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Elderly Man Kills Intruder, Criticized By Family Of Deceased

Elderly man guns down home invader

An elderly man killed a home intruder and later faced off with family of the deceased, KDFW/FOX 4 reported on Monday, February 18.

The man fired on 33-year-old intruder Deyfon Pipkins “at least once,” the report stated.

Dallas police sergeant Calvin Johnson said the homeowner was protected by the Castle Doctrine, a law that “means they don’t actually have to retreat once someone comes in their home.”

“You have the option of using deadly force if you believe your life is in danger,” Johnson added.

Pipkins’ family didn’t see it that way. The report said that “some” relatives showed up outside the house after being notified of the assailant’s death.

Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins’ sister-in-law, believed “he [the homeowner] could have used a warning,” adding that “he could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense.”

(The Miami dad who was killed by home invaders on February 13 while protecting his 11-year-old daughter might disagree, as could the Titusville, Florida, woman pistol whipped by three suspects in January.)

Johnson said evidence will be turned over to a grand jury for investigation and that no charges have been issued against the homeowner at this time.

The shooting added yet another story into the growing gun control debate raging around the United States. Are guns necessary deterrents to violent crime, or do they do more harm than good?

That’s a question The Dallas Morning News tried to statistically answer earlier this month only to find that culling trustworthy stats is more difficult than it looks.

As an example, a statistic from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which attempted to tabulate gunshot injuries for 2011, found that “between 36,708 and 111,058″ injuries were reported, a swing in opinion of around 300 percent.

The lesson: Gun control statistics are not an exact science, and they can be used to say pretty much whatever you want.

However, breaking in to homes is not an exact science either, a fact which Pipkins and his family are now painfully aware.

Do you feel justice was served in the case mentioned above?

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28 Responses to “Elderly Man Kills Intruder, Criticized By Family Of Deceased”

  1. Heather Johnson

    Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins' sister-in-law, believed "he [the homeowner] could have used a warning," adding that "he could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense."

    Clearly the entire family is a bunch of idiots.

    He broke into a home that wasn't his. The homeowner did not have to warm him about anything. The whole "breaking and entering is illegal" thing is the warning.

  2. Joe Mosley

    The intruder was Black, the home owner was White.So in the eyes of the perps family, it was a hate crime. I'm an old man.My wife is handicapped and I am semi handicapped.If someone breaks into our home, I will do the same thing this gentleman did.He was defending himself against an intruder.He did the right thing.

  3. Kelly Hanlon Waldron

    The locked door was his warning. Absolutely no sympathy for the deceased!

  4. Louise J. Mercier

    It was a risk the idiot intruder took – a gamble that cost him his pathetic life. Not much of a loss if you ask me.

  5. Anonymous

    You come in my house without my permission by breaking in and I'll make SURE you go out in a body bag! No if's ands or buts! I have a right to protect myself from animals like that that don't have a brain or conscience in their stupid head. They get what they deserve and their family shouldn't have a damned thing to say about it.Just cause he was black doesn't give him special privileges to break into houses and get away from it scott free.

  6. Dale Clapper

    Don't break into houses and you won't get shot. The homeowner did the right thing. The family of the perp are IDIOTS.

  7. Mike Rush

    Amen to that!! I'm telling you the blacks are pushing to disarm the whites in this country so they can rampage at will..

  8. Jeremy Freedman

    Maybe the dead perp's family should have taught the perp some morals, like don't break into people's homes. These are not humans, they are feral animals.

  9. Anonymous

    If a white criminal breaks into anothers home and the homeowner excercises his legal right to protect his abode and self and kills the white intruder the white family of the dead white intruder will accept it and face the fact that their family member unfortunetley made a bad choice and morn their loss peacfully If a black commits the same crime and is killed the black family wines forever and cries racism. How disguesting. When are people going to get tired of blacks and all there complaining. I bet if white people on this planet dwindle down to only a few hundred left, the billions of non whites especially the blacks will still call us hateful n rayciss n sheet. Deport these feral black groid baboons to afreeka and stop kissin there ball jigaboo azzes. WHITE HUMANS WAKE UP.

  10. Mark Skaggs

    home owner is a hero and dumbass is dead fantastic story.see dumbass will never try to still again and maybe kill someone cause he is dead and homeowner is alive and a hero.

  11. John Pao

    "Could have used a warning?" What an inane thing to suggest.

  12. Jennifer Roach-Booker

    You, sir, are ignorant and a disgrace to any race. Shame on you.

  13. Yohan Vigilante Beebe

    So he should of given common courtesy for someone to break into his house? I bet if a white person broke into a black persons home they would get butthurt if that white man's family said something like they did. They are making black people look really bad right now.

  14. Greg Poppa

    I don't really understand the issue here. He broke into the mans house and got shot at, it resulted in death. Unfortunate as it may be for the family, that's what you should expect when you're a criminal, that's the risk you run.

  15. Shaphan Hardy

    He did warn the intruder, he closed the door of his house, thus warning all and sundry that it and his belongings were not to be bothered. The intruder, not taking the first warning, apparently broke in and was given a warning dose of lead, but he proved especially sensitive to it and died. Good for the homeowner. Elderly man wasn`t such an easy target with the playing field leveled. God made Man, but Colt made all men equal still holds true.

  16. Anonymous

    I live in the middle of town and routinely sleep with my front door open and the screen hooked. Feel free to break in anytime. I must warn you though my bed companions are a loaded shotgun and a loaded 9mm under my pillow. If you dare come upstairs to my room, I will help you back down. My house, my rules, my guns-your choice.

  17. Kathryn Denny

    He deserves to be dead if he didn't want to be shot he should have stayed in his own yard like a good dog. This man's family needs to be rounded up and prosecuted if they showed up at that man's house.

  18. Dylan Welch

    You just invited people to break into your home. If anyone does and you shoot them, you're now responsible due to the opening of your own mouth.

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