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Tim Tebow To Speak At Anti-Gay Church

Tim Tebow Gets Career Advice In Christopher Dorner's Manifesto

Tim Tebow will be speaking at an anti-gay church later this year.

The popular NFL quarterback, who is known for his devout Christian beliefs, has made several church appearances in the past. His appearance at First Baptist Dallas on April 28 has caused controversy, however, since many believe that the church is “anti-gay” and “anti-semitic.”

According to the Huffington Post, Pastor Robert Jeffress has made several controversial comments. He said that President Obama’s re-election was “paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist,” he claimed that more than 70% of the gay community has AIDS and also said that Judaism and Mormonism are religions ‘from the pit of Hell.’

According to the Daily Mail, Jeffress said during a sermon in 2012:

“Homosexuality is perverse, it represents a degradation of a person’s mind and if a person will sink that low and there are no restraints from God’s law, then there is no telling to whatever sins he will commit as well.”

Of course, just because Tim Tebow is speaking at an anti-gay church doesn’t mean that the NFL quarterback holds Jeffress’ beliefs. Tebow, who is known for his conservative values, has remained relatively quiet on the subject.

But not all players have been quiet on the gay rights issue. The NFL found itself embroiled in a controversy before the Super Bowl this year when 49ers CB Chris Culliver said that he didn’t want gay players in the locker room.

Do you think Tim Tebow is endorsing Jeffress’ beliefs on homosexuality by speaking at the Dallas megachurch?

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309 Responses to “Tim Tebow To Speak At Anti-Gay Church”

  1. Jimmy Kemp

    So what? Last I checked there is this thing called the U.S Constitution, first amendment.

  2. Cuyler Edwards

    It is his right to do it but no one said he was smart, and you wonder why he can not play the QB position, can not learn the plays, can not read defenses, also there goes his marketing ability.

  3. Cuyler Edwards

    It is his right to do it but no one said he was smart, and you wonder why he can not play the QB position, can not learn the plays, can not read defenses, also there goes his marketing ability.

  4. Lisa Runnels


  5. Jimmy Kemp

    Funny the leftest media is in full blown action "anti gay", where was the outrage over the anti American, anti white Rev. Wright? lol such hypocrites.

  6. John Smith

    His presence at that church says that he approves of their "anti" stance. The constitution grants him protection. He has the right to spean and think whatever he wants no matter how stupid and perverse it is. Besides why should we give any credence to an overrated quarterback? It appears that no NFL team wants him. I am sure FOX news has a job for him just like all the other hate mongers they have hired. I believe he has the right to say whatever he wants. The question is: Why would someone who is not in great demand narrow his markets by broadcasting his stupidity?

  7. George Mann

    All Christian churches are anti homosexual as per the teaching from the Holy Bible. The reason for this article is that Mr. Teblow is a well known person and homosexuals use every chance to promote their perverted lifestyle.

  8. Anonymous

    Tebow is not a Catholic, and his father is anti catholic preacher. Get your facts right!

  9. Jimmy Kemp

    Yeah because MSNBC is so much more tolerant, "crackers" is term used regularly there. And for the record, I'm no fan of Fox News, I think the entire media is bias. I prefer the alternative media.

  10. Anonymous

    according to the bible , his public praying makes him a hypocrite. his record makes him a second-rate player.and now, he is a bigot.

  11. Douglas Bigger

    I the catholic church is more perverted by molesting young kids gays do not molest young kids and think its very hypocritical of the catholic t o think otherwise

  12. Rob Wirtz

    Did somebody say they wanted to fine him or throw him in jail? Yeah there is a thing in the U.S. constitution called the 1st amendment, but that is about the government not infringing on our right to free speech. The 1st amendment does nothing to prevent other people from expressing their opinion once you express yours. There is no 1st amendment issue here!

  13. Dale Ohman

    Who's the hate monger here, sounds like you don't like Tim Tebow too much, stick with MSNBC…. no hate mongers there either lol

  14. Jerry Fay

    Tim is pro-family and pro marriage. The liberal media is good at using the term "anti" to spin things: anti-abortion for example is really pro-life. Gay "marriage" is a contradiction of terms; a homosexual marriage cannot be consumated and/or reproduce children. Doesn't anyone stand up for traditional marriage anymore? Doing so does NOT make one a bully or bigot!

  15. Anonymous

    Tim is gay & this is his way to hide that! Nobody is fooled Tim! Be a man and just come out. Why try to hide who you are? It's 2013! You do not have to lie to yourself & everyone else.

  16. Emma Howard

    God Bless You Tim Tebow. I am so thankful there are young people that stand up for what is right.

  17. Richard Stremmell

    Doubtful that you have ever read the Bible, and I know for certain that you do not follow it.

  18. Angy Linder

    You call an anti-gay opinion perverse??? That is a little like "the pot calling the kettle black" isn't it? Last time I checked it is the sexual attraction between two individuals of the same sex that is intrinsically perverse. Even beyond that he has the right to say what he wishes, wherever he wishes- the same Constitutional Amendment that gives you the freedom to spout profanities, obscenities and personal judgements is the same one that protects every man's right to voice his opinion- even Tim Tebow.- whether you agree with him or not is not the issue.

  19. Carl Standifer

    Rob Wirtz. Well you have to remember. This is the age of Obama. Being anti gay is a no no..Now if someone would call me anti gay. I say you bet your ass I am. If don't like it. Kiss my ass. Seems in these days. You have to be pro gay…or lesbian. But I would say who says. I will be anti this and that. Even tho I'm half brit/half american. In actuality. I strongly detest gays…period. The Constitution and first amendment doesn't mean squat to Obama. Why he's trying to change this country muslim nation. Thats what Obama is. Muslim.

  20. Anonymous

    Hey idiot please show me the verse and the chapter that states this in your little book? If you can't then you're and idiot and probably should shoot yourself in the head.

  21. Richard Stremmell

    So true Kevindalton23. It is easy to recognize the hypocrites for you shall see them praying in public for all to observe, just paraphrasing Jesus Christ.

  22. Billy Van Duser

    Tebow is more anti football the way he plays QB. Guess he knows his football days are over. Now its his time to earn millions gay bashing. I thought the Bible stated we are all Gods Children. I guess not if you put prefer being a bigot over God words.

  23. Sam Spencer

    Does Tebow even have a PR guy? I don't and frankly don't care what his opinion is in the matter of Gay issues, but this "church" doesn't seem to be a good place for him to be making any kind of appearance at.

  24. Lisa Dean

    Anti-gay is not perverse. Gay is perverse. It is very okay to be heterosexual and be left alone because of it. Straight people are in balance with the universe. It is positive/negative. Yin/Yang. The universe is male/female. We don't create chaos and confusion. Straight and Christian does not equal to 'hate-monger'. We have basic human rights. We have a right to our belief system.

  25. Richard Stremmell

    I do not think Teboe necessarily agrees with this church. I think he has every right to express himself anywhere he wants to even though I totally disagree with him. I think T T will go anywhere he can get some publicity as his light is begining to shine less and less.

  26. Charle Arthur Roberts

    you are wrong sin is sin weather you tell a little white lie or you kill a persom and drink their blood, neather is greater than the other as neather will get you into heaven. there is only one sin that the bible says is worse than any sin and that i s the unforgiveable sin of blasphame of the holy spirit! study your bible before you make yourself look like an idiot. as for being gay or bi? god made us all as we are we donsin because we are gay or bi we sin when we act on the urges weather it be in thought or actions.

  27. Terry Bradley

    If one disagrees with the so-called tolerant people they are called names. I do not think perversion is normal or killing babies is anything but murder. I do not hate homosexuals or people who are pro-death. I do wish they would find Christ.

  28. Tafik Khoury

    But I thought he was gay.. Oh wait, he can't be gay. He's daiting Rosey Redpalm….

  29. Albert Goldenberg

    @Carl – its nice to see an adult coo coo bird in full flight! go baby go!

  30. Anonymous

    To the leader of this church and all other anti-gay persons who view homosexuality as a perversion, I have a request. If you are capable of rational thought, I ask you to reflect on what I am going to present as an argument against your position.

    Let me preface my remarks with the information that I am a heterosexual father of three, having been married to the same girl for 42 years. When I was young and relatively immature, I looked down on homosexuals as perversions of nature. It took some thought from my own life experience to realize the error in my thinking. I asked myself this question: At what point in my life did I sit down and decide whether I wanted to be intimate with a man or a woman. It did not take long for me to realize that there was no such moment of decision. As I came into my teen years, I noticed that girls started to appeal to me and I had no choice in the matter. It just happened and I have realized that if the appeal of the opposite sex was not a matter of choice for me, how can I be so presumptuous as to conclude that the appeal of the same sex must be a choice for others. From that point on, my view was completely altered. We have no choice as to which gender we wish to be intimate with. The only choice we get to make is which particular person or persons of that gender we associate with.

    I know all the biblical references about homosexuality but I place them in perspective when I realize that the Bible was written by human beings subject to the same bias and personal agendas of any human being. I don't buy the contention that the biblical authors were divinely inspired for the simple reason that many of the other silly rules that they propounded are not worthy of what they claim is an omnisicient God.

  31. Charle Arthur Roberts

    “Homosexuality is perverse, it represents a degradation of a person’s mind and if a person will sink that low and there are no restraints from God’s law, then there is no telling to whatever sins he will commit as well.”.

    oh just because a person is gay he will commit other sins as well hey guess what we had a presadent oh and you just sined too by judging every gay person saying that statment.

  32. Liz Austin

    An anti-gay church? All churches are or should be anti-gay. If you are a Christian, then homosexuality is against the bible. It states very clearly in the bible that it's wrong. A church and it's followers have the right to believe in what they want. It's called Freedom of Religion. Everyone is always yelling for their rights, well ladies and Gents, Christians have rights too.

  33. John Ramirez

    Maybe he should be on the next list for senate in AZ! Cause when he is not throwing footballs he's not winning super bowls! This will pass since he will be older in ten years where no team wants him. What a disgrace to his young fans!

  34. Albert Goldenberg

    its so funny to me that everyone plays the same game of pretending that a guy is straight until he comes out and says he's gay. and then its like, oh yeah I always knew that! hiding behind the religious mask is one of the easiest tricks of the closet. why is it so easy for Tim to stay a virgin? well, he's not attracted to women of course. but that would be obvious hence the religious mask. come on, a pro football player virgin? if your falling for the chaste straight guy routine its only because you want to. closeted gay men are many times the ones who shout anti-gay opinions the loudest to throw people off the scent, so yes, he will gladly speak at this church because no gay man would, right? get it?

  35. Joseph-lee Morehouse

    God Bless him for for having the balls for saying what he believes in, I don't agree with him but I would fight for his rights to say it. A Gay man who just want his rights protected too.

  36. Jordan Maynard

    He can say what he wants, make up all the false statistics he wants, mislead all he wants its a free country, And I am free to think he is just another controlling jerk faking a pure heart.

  37. Anonymous

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like aduck, and paddles like a duck, it is a duck. Tebow is anti-gay as are all holy rollers. They profess to be forgiving and open minded but they are far from it.

  38. Jack Lloyd

    I have my doubts but he might actually surprise and do the right thing. More likely he will behave more like Jeffress than a real Christian.

  39. Anonymous

    Carl Standifer I must strongly agree with you, same sex relationships are an abomination to God. More Christians should speak out against it!!!! Obama and his gay rights and pro-choice are just adding to the moral downfall of this country. What happened to the values our forefathers had when they founded this country, the USA is going to hell in a handbasket!! Good for you Tim Tebow, keep stating your beliefs!
    I know that i will be blasted for these statements but I am Catholic and it isabout time i stop hiding my beliefs just to be polictically correct and not anger those who think this opinion is wrong.

  40. David Manhart

    This is so wrong to accuse Tebow of being anti-gay for speaking in front of this group.. I mean, if he spoke in front of the KKK would that make him anti-black?

  41. Shaky DeVille

    It's tiring reading some of these posts. Tebow has a right to speak anywhere he likes. Why don't we wait and see what he has to say at this church? Our own Presidents' pastor has said some of the most offensive things caught on tape, yet, we don't pour all over that situation. Give it a rest. This planet would be boring as hell if we were all perfect.

  42. Craig Himmelberger

    Does Catholic mean "able to play football"? No, he is not, is he. And you can tell, because he's totally against the butt fumble, unlike his friend, Dirty Sanchez.

  43. Dee Tension

    He is able to play football. Just not QB. And leave The Dirty One out of this! Poor little fella.

  44. Gene Loggins

    all you got to do is look it up it says and if i remember it states man shall not lay down like a man shall a woman. its in there look it up in a reference bible if it helps

  45. Chuck Templeman

    Any Church should be "anti-gay", you idiots, because homosexual sex is a sin. It is no more a sin than per-marital, or extra marital sex, but it is a sin, and any Church not anti-gay, is not even anti-sin, and therefore not a real Church, that is, not sanctified by the real God. I don't care how many people, for how long, try to make that not the truth, it still will be, and I'm tired of trying to be PC about it. From now on I just state the truth, the only truth, and anyone who can't get that, is buying into the lie, and will deserve everything they get.

  46. Amanda Chand

    There is nothing wrong with being anti-gay. More people should stick to their beliefs. If so our children wouldn't be taught homosexual acceptance in schools or anywhere else. I am proud of him for standing up for what he believes and not being afraid to speak because of political correctness.

  47. Milton Willis

    One can choose to believe in the God of the bible or not., one can choose to except his word or for their comfort take and twist what God says in his word to justify their wickedness, but understand this , " nothing you say or do, no arguement or twisting of the truth to justify the wickedness of homosexuality can or will ever change God or his word. Or the fact that when it comes to determining what is good or evil He reigns supreme. So when one argues against or attack someone who calls homosexuality an abomination , it is in truth the word of God thus him who you hate, reject , curse and attack. And someone telling you the truth does not mean that , that person is passing judgement on you , but rather just simply telling you the true in relation to God's word. And in his word God says many times that homosexuality is a abomination in his sight period!

  48. Anonymous

    I hope he's endorsing anti-gay! That would show him to stand for what all Real Christians stand for. Against sin!

  49. Craig Himmelberger

    Yeah, that was mean… Tim would remind me to be nicer. Though not to gay people.

  50. Dale Ohman

    1.1 Leviticus 18 and 20
    1.2 References to Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible
    1.3 David and Jonathan and Ruth and Naomi
    2 New Testament
    2.1 Romans 1
    2.2 Other Epistles
    2.3 Matthew 8; Luke 7
    2.4 Matthew 19:12
    2.5 Acts 8

  51. Joe Trudgeon

    I don't think Dan considered that he might be narrowing his market when he wrote this anti straight post.

  52. Dee Tension

    I bet he'd be nice to gay people.

    Really, it was a matter of time before this surfaced. Anyone who is this devout and literal isn't going to support gay issues.

  53. Sara Woodie-Pacheco

    Yes but using your religion to be anti- gay and anti-semetic is infringing on other people's rights. I've read a lot of these comments and there are a rampant number of bigots running around claiming to be good Christians. Last I heard Christianity is about tolerance and hating the sin but not the sinner. I'm more worried about this "pastor" who is spreading filth and lies.

  54. Ashley Simpson

    Seriously? Why is this in the news? Why would anyone be SURPRISED that he would speak at a church that did not support homosexuality? Besides, I do believe it is his 1st Amendment right to speak whatever he wants, where ever he wants, when ever he wants. I just don't understand why this is even news.

  55. Dee Tension

    It is funny that the pastor said anti mormon, anti gay, anti semitic things and it's framed as "anti gay" The implication being – therefore Tebow is anti gay. Are we also assuming he is anti semitic?

  56. William Kabler

    Well put pastor. Lets face it i being gay is morally wrong. My butt hurts just thinking about it.

  57. Paul Alden

    Hate to bust your bubble, holier-than-thou mouthbreathers, but the Bible got many things wrong. It was written by flawed, ignorant men. If there is a God and we're made by God then I was made gay from birth, and it's the rest of you with the problem. I grew up being told every unmarried adult male was a "fag." I guess that applies to Jesus? Then STFU already! I WILL let you explain Lindsey Graham, Marcus Bachmann, Larry Craig, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Foley, Aaron Shock and Marco Rubio. They are not only self-hating, but spread their hate to marginalize those of us who accept who we are, and THAT"S very un- "Christian."

  58. William Rosamond

    God's law before man's law. Who do you answer to? Mankind can make allowances for anything. even sleeping with the same sex. Man on man or woman on woman. Don't get it!

  59. Joe Trudgeon

    The scripture refers to insincere public praying. I don't have the power to determine his sincerity but I have prayed publicly many times. I have been hypocritical but not all the time.

  60. Maximos Soliman

    Bethany Amanda O'Neal- If that is really what you believe, I really feel sorry for you. We need a lot more people like Tebow that actually remembers what its like to have values and not have to hide behind a computer to portray them. For all these people on here saying he is gay bashing, that is really unfortunate. The bible is against homosexuality, which is why it says marriage is between a man and a woman. However, as Christians, we do not hate or should never hate a gay perso or anyone.. God hates the act, not the person and yes, sin is sin. The difference is gay people do not believe they are sinning which is the problem. When I am drinking, I know drinking isn't right but I do it anyway. That is what repentance is for, but if I say that getting drunk and smoking and having premarital sex is wrong, that is where the danger lies and that is the real issue behind gay rights. It is true that we are all God's children and he loves all of us, but that doesn't mean homosexuality is okay or acceptable as it is not. It's alot more difficult to stand for what you believe in than to just go with the flow. I like Tebow decide to not just go with the flow and for all of you that do, remember one thing, we all will be held accountable for our actions. I am not perfect nor do i profess to be, but I am also not above God and if the bible speaks to homosexualtiy and says it is wrong, then who am I to say it is right? God Bless you all and I hope we can all treat each other with the respect and dignity each person deserves.

  61. Anonymous

    There seems to be some confusion….

    the homosexual community demands tolerance from anyone who does not agree with them….

    and yet, they give NO tolerance to any group, organization or individuals who does not agree with them.

    It is clear the homosexual community does not want tolerance. They want complete and unconditional approval and if that is in direct contradiction with the Scriptures than the homosexual community DEMANDS that you throw out your Scripture and your beliefs……

    If you don't follow them blindly…then you are labeled as "anti gay"……

    Label away because this Christian will not stray from my beliefs just because the homosexual community has NO TOLERANCE FOR OTHERS!

  62. Paul Alden

    …and NOBOBY has a "right" to an opinion when it is proven wrong and destructive. In that case, your only "right" is to be corrected, or you can just shut the hell up.

  63. John Green

    Angry, well you are angry aren't you? Reject by a man for another? Homosexuality is not perverse, it as normal as heterosexual sex. That is why it is not only man that has homosexual relations but over 500 other species have been recorded including Dolphins and Porpoises.

  64. Anonymous

    I personally don't think people with a low IQ should be allowed to marry and spread their serious defects. We need a law for that!

  65. John Green

    We need to wait and see what he says before we judge him. Just because he is going to appear and speak there does not mean he supports everything they say

  66. Becki Sullens

    I hope Tebow does hold views against homosexuality. Before everyone gets in an uproar about my statement, hear me on this. I am against homosexuality, because I believe God's Word is true, and that God means what he says. Homosexuality is a sin. HOWEVER, the following is where I and some of my Christian contemporaries part ways. I embrace homosexuals. I love them just like anyone else. Was I so different before I came to know Christ? NO. I will not call the lifestyle right or good or healthy. I will call it what it is…sin. I will also call homosexuals what they are…people. People who need Christ just as much as everyone else in this world.

  67. Anonymous

    Homosexuality is a sin just like lying or stealing. All Christian churches are against those things. That doesn't mean they hate gays. They love people that are gay just like they also love people that lie or steal. Us Christians pray that we can overcome our sins and be more like Christ.

  68. Anonymous

    First and foremost he isn't "Catholic." Secondly he, as a fellow Christian, WOULD be against a lifestyle that would condone homosexuality. The book of Leviticus which is contained in the bible, which is the book that Christians hold true and seek to live by, which happens to also be the best selling book of all time, clearly states rebuking homosexuality among other sexual perversions. So many times, non-Christians, as well as Christians, want to tear apart the individual and not recognize the core belief that someone holds true. If you were a Christian you would understand that Mr. Tebow not only disagrees with a homosexual lifestyle, but that his AND my God demand us to. Don't go on a hate tyrant about his football abilities because he is standing up for his beliefs when so many will not. By the way, since you brought it up, how many games did he start and play from beginning to end allowing him to see some real playing experience? Did he get the luxury of starting and staying in the game winning or losing to learn and grow as a true NFL quarterback, or was he just shuffled in and out playing sporadically at best?

  69. Emil H. Michael

    Traditional marriage between a man and a woman like the Bible says? Does traditional marriage include the man paying the woman's father a bride price before marriage? Does traditional marriage include only the man being able to divorce the woman by saying "I divorce you" privately if he finds another woman more attractive than his present wife or if he believes that his present wife sleeps with another person? Does traditional marriage include concubines (King David who is Jesus' ancestor had ten) plus more than one wife? Does traditional marriage include stoning the bride if she is unfaithful. I can find all of these in the Bible especially in Leviticus and Deuteronomy along with the verses against men laying with men adn women with women. Or do traditional marriage proponents just pick and choose which verses of the Bible they want to follow? Forget Tebow and the megachurch. Let's follow the Bible and practice it all.

  70. Joe Trudgeon

    Go babe. When you see men being with men as with women and stuff like that the word abomination is usually close by.

  71. Paul Alden

    Why should anyone tolerate someone whose opinion is not only wrong, but destructive? There's a difference between being "tolerated" and accepted. Do you think k.d. lang woke up one day and "chose" to be a lesbian? Honestly? It is a trait from birth- that does not make a gay any more or less immune to crime, bad decisions or being flawed than a heterosexual, but the prejudices all of us have to endure worldwide are totally wrong. We don't have to listen to anyone who doesn't "get" it.

  72. David Chase

    Then let's TAX the CHURCHES…. You bigoted, fearful idiots need to grow up…

  73. Timothy Johnson

    Seriously? It is this simple, not one man on the face of the earth is better than the other. You and myself are all filthy rags! Soiled at the feet of the Holy God of the Universe who created all things. WE LOST THE BATTLE, WE ALL FAILED! Through JESUS, WE have Victory! We can give NOTHING, He gave EVERYTHING! Believing In Christ and not in self is all we can do. If we were to refrain from speaking to individuals who had deficiencys or differences would be a life long term of solitary confinement. To refer to Tebow as a Hatemonger is unfair and insensitive , two current deficienys of some who commented. Examine yourselfs folks before you attempt to examine others. You'd be surprised by what you find.

  74. Laura Mederos

    Big freaking WOW! He has the right to his own beliefs. Leviticus 18:22 Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. God loves the person, not the sin.

  75. Dan Anderson

    And there's that typical liberal comment where there's no argument offered at all, only name calling. I don't think "retarded" is pc anymore Gavin, may want to update your vocabulary a bit

  76. Mike Dwyer

    I love how only the left have rights. He is not gay bashing it is just his beliefs and he has that right like have the right to be for gay rights.

  77. David Chase

    All religion is cultish and perverse….If you had been raised Jew or Muslim, you would be spouting that shit, just like you are, with your current indoctrination…

  78. Emily Kay

    You are taking things out of context, is that intentional or have you never studied the scriptures?

  79. Emil H. Michael

    Liz, I am so glad you are for Freedom of Religion which you say is "A church and it's followers have the right to believe in what they want." And since you refer to "Christian", that must mean according to the Bible. I'm a Christian. So how about according to the Bible I come to an agreement with your dad (if he is alive) and pay him and take you as a wife, and then I go find other wives? I "have rights too."

  80. William Kabler

    How can a man look down after sex and see his pecker covered in poo and think that its perfectly OK.

  81. Anonymous

    Angy Linder Honey, that awesome tennessee education will get you as far as burger king.. i suggest looking into voodoo hocus pocus? You seem to love fairy tales… what a dumb whore you are! even your picture is stupid

  82. Dean Hantzis

    I do lean to the right, but Pastor Robert Jeffress is an extremist. And for that reason, Tim Tebow will give the impression that he is also an extremist by affiliating himself with this specific church. Being a Church-goer with a faith in modern religion (acceptance of all good people), I think Tim is heading down a more slippery slope than he went down last year.

  83. Felix C. Ekstrom

    why would anyone care if two people who loved one another got married . Everyone points a finger . The Bible states that a Wife and a Daughter are a Mans property , does that give a Man in TRADITIONAL marriage a right to have sex with his daughter ? Moreover , the Bible condems homosexuality , it states nothing regarding insest

  84. Anonymous

    poor jerry.. the world is evolving and you will be left far behind, praying to an imaginary friend… i'd pity you if i weren't laughing my ass off

  85. Joe Trudgeon

    Should he find a gay church to speak at. I don't think they would have him. I'm sure someone is sticking their nose into his personal stuff to find where he is and what he's doing to try to defame him because he is openly Christian. I'm sure if he had been seen in a topless place or a bath house we all would hear about it. But that hasn't happened to date so we have to bad mouth him for speaking at a church. Most churches don't even deal with the gay issue not to offend anybody.

  86. Anonymous

    be anything you want to be… this america! don't like what you hear? then blow it out your a…

  87. Anonymous

    You are far more bigot that christian liz… jesus would be disgusted with you

  88. Shannon Busch-Anderson

    Very similar to the anti black comments of the 60's people. Same hate, same double talk, and ultimately same outcome. Being conservative does not mean you can legally exclude or humiliate. Really, I do not understand why the Dans, Mikes and Tim Tebows of the world have such an issue with the Gay community, it certainly is not Christian to hate…you make no sense and are hypocrites at best.

  89. Anonymous

    Learn to read, mouthbreather… Sage must be how they say retarded in arkansas

  90. Craig Himmelberger

    Just proves that being Jewish and Mormon isn't what it used to be, when just being any old gay person can grab the headline. I'm thinking there's a bias lawsuit in there somewhere.

  91. Felix C. Ekstrom

    the Church was founded for it's members to pray together , to honor there God , to read the gospels . NOT TO HATE OR TO JUDGE ANYONE . PEOPLE WHO HATE DO NOT BELONG IN A CHURCH OF GOD

  92. Paul Alden

    Is it right to deny someone black the right to marry or vote? Then it's not right to denounce someone or marginalize them for the way they were born. The Bible got a lot of things wrong, including fear of homosexuality. It is a naturally occuring birthright and untold crime and misery have resulted from "Christians" embracing that mistake while they turn a blind eye to the others in their infallible Bible.

  93. Anonymous


  94. Anonymous


  95. Gary Pierce

    The bible also says that if you be a glutton your should put an axe to your throat. So if you call yourself a born again christian, I suggest you run to your scales right now because your soul literally weighs in the balance.

  96. Shannon Allen-OShea

    Angy Linder. Yes, an anti gay opinion is perverse. I guess you Southerners just can't get over your anti gay, anti black, anti gun control, anti womens rights mentality. There are other types of people in this world besides white straight christians…so get over yourself.

  97. Dakota Roberson

    You have the right to marry as you choose, why shouldn't everyone? Gay marriage doesn't affect you or lower your standard of living.

    Your personal beliefs should not hamper the way others wish to live their lives.

  98. Timothy Johnson

    Jesus spoke in public, he even taught his desciples how to pray in public. Get this one, Jesus even prayed in public himself. Check it out for yourself, Google search engine will make it nice and quick. Anyway this is why it is important to know the Bible rather than assume its value and integrity.

  99. Anonymous

    Hate to bust your bubble, but the Bible got many things wrong. It was written by flawed, ignorant men. If there is a God and we're made by God then I was made gay from birth, and it's the rest of you with the problem. I grew up being told every unmarried adult male was a "fag." I guess that applies to Jesus? Then why is it right to call others that? I WILL let you explain Lindsey Graham, Marcus Bachmann, Larry Craig, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Foley, Aaron Shock and Marco Rubio. They are not only self-hating, but spread their hate to marginalize those of us who accept who we are, and THAT"S very un- "Christian."

  100. Felix C. Ekstrom

    I assure you a Church that is anti any people is NOT A CHURCH OF GOD ! I myself belong to a fat and bald Mans Church , we speak out about skinny Men with hair ! God loves us , not them

  101. PJ Tormey

    Hey Dan Evon, I'm pretty sure Tebow doesn't consider himself a "devout Catholic" buddy… Might want to correct that.

  102. Dan J Feltman

    Tim has the choice of speaking where ever he wants to. I do hate that he has chosen to speak at a church that is well known for its spreading of hate and misinformation. Why anyone would try to drag the government, msnbs, fox news or anything else intot his is just silly. if Tip wants to give a speach about his belief in god at a rock on the side of the road its his choice so stop judging him and others and clean under your own door steps.

  103. Dolores Aquadro

    I agree with his sentiments, I am not judging gay people, but I have a right to my beliefs and I think it is an abomination(sp)of God's Laws. I think it is degrading to live that kind of life style, in years to come, people might want the right to have sex with animals and if we don't put a stop to all this alternative life style, it just might happen! Wake up people and quit idolizing all the sin in this world..Hollywood actors and actresses are not role models for our young people.

  104. Anonymous

    Mike Dwyer Why should anyone tolerate someone whose opinion is not only wrong, but destructive? There's a difference between being "tolerated" and accepted. Do you think k.d. lang woke up one day and "chose" to be a lesbian? Honestly? It is a trait from birth- that does not make a gay any more or less immune to crime, bad decisions or being flawed than a heterosexual, but the prejudices all of us have to endure worldwide are totally wrong. The Bible got a lot of things wrong! So no, we don't have to listen to anyone who doesn't "get" it. I can accept that you don't understand, but I cannot tolerate that you should be able to marginalize my rights because you can't or won't accept scientific fact.

  105. Emil H. Michael

    Unless you know her, your statement about feeling sorry for Bethany sounds patronizing, hollow and unreal. The negative statements about being against homosexuality were and are made about Jews, black people, and other minorities. Your separation of homosexual persons and their sexual actions as sin sounds like some kind of mind game. Using the Bible or Quaran or Book of Mormon to justify hate of whatever/whoever minority person is insulting to and against religion.

  106. Shannon Allen-OShea

    Christians have rights too…Seriously? You already have all the rights. That's all homosexuals want, the right to be left the f&ck alone by the religious right, without your blocking the gay marriage bill every time it tries to pass.

  107. Chuck Finlon

    If you thought Pres. Obama was quilty of associating with the Rev. Wright, who has radical ideas, then Tim Tebow is quilty of associating with the gay bashing, anti-semitic Pastor Jeffress.

  108. Denise R. Byrd Brinkley

    Uhhh, God created a man and woman to be together. Homosexuality is said throughout the Bible to be a sin. So the Church, the followers of God, are going to have the same stance. We are also anti-adultery, anti-stealing, anti-fornication, anti-rape, anti-abortion, anti-greed, anti-hypocrisy, and so on. If it goes against the holy character of God as clearly explained in the Bible then its a sin. He defines what is right and wrong by His character, not what is popular in culture this decade. He is a God of love who hates things that hurts the ones He loves.

  109. Rusty Santos

    john is just another one of the pro gay agenda trying to shove there beliefs down everyone's throat…the gays have that right but straights do not????? sorry john i am a married bisexual male and i do not have the belief i should be forcing my sexuality on anyone its my business just like straight people have there rights to support and right to do what they want in there own in short people need to mind there own business !!!

  110. Derek Cooke

    I feel you Jimmy! I love how words like tolerance are preached today by mostly the left, when all one needs to do is look in the dictionary. I promise anyone, they will find in no way shape or form does tolerance mean I have to like or agree with anyone or anything. That is the whole purpose of the 1st Amendment, to protect unpopular speech. Left-tards please get over your fascist selves and respect others' rights!

  111. Sandy Meador

    Gay women can have children also. Its just that their too busy raising the ones that are thrown away by hetrosexuals

  112. Anonymous

    I like how a bunch of unknown, pro-homo, liberal robots get on these comment pages and try to criticize, denigrate, and disprove a religion which has lasted thousands of years and of has billions of followers. What makes these people think that they can reverse a belief system which has existed longer than some of their family trees with just a few short sentences and couple modern derogatory slang terms? Please tell me. If there are any anti christian, liberal robots out there who routinely regurgitate the beliefs programmed into you by your much more intelligent and wealthy human overlords, please, I beseech thee…explain to us all how your hate speech, your talk of christian genocide, and your ridiculous penny ante name calling is going to bring down a religion which is vehemently followed by billions of people? Get over it. The Bible, the Koran, and the Torah all proclaim that homosexuality is WRONG, Perverse, Unholy, and a bunch of other negative terms. The homos make up less than 4% of the population of the USA according to the 2010 census. Your hatred and your bullying will ultimately back fire on you when the sleeping giant is finally awoken.
    (Disclaimer:I am not a christian, liberal, nor conservative. I am an individual and a free thinker who does not subscribe to the herd mentality. I was also a soldier and it come natural to me to stand up to victims of hate, aggression, slander, and the likes. Such as the Christians.)

  113. Tim Monteith

    As a 55 year old gay man, and lived though all these years, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MY RIGHTS! You Mike Dwyer and others posting here, have NO RIGHTS that infringe upon mine. BTW, stupid, read before you post, what you post: it's called grammar, dummy.

  114. George Ennis

    @becki sullens, homosexuals do sin, alot, so if you hate the sin you must hate the sinner because he/she doesn't seek repentance but only continuance of the sin.

  115. Tim Monteith

    Mike Dwyer Do you read your stupid post before posting them? For grammar, etc?

  116. Sandy Meador

    Which commandment is that one? I forgot. Which ones have you broken? Jesus preached love, non judgement, to love one another. Funny how so many pick the one they have a pro
    blum with.

  117. Chris Sloan

    Anti-Gay or Pro-Union of a man & woman in holy matrimony? Just because we believe in the concept of a man sharing the union of holy matrimony with a woman doesn't mean we're anti-gay! I don't wish to sleep with a man & never will. I'd rather procreate in the most natural and simplistic way possible with the most beautiful creature God put on this earth – a woman. Does that make me anti-gay? If it does, please don't stone me. Also, if I sing the tune to "The Flintstones" with "…having a GAY ol' time", please don't burn me at the stake.

  118. Larry Valenti

    They are not anti anything! They believe homosexuality is sin. They believe the Jews have ignored their messiah. The bible teachers love the sinner and hate the sin. Liberals love to twist peoples beliefs or to be critical of there faith.

  119. Kay Wood

    I certainly hope he is "anti" gay if he considers himself to a Christian. Homosexuality is against God's design and desire for the men and women HE created. That's apparent. Homosexuals can be saved if they desire, God longs for none of us to perish from His love and presence. If they choose to be set free from this sin, He will save them.

  120. Brian Rice

    Dan Anderson I agree with dan. up the ed. gavin. say something without trying insult people who disagree with your lib style. why do you need everyone to except your style? You put others down such as retarded people and people who disagree with you. what does that say about you?

  121. Marja Karkerrian

    Good! IT's about time heterosexuals spoke up! Homosexuals are incessently trying to cram their lifestyle down out throats and we are tired of it. "Live and let live"…right? That's whayt homosexuals say! So, back off when WE speak OPUR mind! Oh, by the way, I only use the word"gay" to describe a feeling of elation, not a lifestyle.

  122. Rachel Marquez

    I am a Christian, and am very much anti-SIN, even my own. Christians aren't perfect, we are just forgiven. The thing is, we have to admit to our sin and ASK to be forgiven. Believing in the doctrines of the Bible, and believing that, if the Bible says something is a sin, then IT'S A SIN! The Bible teaches love and forgiveness, but to my knowledger, it doesn't teach tolerance of sin. Sorry.

  123. Rosemary Taylor

    Unbelievable what MSNBC spews out from each of the "personalities" on this network! I check them out periodically just for laughs at how ignorant they are!

  124. Eugene Ruggirello

    In America we have freedom of speech folks. Unless you disagree with whatever PC agenda is popular at the moment that is.

  125. Ian Elliott

    The Christian God is obviously gay. The Father begets the Son before the creation, without the help of Mary. The Holy Spirit, appearing as a dove, is nowhere described as female. The incarnated Son is a virgin for his first thrity years, then spends the last three years of his life running around with 12 other guys. How much evidence do you need?

  126. Tim Monteith

    So only "traditional" marriage counts? What a load of bullshit!! SO, EVEN THOUGH YOUR BIBLE EQUATES MY BEING QUEER WITH DIVORCE, EATING SHRIMP, EATING PORK , COVENTING YOUR NEIGHBOR'S OXEN, TATTOOS, ET. ALL., I'm the worst you can come up with? jeez, what these craze people come up with.

  127. Marisa Mapp

    Carl Standifer In many Muslim countries, acting upon homosexual feelings — the behavior itself — is condemned and subject to legal punishment. The specific punishment varies among jurists, ranging from jail time or flogging, to the death penalty. In Islam, capital punishment is only reserved for the most grievous crimes which hurt society as a whole. How can you relate Obama supporting gays to trying to turn the country Muslim?? Do some research before you start ranting.

  128. Brian Rice

    Tebow has the right to speak and believe as he desires, just as liberals have the right to believe the way they do. How come, according to most libs, " If you do not believe as I do you do not count"?

  129. Anonymous


  130. Tim Monteith

    I'm gay, and have known since age 9. HOW DARE YOU, HATEFUL BITCH. You've never even met me.

  131. Anonymous

    This comment is worthy of sound critical thinking. "A straight man should NEVER FART around a gay guy. The gay guy will think that he's flirting with him."

  132. Phil Coleman

    John, the very pinnicle of civilization in the family. Man & Woman, child. God didn't make Adam and Steve. You may also believe we came from monkeys, except for rare oddities, the animal kindom is male and female. I love gay people but I will speak out against their lifestyle..

  133. Phil Coleman

    Tim Julian —- No. That is sex. Marriage is the place where children live, a safe stable place. They see that their parents have made big commitment to one another. They see they can do the same. Glad we had this little chat.

  134. Gary McDowell

    The majority of Americans do not look upon homos in a favorable light. They couldn't even get homo marriages approved in the most liberal state in America… California. These state politicians who have gone against the majority will pay a heavy price when their turn comes up for election. Since homos have chosen a path of getting in mainstream America's face while attempting to shove their lifestyle down our throats the sentiment against them is growing rapidly.

  135. Phil Coleman

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco —- the pastor is not spreading filth and lies, he just not using wisdom in a difficult subject. You are right about hating the sin and not the sinner. But that doesn't mean we must be silent about the sin..

  136. Tim Monteith

    In case you don't know, if you've read your"bible", that you are not to eat pork, shellfish, get (and your offspring), get tattoos, the list goes on and on. You're just another cherry-picking so-called "Christian" who choses what you "believe" in. I pity you and your ignorance.

  137. Bill McIntosh

    Why is it that gay athletes are seen as brave, moving, and bold when they come out of the closet. If Tim Tebow speaks at about any church its going to be anti gay. At least the mainline, conservative, strict Bible believing churches I have attended across the country. Tim Tebow is a conservative traditional family values christian. Why is it a big deal if he speaks at a church that has the same beliefs as him? Why aren't the gay people more tolerant like they are always telling the conservative people to be?

  138. Phil Coleman

    kinkos101 — you are telling someone to shoot themselves in the head? Is this advice you give your family and friends? maybe therapy will work..

  139. Gary McDowell

    In 2009 the CDC estimated that approximately 60% of homos were infected with and infecting others with one or more STD's including the HIV/AIDS virus. Three years later 70% doesn't seem unreasonable.

  140. Johnny Trujillo

    There is plenty of things wrong with being a bigot. Not everyone is a stupid Christian Amanda. Some people have brains and they use them. Unlike you I am not brainwashed.

  141. Lana Savin

    Gavin Riegel and yours is the typical left wing BS hypocrisy that the rest of have found beyond tedious and bring

  142. Lana Savin

    hypocrisy defines the bat s*** crazy left wing liberal socialist wanna still pretend they are americans party

  143. Albert Goldenberg

    if you don't like it then stop having sex with your wife. simple.

  144. Lana Savin

    Tim Monteith And you do not get to infringe on mine, but for some reason because you are gay you seem to think YOUR rights are more important ans should take precedence over mine . Well MR 55 year old gay man, you are a bigot and you are wrong my rights are every bit as important as yours

  145. Anonymous

    Tim has the right to say anything he wants. It is my choice whether or not I listen. As far as the anti jewish thing… wasn't Jesus a Jew? Maybe Timmys not as Christian as he would have us believe. After all, this is America, and nothing says Christian like hate, judgementalism, and bigotry, as long as you say it in the name of "God"!

  146. Anonymous

    Gavin Riegel "Retarted?" Nice choice of words. Try taking a few lessons in "sensitivity" from that church in which YOU preach.

  147. Liz Austin

    Did I say I was a Christian? Did I say I was Anti-Gay? Did I say I hated certain people? Nope don't think I did. I merely explained the Christian side of it. I see a lot of people jumping on me and others for what I said, making a lot of assumptions. Well, you guys are yelling about tolerance and acceptance, why don't you practice what you preach. Calling me a B**** because I stated an opinion is childish. Yes Christians believe that being gay is an abomination, but it also teaches tolerance, which I have. I do not hate Gays, I have good friends who are gay. I believe that that is a personal choice.

  148. Liz Austin

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco I believe there's a difference in Using your religion to be hateful and following your religion. As I stated, the Bible tells us what's wrong and what's right (for Christians). But you are very right about hating the sin that is being committed, not the sinner. The bible actually teaches that we shouldn't hate the sinner, but pray for them and feel sorry for them. I don't hate gays (and of course you, Sara, know that). We're all human beings after all. We're just different. I also think that disrespecting and bashing a religion just because of their beliefs is ridiculous. Why is it not ok for Christians to not like gays, but it's perfectly ok for everyone else to bash and name-call Christians? You, Sara, also know (unlike some other people commenting) that I'm don't deliberately try to offend or hurt anyone. Nor am I a hateful person.

  149. Liz Austin

    Austin Collum I, personally, am not trying to ban anything. And as a side note: I don't eat shellfish.

  150. Samuel R. Mackey

    Linda, don't be angry you are right and when you are right, you don't need to be angry. You are right, they are incorrect, let them be angry while you smile at their spewing!

  151. Anonymous

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco Whose 'rights' are Tim Tebow 'infringing' on by speaking at this church? You sound like a bumbling old twit. TT's speech is no more a threat to individual liberty than the homosexual special interests groups that strong-armed — operative phrase strong-armed — California into supporting gay marriage.

    Free speech vs. shredding peoples' ballots and stifling the will of the majority? Let's put things in perspective.

    And here's where your ignorance manifests itself: targeting TT for speaking at this church is in itself a form of discrimination. Not utterance from the kid's mouth has been made against gays in relation to this event…. The media's in an uproar and the Twitter-sphere is buzzing — this isn't a form of bullying?

    Discrimination presents itself in many forms, sweetheart.

  152. Anonymous

    David Chase The gay "rights" movement is an arm of the secularism that ripped traditional marriage apart.

    BTW: most gays don't want to marry. This is all a tactic to erode traditional institutions.

  153. William Kabler

    My wife died of breast cancer two years ago and I don't see your point. Dumbass

  154. Amanda Chand

    No Johnny Trujillo you're just an idiot and probably gay and liberal. I can tell because you don't think anyone can have a different option than yours. Get a life.

  155. Ann Stacy

    Tim Tebow is a Bible believing Christian. ALLl Bible believing Christians believe that homosexuality is immoral, perverse and a sin. Why is it wrong for him to speak in a place where other people who believe the same way he does will be. If you all embrace homosexuality that is fine. We, as Christians love homosexuals and know we have all sinned and fall short of His Glory. However, we do not think homosexuals will make it into heaven because it is a sin and an abomination before God. That is what the Bible says and that is what we believe. By the way neither do drunkards, or adulterers.

  156. Monty M Mullins Sr.

    Well as a born again christian noone should of spoke at that church because any sinner can be saved from any sin, that church is fron lit of hell to promote that junk.

  157. Chris Sloan

    Right on! We live in a society where there is no truth, but the greatest "sin" is saying someone is wrong.

  158. Ann Stacy

    Jesus spent time with publicans, sinners, and those who pretended to be religious. Jesus loves homosexuals, died on a Cross for them , just like He did me. A sinner who receives His awesome gift of eternal life. Jesus did not come to save the righteous but to bring the sinners to repentance. Homosexuals are sinners and all Christians desire to see them saved because that is what God desires. All would come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and none would perish.

  159. Ann Crawford

    That means that President Obama's presence at Rev. Wrights church shows he believe all the hate that he preached also. Oh I forgot it only counts when your a conservative. Everyone should have their right to believe what they believe. Get over it and be fair.

  160. Ann Stacy

    Liz amen girl. If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible then it is understood you do not agree with homosexual marriage or practice thereof. It is a sin. The same way drunkenness, or adultery is a sin…. It is ludicrous for anyone to "judge" Tim Tebow for speaking about what he has been telling us from the beginning. He is a Christian and that is why he does not beleive homosexuality is okay.

  161. Roger Cowell

    Everbody should read Leviticus 18:22. Just that one verse should clear up the matter of anti gay talk. Tim Tebow is entitlede to his beliefs just like everybody else is.

  162. Polly Gregory McDonald

    It's CHURCH. Hello, how many are not anti-gay in the eyes of the media? Initially, I thought, wow, what idiots these reporters are. But no, you're not. You're crafty and cunning, and you are out to make sure Tim Tebow and Christians in general get out of every business you're in. YOU are actually the bigots here.

  163. Brent Guillory

    The only good faggot is a dead 1 anyways.. I have my own opinion, just cause YOU don't like it or agree with it doesn't make me wrong! I do not agree with YOUR disgusting lifestyle, I am not wrong for having an opinion.. Ya it's 2013 alright, doesn't mean I have to give into what YOUR society THINKS is acceptable these days.. Don't push your flaming sick lifestyle on me & you won't have to hear my opinion..

  164. Brent Guillory

    I feel sorry for kids who are brought up by queers.. Daddy? Where is my Mommy? Look there HE is over there talking to Aunt Jack & Uncle Frank…. Sink The Pink NOT The Stink!

  165. Austin Wade Soulone

    Tim come out of the closet already, you think your hiding but dude we spotted your.

  166. Norma Petterson

    O.K. everybody – there is a very basic principle happening here and it is called freedom of religion and speech. Fight your fight on your turf and whatever turf you are allowed to fight on, but back off the name calling and presumptions that because a person is "anti-gay" they HATE Gays. That is not true in the Christian religion, not to say there aren't radicals out there in every, and I mean EVERY walk of life. We don't HATE the Gay person, we disagree with and do not believe in the actual concept of two persons of the same gender being together as lovers. There is a BIG difference. I have many, many gay friends and I love them to pieces. They are people I admire and count as true friends. But they all know how I feel and we just respect each other. When can we get to that level?

  167. Jim Aroyo

    Mike Dwyer, and I have the right to say First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas with the racist and bigot Jeffress is a pile of hypocrites.

  168. Jim Aroyo

    Liz Austin, the Bible is not our law. The day it becomes our law is the day this country should be nuked until totally destroyed.

  169. Jim Aroyo

    Shaky, the minister at that church is also a Muslim hater. Muslims have equal rights to their religious beliefs the same as Baptists.

  170. James Ashley Gonzales

    Hail to Her Majesty Madonna! God Save Madonna! Plus….. Jesus totally GAY!

  171. Anonymous

    Why is it wrong for Tim Tebow and the pastor at FBC Dallas to stand up for their beliefs, but it's ok for others to stand up in support of their beliefs, i.e. support homosexuality? As long as people support the liberal agenda it's ok but if you're against it, you have NO right stating your beliefs… Liberal people are such hypocrites!

  172. Elaine Melrose Allen

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco Christianity mean to strive to be "Christ-like". None of us will ever be perfect. We have taken God out of just about everything America stands for because everyone wants to do what they want to do. What they do in their own bedrooms is between them & God…don't force us to accept it. The Bible is our "tools" for life. If you don't like what is says, that's your agenda.

  173. Judy N. Disguise

    Maybe he doesn't want his "Grammar" to know how hateful he is, lol!

  174. Judy N. Disguise

    I am also pro-family, pro-marriage, and gay. . My partner of 23 years and our FAMILY members share this belief system.

  175. Sue Frederick

    I don't understand people saying there was no big deal about what Rev. Wright said (that the liberal media just brushed it aside). It was a huge deal, incredibly well known and publicized. Some wondered if it could cost Obama the election at the time.

  176. Sheldon Bryant Adkins

    I think the author of this story is inserting some false information. Most Evangelical churches are not anti-gay or anti-semitic. They are anti gay lifestyle. But not against the individual anymore than turning away an alcoholic or drug addict.

  177. Anonymous

    I don't know where some of these people go to church but where I am from if a church isn't ant-gay well then it's not church we will let the gays come to service and here the message of the lord but you cant be baptized by any means.

  178. Johnny Trujillo

    Amanda Chand thank you for being so judgmental. Keep showing us how Christians really are! I am a straight male that has gay friends and relatives. Stupid bible thumping hick. No wonder the rest of the World thinks of Americans as stupid. Keep feeding the stereotype.

  179. Johnny Trujillo

    If children aren't taught to accept and respect those that are different then you are making way for bullying. You need to get an education. You are so stupid.

  180. George Knoesel

    At what point can anyone have their own values? Hey Islam believes homosexuality is sinful to. Fuck You Peter Puffers. Men and woman usually procreate. You faggots do nothing but suck cock and sodomize, drink excessively, and offer nothing but sin and you are working to send us to rome and Greece. Homosexuality had a large part int the downfall of both of those society's.

  181. George Knoesel

    Go fuck yourself gavin. There's that typical faggot argument that we should all agree that being a faggot is ok. You probably support Muslim's like most left wing FAGGOT's do. Guess what they kill faggot's in Muslim country's. We don't have to agree with you and our life principles say it wrong. So you go burn in hell.
    You are fucking Piece of shit Gavin You faggot fuck I hope you die along with you liberal "argument" You offer nothing of benefit to society. Procreation is the only way our society continues to exist and You faggot fucking each other in the ass equates to nothing but AIDS and hemorrhoids

  182. George Knoesel

    Hey john you old faggot number one you have no literary skills. Number two You have no moral standing. Number 3 You are perverse. Tebow is in no way "perverse" for denying the end all and be all of the perversity of men sodomizing each other. Men and Women create life. Men and Men are sodomy, perversion and demon humans using God's given ability to create life to sodomize each other for the devil's profit

  183. Ian Elliott

    I personally find homosexuality distasteful, but I regard this as a limitation on my part. I dislike seeing men kissing, yet in other cultures, present and past, men have done so and not from homosexual inclinations. When the Roman legions were surrounded in Teutoburg forest by Arminius' Germans and knew they were doomed, they fell into each other's arms, kissing and weeping. Do you think these hairy old toughs of the XVII – XIX legions were all gay? If you can believe that, you can believe anything. So I regard my personal reactions to affection between men as a limitation imposed by my culture, which is extremely homophobic. Since I see it this way, I am inclined to be tolerant of homosexuality, so long as it publicly discreet (and that includes public displays of heterosexual love). As for the so-called Holy Bible, which proscribes gay love, if the faithful took the trouble to read that book carefully, they would discover that it prohibits a lot of things they do every day. It is a most unreliable guide to conduct.

  184. Ian Elliott

    The Bible says a lot of things, and if you investigate it closely, it is full of contradictions. Calling ir a 'Word' hides from this fact. It is a collection of documents written over a thousand years, brought together after many councils and controversies. It is routinely mistranslated to fit the religious beliefs of the customers. Gen.1:1, for instance, is regularly mistranslated, since the word translated 'God,' 'elohim', means the family of gods and goddesses headed by the Syrian god El. It included Yahweh, but also Asherah (originally Yahweh's wife) and Baal. Try studying the Bible as a scholar would instead of using it to weigh down your coffee table.

  185. Dana Glenn

    If Tebow is truly a Christian, he needs to be subscribing to the beliefs of Jesus Christ not Jeffress….I just want to say this…these people need to read the Bible that they worship…they are worshipping a book not Jesus Christ…Matthew 6: 27-37. According to Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21.."Tebowing" goes against these Christian teachings in the Christian part of the Bible….The New Testament….Tebow needs to learn to read and apply..and the Christian faith came from the Jewish faith…what do these neo-Christian, right wing, gun toting Republicans think Jesus Christ was an evangelical, gun toting, right winger like them? Get real… Christianity didn't truly exist until after the Resurrection….I am so sure Jesus was packing heat when he fed the masses, raised Lazarus from the dead, turned water into wine, etc etc..

  186. Anonymous

    The typical hatred that spews from Christians! They are really good at hating. They've been at it for a long time.

  187. Patricia Murphy Dunn

    It is amazing that this man has been labeled and judged so often. He is not afraid to be a man! Tim Tebow follows the path of his Lord and Savior. He is hated and reviled without just cause. Many of you would probably toast if he were crucified on times square. GOD help you. And… I would bet that if you were in harms way, he would be the first to lay down his life for you -without asking if you were day or liberal or proabortion. I'm not saying he is some super man but the CHRIST who lives in him IS!

  188. Linda Simmons

    If the KKK has the right to hold meeting and spew their beliefs and o one bothers them leave TIm Tebow the hell alone. He has a right to his beliefs and do I and can speak anywhere he da## well please. Is this America or WHAT And another thing how can someone say he is speaking at an ANIT- GAY CHRUCH–ALL CHURCHES/RELIGIONS DO NOT ACCEPT THE HOMO LIFESTYLE AS ACCEPTABLE TO GOD. So I guess they are talking about all churches as being ANIT-GAY. WHO DO THE GAY BULLIES THINK THEY ARE. GOD IS NOT RUBBER STAMPING PERVERSION. AND HE NEVER WILL.

  189. Dana Glenn

    Is divorce and adultery a part of "traditional" marriage? If it is, I am glad that I don't have the "right" to marry my partner in the state of NC…because Jesus actually speaks to divorce and adultery in the Book of Matthew chapter 6..for slow learners it is even printed in red ink which means these are Jesus' words as remembered by Matthew…as far as procreation..where does that leave childless heterosexual couple who either biologically cannot reproduce or choose not to…live and let live..I pay taxes, contribute positively to society, abide by laws, am a proud American and I am denied freedoms delineated in the Declaration of, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…I am written out of my state's constitution…REALLY?! A four letter word that should be used much more L-O-V-E.

  190. Linda Simmons

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco being a Christian IS ABOUT HATING THE SIN AND NOT THE PERSON. BUT WHEN WILL THE GAY COMMUNITY STOP ENGAGING IN THE SIN ??? Jesus can forgive ALL SINS and deliver you. But after you are forgiven JESUS SAYS GO AND SIN NO MORE !!!

  191. Anonymous

    If you believe what the bible teaches this filthy secular world will attack you to justify their evil agendas.
    Homosexuality is a perversion and an abomination. If you are gay, repent and turn away from the devil.

  192. Anonymous

    As a christian I like to point out to all my fellow believers out there that we all have sin in our lives. If you don't believe it read 1 john 1:8 It states: If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. I would say to you ALL SIN IS PERVERSE in GODS eyes. I notice in the christian community we have a tendency to judge some sin on a different level than others. Yes the bible says homosexuallity is wrong, but there a multitude of things we do that are sinful daily and never repent for them. And by the way why is it that so many people are attacking Tim Tebow anyway there is no one commenting on this site that even knows this guy, other than what the media has said about him. He has never said he hated anyone. By what I see he seems to be a nice guy. He may not be a good quarterback , but the NFL needs more good people in it.

  193. Joel Westlake

    Since he will not have a QB job this year, he needs to do something with his time. As a PR standpoint, this is not going to endear him to many prospective teams. Hate lingers on someone for a long time no matter what they say afterwards. If you are a team trying to find someone to fill seats, being labeled as a racist and condoning hatred by speaking at a church that condones it is not going to help his cause. If he is doing this to dispel rumors of it he is gay, there are better ways to do that.

  194. Anonymous

    Well, If you can talk at a anti-gay Church then that means that- you- can and will speak in a KKK rally..

  195. Greg Widdoes

    George Ennis you sir are seriously misguided and sound as though you are caught in the religious web rather than the true Christian belief that Jesus tried to teach while walking this earth

  196. James Robinson

    David Chase , why are WE bigoted and fearful because we disagree with you? Maybe YOU are the ones who are bigoted and fearful because you disagree with us. Disagreeing with another's belief is not bigoted, it is just another belief. It's called tolerance and diversity. However, it must be said that God was the first to Condemn gay practices and He is God and we are not.

  197. James Robinson

    David Chase , why are WE bigoted and fearful because we disagree with you? Maybe YOU are the ones who are bigoted and fearful because you disagree with us. Disagreeing with another's belief is not bigoted, it is just another belief. It's called tolerance and diversity. However, it must be said that God was the first to Condemn gay practices and He is God and we are not.

  198. Linda Simmons

    Obama when he was a senator stated he believed in Gay Marriage before he ran for President. He lied when he ran in 2008 and said he was a Christian and was against gay marriage. Now he is for it again. The truth be told OBAMA WAS ALWAYS FOR GAY MARRIAGE AND IS NOT A CHRISTIAN BUT A LIAR. Obama is rumored to have ties to the gay community in CHicago at a bathhouse. The reason we hear so much about GAYS IN JUST ABOUT EVERY SPEECH IS OBAMA I BELIEVE IS OUR FIRST GAY PRESIDENT. AND HE MAY BE IS A MUSLUM which I don't care but HE LIED AND SAID HE WAS CHRISTIAN. HE IS DEFINITELY NOT CHRISTIAN!

  199. Harold Williams

    David Chase lets tax the Queers and Lesbians. They are the ones with all these diseases and ruining our economy.Why don't they buy them a little island somewhere far far away and save the tax payers a whole lot of money.You have to be Queer to write the trash on here. I will help fund you if you want to move.

  200. Dana Glenn

    It cracks me up how homosexual orientation gets people so bunged up. Homo haters think that the only thing our lives consist of is a sex act. Being gay is much more than a sex act. It is who we are. It colors our whole life. Do you think I sit around and get all bunged up over your heterosexual relationships, your divorces, your drama, your children who are forever scarred by your divorces, custoday fights, and worse. The Investigation Discovery Channel wouldn't exist if it wasn't for hetero realtionships. Get a life and learn the book you worship. I don't care who you love..male or female…we are all humans. And those of you who proclaim Christianity so vehemently seem to be the most miserable. Go get a life and don't worry about mine. If it is a sin, that is my problem. You tend to your salvation and I'll tend to mine.

  201. Harold Williams

    Sara Woodie-Pacheco Are You you a Lesbian. Your words speak louder then your actions.Get right with God and leave the stink part of a woman to her husband.You remind me of Rosie.

  202. Dana Glenn

    Thank you Ian have a great understanding of the Bible.

  203. Steven Bailey

    George, do you follow each and every homosexual around? Do you personally know how much each of them sin? For that matter do you know how much each hetrosexual sins? Don't stereotype.

  204. Dana Glenn

    Man, you are scary. In balance with the universe? Really?! How many times do you straights get married, divorced, married, nauseum. Who is bothering you for being straight? I don't remember causing any chaos or confusion…no wait I know people like you…Gays caused 9/11, tsunamis, earthquakes…wow we are great muti-taskers…you give us way too much control over things including yourself..your hatred controls you…I on the other hand don't give a fig if you are straight…as a far as rights…you have them all…basic and advanced…the world is made for you…so go enjoy your belief system and I'll enjoy mine which includes such ancient ideas as integrity, love, loyalty, respect, honor, duty, hard work…going to enjoy my belief system right now…I'm taking my gay self to church :)

  205. Anonymous

    There isn't any Anti Gay Churches. There are simply Churches that quote from the Bible, Man was made to propagate with a Woman, that's one reason God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Tom. Stop the hate, I do not hate the homo sexual just do not condom their Life Style.

  206. Anonymous

    Where is the bible does it say God is against homosexuals? I don't care what anyone has to say, that is their right. Just like a gay person has the same rights to marry and be treated with respect and be judged as a person. It should be none of anyone business who marries who. Be good to each other and make the world a better place for all of us.

  207. Barry Altman

    Why is it only Christians r hypocrits? I guess that the rest of the world is good……

  208. Harry Rex Vonner

    Good for Tebow. All of this idiotic and destructive political correctness will destroy this country. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Khrushchev said that we would be destroyed from within. Apparently, he was referring to all these politically correct morons.

  209. Bonnie Friedman Wolloff

    Anyone who espouses anti gay, or anti Semitic views so publicly is looking for attention, and they getting it. Media whores. If you're not a media whore, keep your vitriol to yourself

  210. Lee Cook Zippy

    Funny how it is politically incorrect to be anti-gay but is politically correct to be anti-heterosexual. Anytime someone states that are not gay the media makes them anti-gay.

  211. Bonnie Friedman Wolloff

    Also,even though he speaks at other churches,,,,this is really giving him publicity, Isn't he looking for a job?

  212. Dana Glenn

    Way to go, Johnny Trujilo, I haven't seen too many of these "Christians" write anything about grace, redemption, absolution which is all over the Bible…they are brainwashed into listening to preachers instead of studying the book they thump and think for themselves. My own first cousin porn-watching, adulterer, Bible thumping Baptist that he is has never broke the spine on the Bible our grandmother gave us 35 years ago and he HATES my lesbian guts…all this "love the sinner; hate the sin" is BS…He HATES me…me personally…I love him as a cousin but I HATE what he does. Who is the bigger sinner?…not for me to judege…"love the sinner:hate the sin" is just opium for the masses…a quick catch phrase that these people can whip our like a switch blade.

  213. Anonymous

    He is right, God is Right, The Bible is Right, forget about the anti Gay, and focus on the Truth. Read Romans.

  214. Norman Dostal

    Becki-youre a cherry picking bible idiot-you shouldnt be talking in the presence of men-in the bible it states that is a sin-now shut up

  215. Odin Rossin

    jews are killing palestinians for no reason, and marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, and barack obama means lightening from heaven in hebrew, so yes judaism is evil, homosexuality is an abomination, and obama either is the anti-christ, or he's an agent for the anti-christ.

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