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13,200 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Destroyed

Girl Scout Cookies

A news report about 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes that were destroyed in California has raised questions and criticism toward an organization usually considered to be charitable.

Thousands of unsold Girl Scout cookies were smashed to bits at a waste warehouse in Riverside, California last year before being hauled to a local landfill. There was nothing wrong with the cookies and they were still within their expiration date. If the cookies were still edible, why weren’t they donated?

According to The New York Daily News, this is not an isolated incident. Unsold cookies from the Girl Scout’s annual, and extremely popular, cookie drive have been sent to the same landfill for years. However, most people were unaware that leftover boxes are being disposed of in such a wasteful manner.

A recent investigation by CBS News into the Riverside incident has raised public awareness. The report included a video of the 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes being gleefully destroyed by sanitation workers, much to the disgust of those who feel the cookies could have been put to better use.

According to CBS News, Chuck MacKinnon of the San Gorgonio Council of the Girl Scouts in Redlands, blames the destruction on the bakery who supplies the cookies. He points to ABC Bakers’ policy of only allowing one percent of unsold boxes to be returned for a refund.

However, it was the San Gorgonio Girl Scout council who originally overestimated the amount of boxes they would need. The excess, 1,100 cases containing 13,200 boxes, could not be returned. MacKinnon claims he was not aware of the disposal process until the CBS News report.

He also stated that his council frequently donates unsold cookies, including more than 100,000 boxes given away last year. When asked if the council could have ultimately done the same with with this particular batch, MacKinnon replied:

“We certainly could have.”

What do you think of 13,200 Girl Scout cookie boxes being destroyed instead of donated?

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62 Responses to “13,200 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes Destroyed”

  1. Doug Bond

    They're essentially poison and have no nutritional value other than the calories they contain, so it's probably just as well.

  2. Missin MyBuddy

    What a shame! So many people have nothing to eat and they put them in a landfill!

  3. Anonymous

    Why didn't the council donate them? The council that my kids and I belonged to back in Arkansas would never have destroyed them in this fashion. Who is at fault for this?

  4. KenandShirley Locke

    Oh! If "they: don't get their "monies" then it is thrown away?
    Alot of people/children needing food and they throw it away…..
    Girl scouts throwing away food and Boy scouts going gay, Totally FU.

  5. Brigitta Gitta

    They wouldn't have had so many left over if they charged a little less for them. $4.00 for a tiny box of cookies is too much.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh puh….leeeeease Sherry. What a ridiculous, knee-jerk response. Try to think.
    Now that the council KNOWS the cookies are destroyed, I'm certain they will intervene and make other arrangements – to donate them. Get real. Or, better yet, get smarter – or self-restrained. Think about sensible SOLUTIONS – not reactions.

  7. Jerry Brown

    So because there are so many people "going hungry" in the world and these cookies are being disposed of, you think feeding the hungry cookies is the answer? Cookies are a snack not a balanced meal. If there were tons of people who had to go to bed each night without being able to enjoy a snack then I would say by all means donate the cookies. However I don't think adding to Americas obesity problem is an acceptable alternative to throwing away cookies………… they're just cookies.

  8. Tammy Marcum

    I love how they say "they were within their expiration date", Girl Scout cookiess DON'T have an expiration date! I've searched a ton of my boxes that I buy by the case, 1 case which is almost 3 yrs old, and no where on any of the boxes or even the case does it say or have an expiration date. So how can we know for sure that these destroyed cookies were in fact "within their expiration date"?

  9. Mona Chavez-Guzman

    No bueno but should not look down on the Girl Scouts themselves, our troop in Patterson Ca. stood outside a grocery store this Winter many evenings in the cold and collected hundreds of veggy cans and $$ for our town's seniors.

  10. Anonymous

    who give a fuCk!@#@. They're cookies and they are the girl scouts cookies. they can do what they want with them.

  11. Beverly Kelly

    Ah, but to someone who is absolutely starving, that cookie could be a life saver and all the nutrients they need to stay alive for the night. I highly doubt donated Girl Scout cookies are going to greatly increase America's obesity problem. Especially when the people the cookies would be going to, are already really hungry and NEED the calories.

  12. Kenneth Schortgen Jr


    PEOPLE IN AMERICA ARENT STARVING. My word, this BS PSA that is going out there that 1 in 6 Americans is going hungry is beyond reason, logic, facts, and evidence.

    Look at a LARGE portion of welfare recipients… obese, their children obese, and the ONLY reason they would miss a meal is because they CHOOSE to spend their food stamps on something other than food.

    47 million americans are on food stamps. tens of millions of kids get free breakfast and lunch at school.

    One day, the libs will wake up and start smelling the BS they keep propagating. Those who are going HUNGRY in America do so by choice, and since I AM pro-choice, I bless them in choosing to spend their welfare benefits on whatever they like.

    Just dont come back to ME begging for ME to give more of my taxes or charity to you after the fact.

  13. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    This is what happens when activists and agendas infiltrate old organizations. Boy Scouts and girl Scouts are RIPE feeding grounds for those who wish to indoctrinate children.

    Pretty soon, the libs in leadership will demand cookie sales to go towards condoms like they already do with taxpayer money in grade schools.

  14. Anonymous

    What a waste think of all the girl scouts who died being made into cookies.

  15. Ryan Scot

    I own a vending business, and any expired product gets left in the break room which employees are more than happy to eat up. I even bring some home. Even though they are slightly expired don't mean that are not edible.

    The girl scout cookies in this story are not even expired…. what a shame.

  16. Carolann Quinn

    Kids are homeless too. Don't you think that a cookie is better than NOTHING? Seriously, are the ants at the landfill better than a kid who would have had a wonderful day for getting something fun? Nice, Valentine Grinch! Oh and by the way, people are starving and some of them were middle class two years ago. It's called 80% hamburger meat at 1.99 a pound and not that without fat. Fattening foods are cheaper than a healthy diet of vegetables.

  17. Scott Baryo

    so sad someone is so close minded. Ever been to inner-city America? No I have not looked at most people on welfare. I question as to you have? Free breakfast program, for many it is their only hot meal of the day. Next time before opening your mouth and showing us all you are full of Fox noise look at the truth, please

  18. Chris Anderson

    If they would have donated the cookies this artical would read 13,200 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes donated to local schools making kids fat.

  19. Anonymous

    Why is this a story. They have the freedom to do what they want to with there property. I never knew that if you had excess you where obligated to donate it. If that is the case anyone who has extra money needs to donate all of it instead of going on that vacation or buying some stupid lawn gnome.

  20. Marty Hosea Jackson

    We donate our Girl Scout cookies to places our girls vote on. They try to choose places where they can evenly give to.They hate to leave any places left out but sometimes it happend. We have a list of places and the ones they could't do they make sure they are at the top of the list for next year. One of the places they picked out this year is a childrens home. They are going there to deliver them. They are going to stay all day playing with the children who are there.I do believe that most of the places Christina talked about do get meals but I also believe they deserve snacks just as anyone does. I'm sure it puts a smile on their faces when they are handed a cookie every once in awhile. Putting them in a land fiill AFTER they smash them what a shamful thing to do!!

  21. Pat Hawley

    This is shameful. As a former scout and daughter of a scout troop leader, I am ashamed of this process. I will never buy another box of cookies again. These cookies should be donated to food banks.

  22. Charlie Syrah

    What an awesome idea. Because one council in one state made an error in judgment, let's punish all little girls everywhere. Nevermind that Girl Scouts teaches our girls independence, leadership, life skills, charity, and how to work well with other girls, let's not support them at all. In fact, we shouldn't give blood to the Red Cross ever again either because occasionally in the past people associated with them have made bad decisions too. You're ridiculous.

  23. Pamela Pam Verrinder

    A few years back they also started using less expensive ingredients, and you could really tell the difference in the Thin Mints cookies. You can google stories about the ingredient change, they use lower grade ingredients and charge more. Kebbler cookies have replicated their Thin Mints and Samoans, and they are better. While at my local Albertson's yesterday the GS was outside selling cookies, the GS cookies Kebbler has recreated were on sale for $1.75 a package, their price is never that low.

  24. Diana Dorn DeJane

    may not be the best for the diet but it is food that many people do not have, to a lot of children, they could never dream of having a luxury such as this, it is VERY shameful, A box of cookies could make a huge difference to someone who is truly hungry.

  25. Amy Wallace Glassmire

    Pamela Pam Verrinder each area has a different baker, my area uses ABC bakers. That's why you have different names for the cookie, Samoas are called Caramel DeLite and Tagalongs are called Peanut Butter Patties in my area(philadelphia). Was the chage in ingrediants nation wide or just a decision a couple of bakers made. I don't taste a difference.

  26. Richard Bessert

    Kenneth Schortgen Jr , I suppose you like it better that the government pays for teen pregnancies and adoption (along with the insane red tape) , which cost FAR more than contraception.

    Cue the "They should just keep their legs crossed" argument… like that will ever work.

  27. Angie Roberts

    Please don't punish all girl scout. I am a leader in Ohio and we have been sending cookies overseas for a few years now. We also have a different cookie company from Tennesse.

  28. Marilyn Loiacono Knight

    Kenneth Schortgen Jr I don't know where you get your facts, but you are not up to date. Food stamps can only be spent on just that, FOOD. Not alcohol, cigaretts, not even toilet paper, or even hot food prepared in a grocery store. Wake up. Just because you are not starving doesn't mean others are not. You shouldn't blame everyone for a few that abuse the system. And you should get on your knees and thank the Lord you are not one in need.

  29. Anonymous

    Our Troops (God Thank God for them), Food Bank, & low income Schools for snack time or Lunch. They payed for them to be made them. Why don't give them to some one who will enjoy them. My Grandma just yelled I would of been HAPPY TO TAKE THE NURSING HOME.

  30. Trisha Stern

    What's worse than how much the cookies cost is that the individual troops only get like 37 cents a box! The rest goes to administration costs and to the bakery!

  31. Mark Daume

    Just as restaurants can't donate food, neither can any other business for fear of being sued. Sad, but true, the restaurant where I once worked had the same policy.

  32. Kathy Foxhall

    Kathy Foxhall,I was in Girl scouts once when I was grfowing up and back then they were $.50- $1.00 a box ajnd that was cheap then why do they have to charge so much now for a tiny box like that. It'sridiculous that they have to be so wasteful like that that they go to the dump. If the scouts would sell them aT A BETTER PRICE THEN THE PEOPLE WOULD CONSIDER BUYING THEM,BUT NOT AT $4.00a box.

  33. Kimberly Gwynn

    Yes, this was a watse. The cookies should have been donated to any number of need-based places worldwide. However, all you people who feel the need to scoff at an organization that does its best to help, need to evaluate what you do in your own lives. While some of you reading this may say, "I can and I do," most of you need to realize that before judging others, you need to evaluate yourself. The Girl Scouts offer a "donation" option where you can purchase a box of cookies to donate to the troops overseas… how many of you did this? The most important thing to remember is that most of you who read this and scoff will not care enough to follow the story and see if they learned from their mistake. This year, will the extra cookies be donated and not wasted? Who knows? Maybe they will learn from their mistake… let's hope. But will you wait and find out?

  34. Wendy Scott

    Terrible!!! What a waste. We were taught not to waste food. Give to the needy. Help the homeless. I think I won't buy any more Girl Scout cookies. What a shame. I was a scout for 15 years!!! Was even a leader.

  35. Sandra Esposito

    I find it hilarious that the schools are telling us what and how much our kids can eat. Then they turn around and expect us to pimp them out to sell cookies and all kinds of junk to families & friends. Then to read this as many people as there are starving. Or hey how about sending them out to our military as care packages. But no it is better to waste as is the AMERICAN WAY RIGHT?

  36. Jon Howe

    Report states the Girls Scouts donated over 100,000 boxes to charity last year. They stated they didn't realized this happened in CA and would donate those too this year.

  37. Marian Hurlbert Schnurr

    they should have donated them to our troops or to a battered women's shelter. A cookie to a little kid who had to be packed up and taken away from home because his mom is so beat up would probably find a cookie comforting. The mom too, might enjoy it with a cup of coffee. This is good food. Why are they destroying it when so many people could.
    consume it?

  38. Danny L. Paul

    Guess the Girl Scouts wanted to keep demand up so the could charge more next year. Love the way they "blamed" the Baker's return policy. the GSA should have always had a policy of donating the cookies to shelters and the troops.

  39. Danny L. Paul

    If you have nothing to eat (and sad to say some don't) then who cares if they are snacks or a slice of bread. Studies are coming out more often showing that "healthy foods aren't all that healthy

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