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Debbie Ford Dies: Best-Selling Self-Help Author Dead At 57

Debbie Ford Dies: Best-Selling Self-Help Author Dead At 57

Debbie Ford, a best-selling author of the self-help book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, has died in San Diego at age 57.

Ford died after a long battle with cancer, a family spokeswoman told The Associated Press.

During her life, the author wanted to help people break free from emotional baggage and fear, her sister said after Debbie’s death. It was this desire that led her to write The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, which was aimed at helping readers overcome their darker side. The book went on to inspire a self-help enterprise for Ford, who wrote eight more books, led workshops, and hosted television and radio programs on the topic.

Debbie Ford faced her share of darkness during her life. She wrote and spoke often of her battles with drug addiction, divorce, and struggles with her own work.

But despite her struggles, Debbie Ford maintained an uplifting message for her readers. On her MySpace blog she wrote:

“You have been called to be who you are — the whole luminous light. No one can dim your light when you are fully present to the depth and breadth of it. No one can say no to a light so bright. No one can deny who you are unless you are, in some way, minimizing the power and the force of your divine substance.

“Don’t go to sleep now for you have been awakened. Don’t shut your eyes or you will put out the light. Stay awake to the power and force that guides and protects your divine essence.

“Look for the light. Look for it in everything. Look for it in yourself, in your children, in your job, and in your dreams. Look for it in the food you eat and in the people you surround yourself with. Look for it in the music you listen to and in the words that you read. Look for it in your communication and in your heart.”

Shortly after Debbie White died on Sunday, her sister posted a letter to Debbie’s personal website about her final days and saying that her legacy will live on through the work she created.

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29 Responses to “Debbie Ford Dies: Best-Selling Self-Help Author Dead At 57”

  1. Anonymous

    Amazing woman and truly and light on the horizon for so many of us. A teachers teacher.
    Bowing low to you Debbie Ford.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing woman and truly a light on the landscape. A teachers teacher. Bowing low to you Debbie Ford.

  3. Julie Flittner

    Do you drive a Dreizen? LOLOLOL Debbie gave the world a lot of tools to use for understanding ourselves and others. Most importantly, she shared her SELF with us.

  4. Steve Finley

    All condolences to her family, and I'm happy she left work behind her that people find meaningful.

    Judging by the photo, boy…57 isn't what it used to be, that's for sure.

  5. Wayne Jack

    amazing how all of her self help garbage/witchcraft didn't help her… maybe her faith should have been in Jesus Christ and not be conformed to this world. Welcome to hell ~ so sad.

  6. Anonymous

    the only thing sad is you and your misunderstanding of the Christ. You need to work on your arrogance, you Pharisee.

  7. Elizabeth Slay-Levengood

    Don't be so hateful. Her beliefs were quite valid as yours are for you.

  8. Becki Swantner Heusel

    You have NO idea of God's plans for her. jsor102060 is exactly right. And one of Christ's commands dealt with judging others.

  9. Helena Miller Fingerhut

    What an amazing woman my prayers are with her friends and family.

  10. Margarita Tapia

    wow, this woman has just died and you have the need to stomp on her grave… you will be greatly judged where ever you end up..prolly hell , but of course I don't believe in such a place…karma will get you.

  11. Barry Terwilliger

    "That which you do (think, speak) to others, you do to me." Wayne Jack, I invite you to search your own heart and ask the Christ Spirit within you to reveal how you can heal your own judgmental anger. You could have greatly benefited from the God-given information in Debbie Ford's wonderful books. Suggest you look through your "programed" resistance and open your mind and heart to a new way of living "in" this world and not be so "of it." Blessings Brother.

  12. Shyla Bisonette

    Yes, so we can all be as loving as Christ-loving Wayne Jack. Because that's exactly who I want to be. </sarcasm>

  13. Scott Colby

    It is a shame that Ford and all the self-help scam artists just espouse pop psychology as if there is a self initiating force in the universe, much less the brain SO they offer help that actually harms people. People in this culture are conditioned to reject the only actual helpful psychology, behaviorism, as documented in the book The Reluctant Alliance: Behaviorism And Humanism because they were reinforced not to accept there is no such thing as free will AND learn the brain functions through the contingencies of reinforcement, people have to manipulate real world variables, the environment, to change their behavioral repertoire AND it takes time and adaptation SO people aren’t taught and/or certainly don’t learn. Too bad, Ford is just another cultural organism to offer help that hurts. Nobody will ever fry an egg by thinking really hard about it while thinking they are worthy. Good intentions lead to malevolence if people don’t understand human behavior AND she couldn’t cure death to really help.

  14. Jay Bernstein

    Time to grow up, Wayne. Just like there is no Santa Claus, there is no magical being floating around in the sky watching over you. Now that you have been told the truth, please don't run into your room crying.

  15. Mark McDermott

    People who pretend to know more than other people about life, by criticizing and/or judging the belief or coping systems of others are also huge pieces of shit, wouldn't you say Scott? Just wondering.

  16. Denise Nadeau

    Hi Scott – do you have any factual supporting documentation for your claim that Debbie Ford did "offer help that actually harms people." Please provide details of whom she harmed and how.

  17. Denise Nadeau

    In the meantime, I am dizzied by your relentless, grammatically incorrect run-on sentence. Are you trying to offer actual help to those of us who read this article with your commentary? If so, please highlight your helpful effort. AND – do YOU have a cure for death to really help?

  18. Denise Nadeau

    Welcome to hell Wayne Jack? Are you already there or have a reserved spot? Be careful of yourself. Satan will welcome your judgments, and I will leave it at that.

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