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Leaked Wal-Mart Emails Cause PR Headache After Exec Describes Sales As ‘Disaster’

leaked Wal-Mart emails

Some leaked Wal-Mart emails may have compounded an already rough sales situation for the mega-retailer after internal panic and negative sentiment about this quarter’s numbers were revealed in the exact not very flattering terms used by worried execs.

The leaked Wal-Mart emails began to circulate last week, and the internal communications immediately caused some havoc for the retailer. In the emails dated February 12, Jerry Murray, Wal- Mart’s vice president of finance and logistics, did not mince words when describing current morale on the sales front within Wal-Mart’s highest echelons.

In the leaked Wal-Mart emails, Murray writes:

“In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February MTD [month-to-date] sales are a total disaster. The worst start to a month I have seen in my [roughly] seven years with the company.”

But the leaked Wal-Mart emails didn’t stop there — going further back, a February 1 email obtained by Bloomberg indicated others at Wal-Mart feeling apprehensive about sales numbers. Cameron Geiger, senior vice president of Wal-Mart U.S. Replenishment, wrote in that transmission:

“Have you ever had one of those weeks where your best- prepared plans weren’t good enough to accomplish everything you set out to do? Well, we just had one of those weeks here at Walmart U.S. Where are all the customers? And where’s their money?”

The leaked Wal-Mart emails seemed to cause havoc in the stock market for the mega-retailer, and shares of Wal-Mart closed down 2.2 percent at the bell Friday. In response to the controversy and lack of confidence sparked, a spokesman was forced to address the leaked Wal-Mart emails in a statement:

“As with any organization, we often see internal communications that are not entirely accurate, that lack the proper context and represent individual opinions.”

A fourth-quarter earnings report from a period before the leaked Wal-Mart emails will be released on February 21.

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109 Responses to “Leaked Wal-Mart Emails Cause PR Headache After Exec Describes Sales As ‘Disaster’”

  1. Nina Morales

    Restocking ammo would help their bottom line considerably. I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart since they let their supply run out.

  2. Kimberly Barnett

    maybe if they were to train their employees better so they would have a better understanding of what customer service really means, maybe their sales would go up!

  3. Ernest Scott Sebesta

    um, I don't know, um " where are the customers? " and " where's there money? " seems to be in quite solid context. as for wondering, well, it could'nt possibly be because of a national 33 percent unemployment rate nor the fact that prices for goods keep going up yet wages far exceed stagnation and have done so for 2 decades falling far below the rate of inflation. in other words, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO EVEN GO TO FREAKIN WALMART.

  4. Kimberly Barnett

    maybe if they were to train their employees better with the understanding of what customer service really means, maybe their sales would go back up!

  5. Linda Murray

    Sales are down because they are always out of stock. I have been to my local Wal Mart 3 times in the past 10 days and they are out of stock on items that I buy over and over and over. Guess what, I finally decided to take my business elsewhere, I don't have time to keep checking with Wal Mart to see if they finally got my items in stock. If you talk to management they just tell you sorry, they get what they get and can't order anything. That's strange, I used to work and Wal Mart and I ordered on a daily basis for my dept.

  6. Kimberly Barnett

    maybe if they were to train their employees better in understanding, what customer service really means maybe their sales would go back up!

  7. Anonymous

    Wal-Mart has horrible customer service. I will never shop there again, and I hope they go out of business soon.

  8. Anonymous

    WalMart has horrible customer service, and I will never shop there again. I hope they go out of business soon.

  9. Corey Jamal Stewart

    "where are the customers?"
    at another store because they hate the fact that there are over 20 registers but at most 5 are available. And its even more annoying when you combine that with the fact that you can look around and see some workers just chilling.

  10. Brian Maryann White

    We are without jobs and the increases in soft goods is out of control….. Maybe 100% profit would be a goal instead of a 1000% Greed will get you! If the American public wants to grow a garden to save money and have better food we the people have that right.

  11. Bernie Ricard Badon

    I find that wal-mart is not the go to store anymore to save money. the milk and cereal prices are sky high, the meats are loaded with sodium.So I prefer the independent where a butcher can cut and trim and the prices are lower on most things.

  12. Bernie Ricard Badon

    I find that wal-mart is not the go to store anymore to save money. the milk and cereal prices are sky high, the meats are loaded with sodium.So I prefer the independent where a butcher can cut and trim and the prices are lower on most things.

  13. Brady Rodgers

    The #1 reason customers are running from Walmart is the lousy check-out service. EVERYONE is sick of that! Don't they get it? 3 or 4 registers open out of 20? You can be in any long checkout line at any store and overhear, "Geez, this is almost as bad as being at Walmart".

  14. Chris Herron

    boycott til they pay above poverty scale, why should taxpayer have to supplement there employee's health insurance and snap allowance.

  15. Nina Morales

    Aldi has many of the same groceries at a lower price, this is where I stock up. Also dollar stores have the everyday items I need to run my household.

  16. Anonymous

    Wal-mart's stock drpped by the same percentage as the tax increase on workers- there's your sign.

  17. Robin Worrie

    I no longer support Walmart after seeing the Documentary on them. They treat their employees as if they are nothing. That employee could be anyone of us. I chose to support my local neighborhood grocers and independent shops.

  18. Joe Rosado

    What walmart did to the economic cancer 20 yrs ago is starting to show up now…thay come in to a town promising jobs, then they put good folks out of business, they go thru everything town with the same messaged, I don't see WALMART creating jobs, I see WALMART costing jobs… there are more working people on welfare/Snap program now that WALMART is here, than when we had no WALMART around? WHY? because the goverment is Subsidizing WALMART…

  19. Anonymous

    you can rape society only so long. Continue to take and take, without giving anything back, and you will pay. No mateer how big you think you are.

  20. Julie Richards-England

    My husband worked for Wal-Mart for over 20 yrs. Since the family is no longer really involved, the company has made several "bad" changes. Their policies and drive have changed and not for the good. My husband was "let go" last year because of "inventory" numbers. They started using a new inventory software the year before and that's when the numbers actually doubled. He tried speaking up, but you see where that got him. Since he was let go, all store managers in his district have been "let go". They have actually wiped out families financially….the same employees who have missed many many holidays with their families and watch their own children grow up. It is disgusting what they have done and what they stand for. I have not stepped into a Wal-Mart store since he was let go and probably 40% of his paycheck would go back into a Wal-Mart….not anymore. It is not the same Wal-Mart that Sam Walton built, nor would he want to be associated with.

  21. Suellen L. Clark

    Wal-mart Sucks! I agree, and their food fresh meat, seafood and vegetables are nasty, too. They are killing America and supporting the destruction of the American Farmer, Fisherman and great American Towns. I don't shop there either. Now I just have one more good reason to avoid that nasty place.

  22. Mark Saylor

    Interesting how awful you describe the economy when housing is up dramatically, car sales going strong, restaurants are packed and sure seems most of us aren't in the frightful place we were several years back.

  23. Debra Ebright

    What walmart did to local economies is a cancer. They destroyed local business' who were truely vested in their towns. They are corporate leaches who put good folks out of business. WALMART costs jobs, and their wages qualify their employees for state welfare & Snap programs! If you EVER worked for WALMART, the corporation has a paid up life insurance policy on you! They will again take their pound of flesh when you die! I will shop local & you will too when you realize the lunacy of their policies! My dollars go ANYWHERE except WALMART!

  24. Burt Becker

    your right their meat is shipped from the warehous. to advoid unions the took all the meat dept out of the stores and ship this shit in

  25. Burt Becker

    yes Linda. everyweek I buy steaks for our sat night dinner, and I went to walmart about 1pm sat, and they did not have any better steaks. I made a comment to another customer and she said its been like this for three weeks

  26. Burt Becker

    I hate walmart. when you go shoping in their stores, you know that they wont have everything you need. their motto is "IF WE DOn't CARRY IT, YOU DOn't NEED IT". AND SAMS CLUB IS NOT ANY BETTER. LET THEM TAKE A DIVE AND SEE HOW IT FEELS.

  27. Kiachu Shen Ku

    On my way to Aldi to get Peaches, tuna, potatos, diced tomatos, carrots, celery, honey, tortilla chips and milk! also may look at the $800 cars for sale in the parking lot!

  28. Anonymous

    Hmmmm buy whatever you want at Walmart and then return it, we have been doing this for 10 years, call it FREEMART!

  29. Steve Cregger

    Linda , the thing is , that handheld 960 we ALL used to use , Well it basicly does the ordering now . However , when you have lazy dept. mgrs that are to lazy to do their job and make sure things are done AND done correctly such as onhands then it is kinda hard for our GREAT tech. to order . outs = poor dept mgr .

  30. Larry Lawrence

    Don't they always say not to worry about the stock market on a daily basis? So what if you had a slow week or month of sales! People will be shopping there when they need something.

  31. Casey Mitchell

    Mark Saylor, Mark housing is not up and neither is the auto industry. The media and retailers are playing the statistics game to manipulate the public into believing things are better then they are. They are trying to install false confidence in the market to boost sales, but the money is just not there. Many , many customers are bailing from WM and there nasty managers, lack of products, and higher prices. I often travel to CA and get items at 75% of what WM ask. They have betrayed us so we have bailed. When Sam died so did WM philosophy. The Nampa ID manager is the worst and nastiest so as a customer I informed him Nov 2012 that WM would fail within 3-5 years and it looks like the demise has just started. He ignored me and threw me out of his store, because I objected to being able to purchase Turkey's cheaper in CA then ID and other products. He says WM prices just below local merchants to keep prices up, when they could give us them much lower and make food prices fall at Albetson's and other locals. There is not a lot of rich here in ID and we were hit just as hard economically, if not more so. In other words WM is price gauging us here in ID. I left them and spend my 18K in other locations now-wheres the money and customers-that is where. The bottom line is, I don't see them ever changing because it was greed that led them to this and it will be greed that destroy's them.

  32. Casey Mitchell

    Well, if the GOV bailed out those lying, cheating banks and mortgage institutions at our expense, so why not retailers? Those who are on assistance probably make as much or more then WM pays-go figure. Why do you think the Republicans don't want to raise Minimum Wage-it would hit retailers like WM hard because they are failing.

  33. Casey Mitchell

    Robin, this seems to be a good choice as more people bail on WM the locals have an opportunity to lower prices and pick up all those customers. Win-Win for both.

  34. Casey Mitchell

    Deb, you sound like you have been hurt by WM. If local retailers would lower their prices many people would come. This is why WM was so successful and locals ignored that fact. WM came in with a pricing strategy that locals did not have and it swept people off their feet like a tsunami and put many locals out on their ear. That needs fixed.

  35. Casey Mitchell

    Nic at General Store, that is not right unless it is truly a bad item. You would not like this done to you. I don't like WM and that is a fact, but it's "never right to do wrong". Do you have a guarantee on your items, probably not and then why should I come to your business? Should I do this to you? Not to Christian Nic. People don't need to cheat WM to put them out of business-just find the items for a better price and better guarantee somewhere else.

  36. Ernest Scott Sebesta

    Mark Saylor – without going into alot of detail. there are around 65 million americans out of work. not the 12.2 million the government states. also, some areas of the country fair better than most of the rest. all i can say is you may live in one of these areas.

  37. Casey Mitchell

    Burt, the 2% PR tax did sunset and reset back to the pre PR tax break time frame, but I doubt if it had anything to do with the WM 2.2 % drop in stock prices. The drop in stock price is important to those who don't love or fantasize every night about WM. As stock price drops, it could mean WM will have to close stores to keep the stock higher for its stock holders, which, could mean WM could go up in smoke. If anyone is smoking it is WM executives and it must not be columbian gold.

  38. Jose Amram

    We too boycott his store for its nazi practices towards their employees and the fact nearly every thing for sale in there (merchandise wise) is made in China, contributing to our national debt. Let's not forget they way they bully themselves into neighborhoods; we have this very problem as WM is not wanted where we live but they did who knows what to city council in order to have them change the zoning and force one of these super centers down our throats. It will screw up traffic, cause flooding and erosion and pollute the air with over 10000 cars/day!

  39. Casey Mitchell

    Brady, I hate that and then they put them at the opposite end you parked at. I have shopped at true value lately and have found everything I needed for around the house and reasonable price. I never have shopped there before, but when I bailed from WM in Nov 2012 it was a new experience for me-as I found out WM does not have a corner on the market. TV carried everything I needed around the house for maintenance and Fred Meyer I've been told has great food and gas prices. Freddies has customer service as well.

  40. Casey Mitchell

    Target girl Nina, they won't restock ammo as they have too many people that hate them and may decide to have their target practice at WM-God forbid. Reading this blog seems to indicate the roots of hatred run quite deep during this Obaminated pre-depression time.

  41. Casey Mitchell

    Jess, I tried to buy American, but the Dodge Ram 1500 fell apart and stranded my family and I three times-Alaska, Canada and Washington State. Took three transmissions and then broke down in Rock Springs Wyoming during a snow storm in May. I have not bought American since. DON'T GET ME WRONG, but can America please make a quality product?

  42. Casey Mitchell

    Chris, the republican's won't raise Minimum Wage and neither will WM. Why pay employees more? Will that bring customers back? No! There is no need to boycott as customers are leaving in droves-unless your asking workers to boycott, but I could not even find a worker at WM when I needed one-these days WM is more like a self-service store anyway. Like pumping your own gas.

  43. Benjamin Brooks

    Please provide any kind of reference to support your claims. Trust me..I am no fan of Wal-Mart…but to say that Wal Mart creates a negative job effect needs to be supported by some kind of fact. Otherwise, ya just spouting off like a typical politician.

  44. Deralyn Knappenberger

    I worked for these pigs for 5 days. I had to get the labor board to get my wages. Now I am appealing the unemployment claim they are trying to deny. Plus the W-2 they sent is wrong. They suck from the front lines to Administration to the unsafe parking lots.

  45. Casey Mitchell

    Steve, sounds like WM has a few internal personnel issues. It's hard to find good help these days. I don't think managers are lazy, they just don't have incentive to work any harder then their employee's because their pay is not so different then yours. A department manager should be making 20 bucks an hour minimum if he is worth his/her salt, but they only make an average of ten. This will buy you no more then a Harry Potter couch potato, who can only waive a telson gun with the great expectation to banish his nacho's.

  46. Stanley Wilson

    This is true, I will never buy another American made car.The one I own now was the first and last one I will ever buy.Unless it's a pre 1970's muscle car.

  47. Ted Dimmick

    Well, Burtie I shopped Sam's today and along with the crowd that was in there I walked out with a full basket of everything I needed. Could have gone to the gas station and bought gas for cheaper than anyplace around us.

  48. Don VanZandt

    also … hang on to your BUTTS … gas prices are soaring AGAIN ….. soooooooooooo EVERYTHING will be going up …(except our pay )……. where will we make cuts … cause we have to have ga

  49. Anonymous

    I'll tell you where the customers are. They are not at Walmart enjoying non-existent customer service in a shopping environment that has all of the class and panache of a Juarez bus station.

  50. Sherry Duchaine

    Awww, the well off feeling the pinch? Too bad. Welcome to our world. If you want to know where our money is just ask the government and other corporations who gouge the Sh*t out of us… so What F**king Money!

  51. Harley Harlita

    1. Wal-Mart changed for the worse too recently.
    2. Wal-Mart has a terrible reputation that they seem to be fine with.
    3. Wal-Mart wants people to feel "broke-ass poor" and that worked until folks realized, "no.. I can afford the 14 cent difference to shop somewhere that people wear actual clothing.
    4. Everything is made in China. While that's also true for Fred Meyer and Target, Wal-Mart presents itself as AMERICA PROUD! And all these AMERICA PROUD! people shopping there, saving 14 cents, not even caring that every single non-food/hygiene item you bought, made outta the good ole CHINA.
    There's a lot that Wal-Mart could do to better it's reputation and become something that people WANT to go to instead of feeling like it's all they could go to. PeopleofWalmart(dot)Com. I mean, it's seriously pathetic. I loathe a market. A freaking market- SUCKS so bad, that I'm part of a group that is happy just hating them. They have some serious PR work to do and the first thing they could do to drag themselves back up is to start stocking a Made In America section, even if the prices are higher, it's OKAY. And offer delivery like other stores, so people don't have to go to Wal-Mart while it still feels nasty. And honestly? You need to check your demographics before you open up shop. What sells in Florida isn't the same in Washington. What SoCal wants on it's shelves isn't always the same as NorCal. So why are you trying to push Pepsi-and-a-Rifle-Shopping in Seattle, Washington when what we want is Made in America, Fair-Trade, Techno-Hippy Crap? Just seems like when you are asking "where are the customers? where is their money?" you are having trouble realizing you don't appeal to a lot of us- and haven't been getting my massive amounts of impulse purchases. But Walgreens, Haagens and Fred Meyer does. Now, if I could just get any of them to have a Made In America section, I'd be totally stoked. <3

  52. Michelle Westveer

    maybe if wal-mart treated their employees like humans, not animals, customer service and customer satisfaction would increase. Just look at Costco, where their stock is through the roof. I for one will not frequent wal mart until they are union or pay union level wages.

  53. Anonymous

    We are a an active duty military family and we shop primarily at the commissary, however a friend of mine suggested that WM would be cheaper on some items, so I checked it out for myself. Not only were the prices higher at WM but some of the items weren't even in stock. I now shop for meat, vegetables and fruit in the commissary and everything else I get in the local Food Lion. I never buy any clothing items from WM because they usually end up falling apart after a few months. I have found that buying some items second hand from the thrift stores will save us more money. If I must have a clothing item such as socks, or underwear, we usually get them from an online store and have them shipped to the house for free. I have learned that's it's all about saving money and WM certainly isn't saving me anything.

  54. Christopher Johnson

    I quit shopping at Wal-Mart and buy almost everything exclusively from Amazon sells the same item but for much less and even with shipping its still cheaper… oh and no sales tax in my state yet. I hope Wal-Mart starts price matching Amazon. I'll consider returning to Wal-Mart for some shopping then.

  55. Phyllis Phipps Starr

    And the cashiers hardly ever say thank you, have a nice day, nothing. I do not have to spend my money there. I like to shop where they are willing to help you and are glad you r shopping with them. Yes I spend a little more for food but I also do not end up buying a buncha junk I do not need so really I am not spending as much and I get a better product. I hate walmart. Thier customer service sucks.

  56. Kellie Whitlow

    My deaf son worked there and on his 1 yr. Anniversary, they fired him….NOT because he wasa bad worker or poor performance. It was because two dock workers were Iin a physical altercation and nobody would rat them out. So Wal-Mart FIRED all 6 men who were working that area on that night. Not to play the violin for my son, but damn, he trys so hard because he already has to so he is not labled. Now he really can't get a job and he really wants one so he don't have to depend on the government. Karma, wal-mart, karma.

  57. Anonymous

    Wal-mart has no fresh meat (all shipped in pre-packed) the produce is awful. They never have what I go in for. When you find something you really like there they suddenly stop carrying it. The parking is terrible. The checkouts are never open. I'd rather pay a little more and get what I want when I want it instead of settleing for inferior products. I also hate the way their employees are treated.

  58. Arthur Kelly

    Just like B of A. I was there the night the daughter got rid of the rest of her part in B of A and it changed immediately. At the party, she made the comment that —–""this is not what my father built and I will no longer have anything to do with it."".

  59. Arthur Kelly

    Ah yes, Walmart and Sams club. You get what you reap what you sow. Been saying it for years. You buy that crap from China and it falls apart and you go right back and buy some more. You deserted the Mom and Pops stores and let Walmart, the great Sam Walton. (Kiss my bloody arsee) run america into the ground and now you sit and piss and moan about it. You get what you deserve. Which China owned store are you going to go support next? HUH HUH HUH.

  60. Cold/Hot Packs

    Does anyone remember several years back when Walmart had signs up all through the store American Made if that was still there policy…More Americans would be working…..And Walmart would not consider there employees a number. Who was ask to be in Washington against gun control I HATE Walmarts anymore.

  61. Brian Froberg

    Please Jose. If Wal-Mart only stocked US made products the prices would have to go up then people would gripe about that. People want products to be made in the US and pay those workers $25 an hour and have Wal-Mart employees making $20 an hour and better benefits and yet still expect products to be priced as if they were still being made in China for 10 cents an hour. NOT reality.

  62. Danielle Proctor

    When the US is paying nearly 800 BILLION a year just for interest alone for the wars based on lies looking for WMD's .. Thats a large expense.. Blame the correct people!

  63. Darren Hood

    Jose Amram Walmart may have questionable ethics when it comes to it's practices, however they are not close to the Nazi regime. I would know I worked there for 5 years. I was given good benefits, an increase in pay every 6 months and decent hours. However the work is highly stressful but when you work for a company that hires anybody most of them are lazy and hard workers like me are depended to finish tasks in the alotted time. Also you only have 40 hrs a week no overtime if you go over you're written up. That was the worst of it. Nothing close to the Nazi regime.

  64. Darren Hood

    Steve Cregger Right on. My Dept Mngr would rather stock items than keep his onhands in check he figured that was the best thing to do with his time was stock and let me a simple stocker do his ordering and fix his onhands becaue he was my boss. Well I did the job better than he did. However with the large inventory of items we had it's near impossible to perform your tasks and anothers in 8 hrs time. I used to tell my Store Manager "hey fire him and give me the job" well they didnt and instead they simply let him stock and let me do all the ordering and on hand fixes plus the daily price changes how can anybody perform those tasks in 8 hours?

  65. Anonymous

    People still shop at walmart? I quit even walking into their stores years ago. I wish they would go out of business.

  66. Tina MacAbee

    Not everyone has land to even do that. Housing cost are not what they used to be and growing a garden isn't free by any means. I guess we could get our own cattle as well. That isn't cheap either. I guess you can't win. Glad I have a job that I can save money and then move the hell out of the country in a few years. Just goes to show the sense of community left in this country.

  67. Frankie Goggans

    I have started shopping for everything I can that is produced locally or at least truly made in America. This leaves Wal-Mart off my list of places to shop.Obviously I'm not the only American doing this and Wally World, home of cheap, plastic Chinese crap, is feeling the squeeze.Their upper level execs are wanking, but the workers are the ones that will go hungry.

  68. Matt Lobb

    Wal-Mart wants to raise the minimum wage hoping smaller competitors can't afford to hire more, and hamper their growth.

  69. Robin Voiles

    Walmart is slime incorporated. They are bad for the country, period. Their current maneuvering with cutting hours in order to avoid providing benefits is beneath contempt. Their employees are treated like dirt and now, they are being used as pawns in Walmart's battle with the United States government. The people who shop there need to wake up and ask themselves if they are willing to continue being used by Walmart and other giant corporation who don't give a crap about anything but money. Corporations should exist to serve people, not the other way around, but somehow, in this country, we have allowed the tables to be turned and allowed honest hard-working people to become little more than slaves to these greedy corporations. We need a grassroots movement against this company to show them that ultimately, the consumer, and the employee, still count for something. I personally made a vow to stop shopping there as soon as I heard about the hour cut policy. I am only one person but imagine if it was a few million or more. It will take a mighty blow to get the attention of a company as arrogant and amoral (or, immoral) as Walmart, but it is possible. Just spend your money elsewhere and realize that if you continue to put money in their cash registers, you are only helping them to continue using and abusing people. Walmart is the devil!

  70. Anonymous

    Walmart NEVER has their staff check the shelves to reorder! They rely on the computer to do it for them. As a result, when I attempt to shop there, they will be out of HALF the items I needed to buy. I have attempted to talk to the store managers – but they take offense instead of trying to correct the problem. MANY times I have walked out leaving my carriage & gone to Target (further away) and been able to purchase EVERYTHING on my list!

  71. Anonymous

    OMG! I LOVE Aldi's! Aldi's is a Wonderful, Magical Place…You Need A Quarter to Release The Carriages…lol
    Seriously, though…they have the best prices & deals! Have you tried their corn chips? Taste just like Fritos and only .99! I love their Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls, Their Bakers Treat Mini Blueberry Muffins, Their crescent rolls, salad mixes, and cheese selection. My kids love their popcorn chicken and I have bought their frozen boneless chicken thighs and defrosted them & put them in my slowcooker with their sauce & fresh peppers for an excellent Chicken Cacciatore. They have the BEST prices on milk and bread. Love it!

  72. Jeffery Fizer

    I haven't shopped at Wal-Mart in years. I have no problem with corporate profit. I do think a company has a responsibility to its community and people, something Wal-Mart seems to have forgotten, ignored, or dismissed.

  73. Shawn Lee

    Im glad you all like paying insanely high prices at local grocers an independent shops…an if you think the small stores will lower their prices to pick up customers, think again..they will just be happy to rape more customers then the few that they already get over on. An to make it worse, despite the ridiculous prices they charge for food and other items..guess what, they're paying their employees slave wages too..know why? its called "UNSKILLED LABOR" No company is paying big bucks for entry level jobs that any joe smo can do…otherwise what would be the point of schooling or training if everyone made the same amount of money.
    An Jose, Im sure your probably one of the very few in your town who don't want a walmart..Its narrow minded idiots like you who keep small towns starving and in poverty. Boo hoo I don't want our town to have more jobs, boo hoo I don't want our local "Monopoly Stores" to have competition. If you worried about traffic and pollution, move out in the middle of the woods…oh wait there's flooding and erosion there too.
    Tons of companies treat their employees like shit, especially in the retail world…its just part of the nature of the business..If people don't like it then they have the option of going to school to further their education or starting their own business. Its not like anyone has a gun to their head being forced to work there. So if you are rich and can afford to shop anywhere, sure whine about WM an go elsewhere, but for those of us barely getting by (which is most of america) I'll keep shopping at walmart an ignore the politics so i can afford to live an eat.

  74. Shawn Lee

    You've got to be kidding…Aldi's is the equivalent of a sewer swap meet. Their prices are cheap because their food is disgusting garbage…Same foods? haha their generic makes Walmart's great value taste like gourmet food..Not to mention Walmart prices matches them anyways..Those places are freaking filthy too

  75. Shawn Lee

    @Mark Saylor, not sure where you are getting your numbers from but this economy is far from strong…an the housing market is still in the shitter…people cant afford to buy houses when theyre on unemployment. An the only people packing restaurants on weekends are professional workers….look at the cars and people in the food establishments…they are not on welfare or unemployment i can tell you that…People in career jobs are not affected like those of us in the food an retail industry.

  76. Bob Schaefer

    Just try and find something made in America at WM… This is why I don't shop there…

  77. Robin Worrie

    Shawn, it is about Morals as well as the fact that they have their employees advised on how to get Heath care via the state, food stamps via the state, and any other means that they can get through the state. No I cannot afford higher prices, but I can go without to make a stand. You can not complain if you do nothing. Oh I forget, most people these days do not know what MORALS mean.

  78. Robin Worrie

    Shawn, it is about Morals as well as the fact that they have their employees advised on how to get Heath care via the state, food stamps via the state, and any other means that they can get through the state. No I cannot afford higher prices, but I can go without to make a stand. You can not complain if you do nothing. Oh I forget, most people these days do not know what MORALS mean.

  79. Robin Worrie

    Oh, do not take my word for it, go to Walmart Documentary made in 2005, you can listen to their stories, people who worked for them,,and the White collars too.

  80. Robin Worrie

    Oh, do not take my word for it, go to Walmart Documentary made in 2005, you can listen to their stories, people who worked for them,,and the White collars too.

  81. Anonymous

    i own a Dodge Ram 2500.. from a American company but on the door is states; "assembled in Mexico"….whats that all about?!! errr!

  82. Suzanne Tull-stroup

    Wal-Mart is headed the same way as Montgomery Wards, K-Mart and all the other that went belly up due to greed. Poor Mr. Sam would roll over in his grave. His children should be ashamed for being sellouts and not honoring their fathers memory…I say "NO MORE WAL-mart".

  83. Pat Antal

    it is bunch of crap on the news that the economy is improving, but people are stupid enough to believe it.

  84. Kellie Whitlow

    Thx Audrey. Oh, I seen a painted family tree on Pintrest like yours. Yours turned out awesome.

  85. Tammy Arias

    They have took from smaller businesses too. I don't like walmart either… people should close them out…. and get smaller businesses busier… people with smaller businesses need to provide for there families too.

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