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Mindy McCready Dead Of Apparent Suicide At 37

Mindy McCready dead of apparent suicide

Country singer Mindy McCready died from an apparent suicide Sunday. She was 37 years old.

Stacy McCloud, a reporter at Fox 17 in Nashville, tweeted, “A close family friend of Mindy McCready has informed me that the country singer has committed suicide.” Shortly after, McCloud added, “The Mindy McCready suicide I told you about has now been confirmed from 4 different sources. A statement from the family is in the works.”

Andrea Canning, an NBC News correspondent tweeted that a family friend told her that McCready “shot and killed herself this evening.”

McCready lost her boyfriend, David Wilson, last month. The cause of death was not released, and the investigation is still open, but it was reported that he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound. McCready denied killing Wilson, who reportedly struggled with drug addiction in recent years. McCready said Wilson was her soulmate and that he was her life. She also denied rumors that he had an affair with another woman.

McCready attempted suicide in December 2008. She was taken to a Nashville-area hospital for treatment and psychological evaluation. She severed a tendon on her left arm, which required immediate surgery. She had also previously been arrested and charged with battery and resisting arrest in 2007. She was also checked into rehab.

McCready was born November 30, 1975. She recorded five studio albums, including her debut, Ten Thousand Angels, which she released in 1996. In 2008, she made headlines when her relationship with Roger Clemens became public. She leaves behind her two sons, Zander and Zayne. McCready was accused of stealing Zander from his maternal grandmother, Gayle Inge, in 2007 after she faced a serious of legal troubles, as well as her suicide attempt.

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25 Responses to “Mindy McCready Dead Of Apparent Suicide At 37”

  1. Zoe Winthrop

    So sad to read this. She was so young and pretty and had everything to live for. Drugs will get you every time. Oh why oh why! Will this society ever learn that it is normal to have ups and downs in life. That is why we can cry and release our emotions. You don't need damn drugs to do it. Unfortunately, this society has become, instant everything! Unfortunately, some people never understand that life is tough and you have to live it and love it. Life is full of disappointments and you have to take the good with the bad and I bet she was upset to lose her boys too. May she rest in peace poor thing.

  2. Julieanna Bava-Reyes

    Very very sad. My prayers go outto her family and the loved ones she left behind.

  3. Zoe Winthrop

    Yes Julieanna, and then you read about a little girl who was fighting cancer of the brain and wants so desperately to live and then you hear of stories of people just throwing their lives away. It is like a vicious circle when they go on drugs, isn't it? Obviously, the family are upset and helpless to stop her taking the drugs, and then she loses her little boys because she probably cannot cope with taking of them properly, gets into rehab and then comes home and does it all again. I thank God that I have the strength to live my own life with fortitude and courage. I wish I had known her, I would have helped her. I stopped a person from killing themselves before now

  4. Lisa Verruso

    Has anyone ever considered the following, whether it pertains to Ms. McCready or the many others who deliberately take their own lives be it slowly or quickly: There are just some things that leave one so hollow & shattered that therapy, anti-depressants, drink nor drugs will ever make it right. Some people are just not cut out that way. Years of "pod people" pills & every therapy under the sun to try to force yourself to forget what haunts you, what you can't stop remembering, feeling, missing, visualizing, being tormented by; not everyone who lives with an anguished mind, soul, & heart wants to live like an out-patient, always holding it together by a loose thread. Sometimes their pain is too unbearable, the darkness too bleak, hope is a distant & faded pipe dream. That type of pain is a living death; all that is still occurring is the physical act of breathing. I have seen it. I know. People are not cookie cutter beings that all fit into the same round peg or square hole. RIP Ms. McCready. Your pain is assuaged. Godspeed.

  5. Samantha Hatfield

    My heart crys for kids n the family. May she be one of the ten thousand angels to watch over us. My prays n throughts n pain go with you. My Mindy R.I.P.

  6. Gus Iurillo

    What a shame! Such a waste. She had a problem a long time and finally couldn't take it anymore. RIP Mindy McCready………

  7. Melissa Haynes Duncan

    @lisa verusso..thank you for that post.i too know this feeling and I really cannot stomach people who ridicule those who commit suicide.obviously they have never had those feelings and therefore cannot imagine the pain and hopelessness that some of us go through.

  8. Moon Shiner

    Yall reporters. make me Fucking sick. why air all of here. personalbuniess out get a life losers

  9. Patricia Hughes

    God bless her boys and may Midy rest in peace now i pray for the boys and the family and friends who were close to her may she be angel for her boys always

  10. Anonymous

    May your soul rest in peace…..

    Most people in the news…. and some from the Music Industry…. have difficulty coping with the mixed energies raining down on them 24×7…. giving them multiple personalities, and making them prone to being used as ROBOTs….

    Some (Most) of the Fans who try to sync. with their STAR-SINGERs themselves are in the wrong places (Night-Clubs etc.)…. some on drugs & alcohol…. and with violent, deviant, pervert & diseased tendencies…. transferring the same behavioral tendencies to the people, they ever connect with…..

    However, now some may like to protect themselves…. by staying away from nasty aliens in their homes, offices & studios….. But the termination of some nasty aliens around them would mean…. hurting their own fans in the astral….

  11. Anonymous

    Event would have been far different…. But only if she and others were aware of the aliens hidden in the electrical conduits, air-conditioning ducts and other hiding places…. And if they had installed Outdoor Love-Bug Killer Machines near or on top of their homes….

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