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Michelle Obama: Mid-Life Crisis Inspired Bangs Haircut [Video]

michelle obama

Michelle Obama may be going through a mid-life crisis.

The first lady, who turned 49 last month, has made some questionable decisions recently. Well, really just one: She got bangs.

Michelle recently sat down with Rachael Ray (via Skype) for an interview on The Rachael Ray show. The two talked about President Obama’s inauguration, her fashion style, and of course, her bangs.

Michelle told Rachael Ray that she was going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. But since she isn’t allowed to buy a fancy new sports car or go bungee jumping she had to find a new way to vent a little about getting older.

Michelle said, pointing to her bangs: “This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs.”

The Rachel Ray Show released a clip of the interview today (see below) but the full interview with Michelle Obama won’t air until Wednesday.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Michelle has appeared on The Rachel Ray show. The first lady invited the talk show host over to the White House for a bar-b-cue and also shared some of her favorite football recipes on the daytime talk show.

Here’s the clip of Michelle Obama talking about her mid-life crisis bangs.

Do you like Michelle Obama’s bangs?

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59 Responses to “Michelle Obama: Mid-Life Crisis Inspired Bangs Haircut [Video]”

  1. Nick Payan

    ——-she is ugly all over her gay husband may do her. scary thought!—

  2. Jessie L Floyd Jr.

    Do u know her personally, I doubt it, how asinine u r to make that assumption based on ur prejudiceness.

    spoken like a true redneck, truley asinine !!!

  3. Laura Harper

    Are you kidding me? Laura Bush was about as plain Jane as they come…with not a lick of fashion sense. Sorry Mitt lost, but that's just silly.

  4. Laura Harper

    She is absolutely stunning—both inside and out. An amazing mother… supportive wife… I could go on but I don't need to. :)

  5. Anonymous

    How embarrassing for the media to call bangs a questionable decision…she looks younger than ever, I think it's a much more flattering cut. The first thing their teams want to do to the new First Ladies is age their hair…they need to stop that nonsense.

  6. Cynthia M Wilson

    Have you been with him? How do you know he is gay. I guy you think you are handsome lol Oh wait you were rejected so he's gay. Get a life……

  7. Cynthia M Wilson

    No Jordan only you people sit around talking about Bush, I'm sure she doesn't think about him or his wife.

  8. Cynthia M Wilson

    Now Charles didn't your parents teach you if you don't have anything good to say to just STFU. And were is your crown. lol sad people you are.

  9. Cynthia M Wilson

    Lindsey how dare you commit such blasphemy. tisk tisk I think Laura covered it.

  10. Damon Irwin

    Pamela, this is the second post today where I'ven seen someone criticize someone for their spelling instead of their substance. If you want to get into a war of intelligence, and you're a Democrat, you lose EVERY time. We'll soon be adding an 11,000,000 person cushion for you.

  11. Donald Votaw

    now that she is 49 that must be the reason for her new vacation (Too much stress).
    maybe she can pick up some more stress in the spring for an excuse to take another vac.

  12. Donald Votaw

    the poor old bag has so much stress that is why she has to have all of these vacations. With any luck he could be bald by the end of the year. Although that won't improve her looks.

  13. Anne K Johnsonn

    Cynthia M Wilson I wonder if you ever bothered to comment on a previous President. I think not.

  14. Brian Cooper

    I don't have food to put on my table…and Mooochelle's BANGS are in the news? While she and her girls are skiing in Colorado, and her husband, Mr. "I am your God" is golfing with Tiger Woods…I am trying to figure out how I will pay my rent this month, or live on the streets in a cardboard box.

  15. Brian Cooper

    OMG, I don't know how I'm going to pay my FPL or my water bill…and they are vacationing… Have they no pride? People are fucking STARVING…….We have no health insurance, I had to go to the emergency room to get help, $11K later….one months supply of acid reflux meds…no refilll…..LIKE, CAN I AFFORD TO GO TO A DR. TO GET A LIFETIME PRESCRIPTION? I can't afford to go to a Dr. for a weigh in and blood pressure to get a refill on the prozac I've been on for 18 years…so now that I am in menopause….I just suffer…OH< I can't get any help from the government, because I am OLD (51) and I have no children at home. If I was a SLUT and had babies w/0 daddies, I'd be set for life w/o working. SWEET.

  16. Ronna Pickens

    That's what older women do, get bangs to hide their forehead wrinkles.

  17. Ercie Berwick

    Are you a racist, Brian? If so, I don't care if you can't find a job. I wouldn't want a racist working for me. If you are really without a job, it's your fault. The jobs are out there if you really want to work. If I were as hard up as you SAY you are, I could get a job within just a few hours washing toilets. Now go fly a kite!

  18. Kevin Mescall

    Mid life crisis Just realized she is going to have to move out of the big White house in 3 years.

  19. Mary Poulos

    Sad we live in a country where looks override character; and people are intolerant and ignorant.

  20. Patricia Rivera

    He is golfing with tiger woods, while I wish I could afford to shop for some groceries ,went to the food bank for some help but the illegals had already taking most everything with all those anchor babies to feed not much left for a senior on social security .

  21. Kimberly McClain

    Personally, I can't stand the Obamas and what they have done to the work-force and LEGAL citizens of America, but I think the bangs look good on her.

  22. Alicia Narae Miller

    I think she looks better with the bangs. Michelle does have a large forehead and the bangs help hide it. I don't really have anything against Michelle except that she once said "All this for a damned flag" during the 10th anniversary of 9-11. She is probably the prettiest 1st lady that has lived in the White House during my lifetime. However, that is saying more about the 1st ladies that came before her then it says about her. Anyways, Michelle should only care about how she and Barrack feel about her bangs. The rest of our opinions should not matter to her and I am 99.9% sure that they don't.

  23. Nick Payan


  24. Sharon Pehrson

    I would like them better if they hid her whole face rather than just her forehead.

  25. Sharon Pehrson

    Everyone ought to. We are paying for her high priced hair stylist……

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