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Dr. Drew Pinsky Under Fire After Mindy McCready Suicide, Compared To Dr. Kervorkian

Dr. Drew Pinsky Under Fire After Mindy McCready Suicide, Compared To Dr. Kervorkian

Dr. Drew Pinsky is facing criticism after country singer Mindy McCready became the fifth member of Celebrity Rehab to die in the last two years.

Pinsky and the show have made the private struggles of celebrities public, allowing audiences to witness their battles with addiction and dangerous behaviors. Both he and the show have been criticized for turning this private struggle into entertainment.

Buzzfeed writer Kate Aurthur pointed out that Mindy McCready’s death makes five Celebrity Rehab alums to die in the past two years — including three from McCready’s season. She bemoaned Dr. Drew Pinsky’s role in bringing their problems to light.

She wrote:

“If you watched the show as a serious documentary, it had a lot to offer, and was unsparing and often moving. If you watched it as a hilarious spectacle, then — well, it’s hard to figure out how to end this sentence, because I think you’re awful. But reality TV sends these things out into the world, and there’s no controlling what a viewer’s reaction is going to be. It doesn’t help that Dr. Drew has sometimes seemed like a fame addict himself.”

Others were not so gentle with their words for Dr. Drew Pinsky, Perez Hilton noted. Singer Richard Marx compared Pinsky to Dr. Kervorkian, writing: “I think “Dr” Drew Pinsky should change his name to Kevorkian. Same results.”

Though Marx later deleted the tweet, he stood by his criticism of Pinsky.

Dr. Drew Pinsky himself commented on Mindy’s death, saying that she did not heed the help he tried to offer:

“Although I have not treated her for few years, I had reached out to her recently upon hearing about the apparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger children. She was devastated. Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority. Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment.”

Do you believe that Dr. Drew Pinsky bears responsibility in the deaths of the Celebrity Rehab members including Mindy McCready?

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44 Responses to “Dr. Drew Pinsky Under Fire After Mindy McCready Suicide, Compared To Dr. Kervorkian”

  1. Ange Ncali

    I highly doubt Pensky had anything to do with the death of Mindy Mccready's death, when these celebrities come to the drug rehab, they are already too deep into their addiction where they don't care what it does to their health. I don't believe other deaths contribute to being on the rehab show. Accountablity falls into those that chose the path to OD or commit suicide, no one else.

  2. Stephanie McEntire Buker

    If Pinsky is to blame than let's not let it stop there…it's society that gets a kick out of watching suffering as entertainment…and going further to kick someone when they are down.

  3. Shannon Maher

    Every one has their own demons to battle – sometimes we win – sometimes they do. It doesn't have anything to do with Pinskey.

  4. Edrah Rembert

    She was already set that she was going to kill herself. Its sad that she left her children who are going to miss their mother. Dr. Drew is not responsible. He did what he could do to help her and what she allowed. I watched her in the episode on the show. Its sad seeing those featured die from what they are trying to get help from or pass from the damages already done. Depression is no joke. I never thought I would suffer from depression and feel like I was going crazy but I did. However I was lucky to get out of that dark cloud and see things in a better light. Wish that works for everyone but it doesnt.

  5. Drea Kreth

    They are addicts and they are celebrities… of course there are going to be fatalities… think of the number of celebrities who have died of drug overdoes in the last 2 years that HAVEn't been on his show… he is not to blame and I am sure for every one he could not saved his program has probably helped dozens more as his treatment center does more than just celebrity addicts.

  6. William Norton

    For 25 years Pinksy has been a self righteous prick, simultaneously playing the "sincere-rehab" and media-entertainer" card and referring devotees of each school to the other when caught on the petard of his own ego. Like David Viscott before him, he is a total exploiter of human pain, hiding behind his state sanctioned role as a doctor and therapist while consistently failing to fess up to the obvious truth that treatment can't be boiled down to a 4 minute phone call on KROQ or a season of Celebrity Rehab.

    Look up the fate that befell Viscott. Drew may be headed to the same altar.

  7. Stephanie McEntire Buker

    “The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling.”
    ― David Foster Wallace

    Pinsky aside…

  8. Anonymous

    I really do not understand how they are blaming this on Dr. Drew. This lady had many very deep issues that she obviously still needed help for even after Celebrity Rehab ended. The Dr offered his services, she refused. Once a person makes up their mind to kill themselves there is no stopping them. I feel sorry for her family and kids. This is very tragic, but I think everyone is being very unfair blaming Dr Drew for this.

  9. Anonymous

    Mccready was a sick person who didn't care about her kids or animal for that matter.. She took the cowards way out END OF STORY.

  10. Ken Settle Photos

    Anyone seriously wanting to heal from addiction and mental illness is NOT going to go on Celebrity Rehab! They will seriously, methodically and in private go through the process of learning and coping and gaining the skills needed and balancing meds if needed, and entering into positive psychotherapy. They DO NOT chat with Pinski for a brief interlude on a reality TV show!

    Pinski does not bear any blame for McCready's suicide, but he does shoulder blame in selling a bill of goods to the public that anyone can actually deal with the complicated issues of mental illness and addiction by playing a bit part on a reality TV show. I have no respect for Pinski as a doctor. He should have made up his mind if he wanted to heal or if he wanted to be a glorified host of Jeopardy.

  11. Matthew Philbrook

    shame on him for being a media whore who loves the sound of his own voice. and shame on him for running this fake ass rehab clinic that break just about every rule of a real rehab clinic. this is reality television at it's worst. the very definition of prolefeed that orwell talked about.

  12. Matthew Philbrook

    I'm glad someone gets Pinsky for what he is. A fraud quack manipulator.

  13. Alicia Berg

    The critisizm of Dr. Drew is unfair. I went through hospital sponsored rehab 5 years ago and fortunately it was a great start on the road to sobriety. However, it statistically takes 4 attempts to achieve long term sobriety. You have to be willing to do a lot of hard work to maintain it, like actively working a 12 step program, working with a therapist/psychiatrist for underlying mental illness, and above all be willing to accept that you have a substance abuse problem and can NEVER use again no matter what. Mindy and other celebrites that have lost their fight are not unusual, unfortunately. Only 5% in AA attain long term sobriety…addiction is a horrible disease, and it requires constant committment by the one who has it to fight it. NO ONE can make you get sober unless you really want it.

  14. Will Russell

    Dr Drew is not a miracle worker. These people are going to do what they're going to do. Its his job to try and help them, not follow them around and make sure they don't do somrthing stupid.

  15. Anonymous

    give him a break hes at least trying to help u cant save everybody look at local a.a or n.a how many people go there n end up dying a lot at least someone has stepped up to try to clean the disaster we call hollywood.

  16. Mark Leszkiewicz

    You know nothing, and add nothing. Addiction professionals do not exploit their patients for money, and when they do, well, you see the result..5 dead in 5 years. Comment on something you know about

  17. Mark Leszkiewicz

    As addiction professionals, we swear an oath to do no harm and put our patients above all else, including ourselves and our bank accounts. The excuse that these people willingly accepted the chance to appear on this show holds no water, as people are sick and vulnerable and not capable of making these kind of decisions while they are in crisis. No real professional would even consider parading these people in front of millions, to make millions….In the very least this quack should lose his license and never, ever be allowed around another patient again, and should be charged with negligence..He has undone the work of many a addiction professional who dedicates their lives and spends long hours with low pay to help these people who suffer from a horrible disease. We do this not for money, but because we have a chance to take our past and use it to help others realize there is life after recovery. I have never, ever been happier than I am in sobriety, and that is probably the single most difficult thing to impart to our patients. How dare this man call himself a doctor, how dare him play with peoples lives..I am just stunned that he is even allowed to practice medicine..

  18. Mark Leszkiewicz

    Please tell me this comment is a joke. He was their doctor you idiot, can you possibly be this clueless? He exploited them for money and now they are DEAD, DEAD, that's something you can undo. I am an addictions professional, you're a reality show fan, so please go to the Real housewives website and comment all you want, nothing you say here matters, or makes sense, now blow

  19. Mark Leszkiewicz

    Unfair? He was their doctor and exploited them for money. No real professional would even consider this, and now they are dead. If I even took one of my patients to lunch outside of the proscribed treatment plan, I would be put under review with sanctions. You want to be a cable reality show fan, so be it, but making dumb, lame comments about something you know nothing about helps nobody, and sends the wrong message..wake up

  20. Mark Leszkiewicz

    They are not celebrities when they walk into that treatment center, they are patients first and foremost. No doctor would ever exploit their patients for money and if they did, they would lose their license to practice. At least there's one person here qualified to make these comments and it ain't you

  21. Melody Mitchell

    That was a choice SHE made. She chose to go on the show and she chose to pull the trigger. I hate that things had to turn out that way for her, however, it was her decision. Maybe her demons were too much to face each day and this was her only way to rid her head of them. It is apparent to me that you know nothing about depression and addiction, Mark, or you would have a different view on the topic.

  22. Polly Rea O'Toole

    Addiction is a deadly, dangerous disease. Dr. Drew has brought both the deadly nature of addiction and the reality of recovery to the public. Dr. Drew is treating people who have the equivalent of a deadly disease like cancer. Some people survive the disease and some do not. It is my hope that these tragic deaths will scare the hell out of lots of people suffering from addiction and motivate them to seek treatment. To make Dr. Drew in any way responsible for these deaths is akin to blaming an oncologist when one of her patients dies of the disease.

  23. Mark Leszkiewicz

    Oh yes, he is clearly responsible. He was their doctor and then exploited them for money. He failed to give them a strong foundation for recovery, and the result is clear. Every addiction professional I know, and work with, feels the same way..but I suppose the professionals are wrong and the reality show fans such as yourself are right?

  24. Marianne Boettcher

    This man had nothing to do with these people that choose to end their life! As Dr K ended the lives of people that only wanted to end the pain and suffering that they were in! Someone once said to me – " I will only shed tears for u if u die from a tragic death but if u choose to take your own life that is just selfish".. He passed away from colan cancer at 42 years old and had 3 kids!

  25. Jamie Andrews

    I think Dr. D is a wonderful doctor who gave us a glimpse of celebrities who were addicts. These people signed on for the show so how is it his fault? They could've gotten private care. Most of them were washed-up "celebrities" anyway and used CR to try to get back into limelight. Addicts often don't get clean the first, second, third time. He gives you the tools to use but YOU have to be willing to change. I can also think of more than 5 people that are successful now after going through his program. Mindy (sad as it is) and the others were just ticking time bombs waiting to go off. Most patients left after the 28 days and didn't go to sober living houses as he recomended. Those people just couldn't wait to get home and get bombed/wasted. I LOVE U DR. DREW

  26. Heather Johnson

    Personal responsibility, people. None of these people were forced on the show.

  27. Brenda Elkins

    Dr Drew is no way responsible for any celebrity death that has occurred after their appearances on the show. Addicts and others should know that this is the nature of the disease. Death or institutions is a normal end to addicts who do not do what it takes to abstain drugs or alcohol, you must not take the first drug or drink and you need to be around recovering addicts.

  28. Brenda Elkins

    You know what Mark, the celebrities are choosing to go onto the show themselves, they are getting paid for it and a lot of the times they have depleted their savings and finances, so it seems like an option to them to get back some of the money they spent so foolishly on their drug of choice and to have basic necessities or maybe even money to use again. They are celebrities, remember the name of the show? I think you need to touch up on your studies, it is a terrible disease and it is called insanity, expecting different endings to the same bad choices.

  29. Brenda Elkins

    Dr Drew may have wanted to show addicts that through rehab one can heal and can live a productive life, He was hoping by celebrities being in the public eye they could also show this side of rehab. Some of us do get the program of.
    rehab and choose not to stay in the disease.

  30. Brenda Elkins

    So are you saying then when YOU give an addict the tools to learn how to live in recovery and they do not choose to stay there and relapse that YOU will be responsible for that? I think not, just like not all his patients in the show may or may not stay clean and sober. I think the odds are actually very against those conclusions. Many of us may never learn.

  31. Victoria Vigil

    oh whatever I had lost a few friends in a couple of years to addiction, and they were in the same drug program, its not dr drews fault geeze! drugs kill!

  32. Anne Dakan

    This is the sad result of so-called "Reality" shows. It's ultimate goal is to set someone up to be a loser on International Television. Suicide is the ultimate Chicken's way out. It leaves behind loved ones that will always blame themselves for, somehow being responsible. We hear and see post after post on FB and news programs, about bullying and how it needs to be stopped. "Reality" shows are nothing more than On-Screeen BULLYING, and then we wonder why kids are tormenting other kids at school or on the way to and from school. They get the idea from TV and see how the ones "ON Top" get the rewards and then when they get in trouble for it, they go back home and their bone-head parents let them sit in front of the TV for more positive reinforcement. If this Dr. Pinsky is a "Fame Addict" then he needs help, but I hardly think he called up Mindy McCready and told her to commit suicide. It's too bad she didn't learn about the devastation she would leave in her wake, after having had two loved ones commit suicide and probably suffering, herself, from the losses. This world gets dumber every day.

  33. Matthew Philbrook

    which I'm sure serves his interests as a media whore rather than truly caring for people.

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