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J.K. Rowling Listed Among Queen, Kate Middleton As Most Inspiring British Woman

J.K. Rowling Listed Among Queen, Kate Middleton As Most Inspiring British Woman

J.K. Rowling beat out the Queen and Kate Middleton as the most inspiring British woman — at least among one subset of voters.

The Harry Potter author tied Olympic champion Jessica Ennis with 56 percent of Manchester respondents finding them inspirational, while the Queen earned the vote of two-fifths of UK women voters in the Oxfam survey. Dame Hellen Mirren came in third on the list.

Among all British respondents, J.K. Rowling finished third with 39 percent of voters fining her inspiring, Look to the Stars found. The Queen and Ennis topped that list with 42 percent of the vote, while Kate Middleton finished seventh with 25 percent.

The Manchester vote was set up by Oxfam’s Get Together fundraiser, which is the largest celebration in the UK of International Women’s day, on March 8.

The fact that J.K. Rowling topped the list shows that respondents recognized the author’s achievement in creating a universe of wizards and sorcery.

“Following on from the Woman’s Hour Power List, it is clear that British women strongly value personal dedication and achievement, whether they are looking up to high profile figures or family members,” Harriett Roberts, Oxfam community fundraising manager for Oxfam in Manchester told Mancurian Matter.

“This is what Oxfam Get Together is all about. It is about celebrating and supporting women around the world who are working hard with passion and dedication to get themselves out of poverty.”

The report noted that Manchester residents may have looked closer to home in selecting J.K. Rowling and Jessica Ennis over members of the royal family.

Though the Harry Potter series has concluded, J.K. Rowling has said she may revisit the Potter universe in future books. This fall she released an adult fiction book, The Casual Vacancy.

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16 Responses to “J.K. Rowling Listed Among Queen, Kate Middleton As Most Inspiring British Woman”

  1. Ive Vazquez

    Kiss ass… How in the hell are they roll models……???? Stupid..

  2. Austin Burras

    she deserve it going from single mother on welfare to becoming the richiest women in england.

  3. Jazmin Hill

    Well J.K. Rowling is literally the worlds most well known case of someone moving from poverty to riches. She worked her ass off and went from living below the poverty line and barely being able to feed her children, to being the most successful, and wealthy author of all time. She even had a billionaire status at one point but she donated so much money to charity that she lost her title. If there's anyone young women should be looking up to it's her. Makes more sense to look up to her than the Queen and Kate.

  4. Anonymous

    It's a shame The Inquisitr is to ignorant to get the Duchess of Cambridge's name correct. She is the Princess William, Katherine Duchess of Cambridge or Katherine Mountbatten-Windsor. She stopped being Kate Middleton the moment she married Prince William.

    I do think Rowling is an excellent choice – anybody that can get kids to read a book deserves to be recognized.

  5. Ryan Murphy

    Role Models… Although, as an American, I have to ask why anyone would consider the Queen a role model? What precisely has she accomplished other than being born into a life of luxury and ease? I don't get it.

  6. Ian T. Roberts

    What is inspiring about a queen and a princess? Are they inspiring people to marry men who were born rich? J.K. Rowling is an artist whose creations have captured the imaginations of almost every person on the planet. She is one of the most inspiring human beings who ever lived, let alone women in England.

  7. Anonymous

    Good choice, that's an inspiring story, as a young writer myself it does make you see the opportunities that come from working hard and having a vast imagination. But the Queen and Kate Middleton? Really?

  8. Austin Burras

    i dont think it ignorant i think it cuz every one still use kate middleton no one cares about her whole name

  9. Austin Burras

    I think the queen deserve it after all she down and middleton pretty much has the disney princesss thing going for her so both make sense.

  10. Chase Bowen

    JK Rowling truly got a generation, nay, two generations of kids to put down the remote and pick up a book. Kudos to you, that is an amazing feat especially today.

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