying that she was excited to work with photographer Bruce Weber for the cover of the magazine’s spring issue. noted: “Other shots included a slinky silk nightie complete with plunging neckline and lace trim, while her hair was given the wet-look treatment and slicked back loose or pulled into a side plait.”

Though Kim K.’s pregnancy shoot may be the first “official” photos of her baby bump, the reality star has been willing to share plenty of other times. On a recent trip to Rio with boyfriend Kanye West, Kim shared plenty of pictures and videos, including partying with their friend Will Smith.

Kardashian has shared more than baby bump photos, too. Earlier this month she tweeted a picture of a diamond-studded gun, though she quickly deleted the post.

Kim’s pregnancy has been the source of many headlines lately. She has asked a judge to move along her ongoing divorce proceedings with Kris Humphries, citing the health of her unborn child and her desire to move the case along before the little one is born.

Humphries’ lawyer seemed to agree, resigning because he didn’t believe the NBA player’s claim of fraud had merit.

You can check out Kim K. in her pregnancy shoot in Du Jour magazine.

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13 Responses to “Kim K. Pregnancy Shoot: Kardashian Shows Off Growing Baby Bump”

  1. Vicki LShark

    I'm confused. Why was all the fuss about her porn video and here she is, from that point on, trying to be naked in pictures. Why don't she go to school for ethics, morals, and values.

  2. Steve King

    kim k must really love herself…i'm suprised she don't have more kids as many times as she screwed every guy she dated.once more she is still legally married so nothing like being a adultdress.kate middleton is alot more better to look at than kim k ever hopes to be.

  3. Thomas F. Louderback

    So sorry to say but this witch exposes herself as a common whore and street walker. Money has never made a lady and this woman and here siblings stink to high heaven. They would have been better off naming her another "Jezebel".

  4. Thomas F. Louderback

    If you want a look at real American Trailer Trash this is a family you don't want to miss!

  5. Douglas Flemmons

    I didn't read this but if people would just quit paying attention to this dumb bi**h at not even good looking hopefully she just go away since she has no talent anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    I think Kim is a joke.There's no doubt shes attractive physically, but being fed with a silver spoon all her life has givin her a very ugly personality.From watching her reality show, you cant miss her better than thow, diva/drama queen additude.She needs to self evaluate….she got her fame from being easy and classless with a sex tape.The final straw in her divorce was because Chris Humphries was unorganized and she thought cleaning up after him was jus to much lol.Not to jmention before getting a divorce, shes now pregnant in record time from dating Kanye West, who's gotta be one of the most pejidust people Ive ever seen.

    Shes only famous because a sex tape & 98% of the male population want to " bone" her.She has no skills, looks down her nose at anyone who's not famous, choses a newer boyfriend over her family (who she asked to come to Miami by the way) and still she thinks there's nothing wrong with her actions.#Ignorance is bliss.

  7. Anonymous

    Re: Kim's baby bump. What about that bump where her brain should be?

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