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Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie Breath Mints For Valentine’s Day

What do you give the girl who has everything? If your Brad Pitt, you give Angelina Jolie breath mints.

According to US Weekly, Pitt decided against flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day in order to get Jolie something special: breath mints.

But don’t call Pitt a cheapskate yet. The a-list actor didn’t get Jolie some regular ol’ Tic-Tacs. He got his wife some Eat Whatever mints. Apparently, because Jolie has terrible breath. Eat Whatever mints include a “swallow” mint and a mint to to suck on.

A source told the magazine

“It is sort of a joke — and not… He always teases her that she has bad breath… It’s a joke gift… he’ll also get her something more serious.”

Hopefully Pitt gave Jolie something a little more romantic for Valentine’s Day. After all, Jolie does have a habit of spoiling her husband.

The magazine notes that Jolie has given pit a six-figure diamond pendant (with a personal engraving), a $18,000 tree, a $1.6 million helicopter, and of course, his own waterfall. But you know, breath mints are romantic too.

Most Brangelina fans are hoping that Pitt gave Angelina a wedding ring for Valentine’s Day. Rumors about a wedding have been circulating for years but there’s still no wedding date set yet.