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Papal Secrets Revealed After Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

Papal Secrets Revealed After Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

Papal secrets have been revealed after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the pope is resigning on February 28 due to concerns over his health. Ash Wednesday was the last major public event that the pope will host, with a new pope being in charge by Easter.

Some of the papal secrets are fairly mundane. For example, Pope Benedict XVI hit his head during a visit to Mexico in March. The pope secretly had a pacemaker installed several years, and underwent a secret operation to replace its battery three months ago. But other papal secrets that the Vatican kept are a little more surprising.

The Vatican has been officially claiming that Pope Benedict XVI kept the decision to resign to himself, but another papal secret was the post-papacy lodgings which have been under construction for months. Papal secrecy is valued so greatly that John Paul II was never confirmed to have Parkinson’s disease until his death certificate was released, and the Vatican covered up the fact that Pope John Paul I’s dead body was discovered by a nun, leading to many papal secret conspiracy theories.

According to the Associated Press, John Thavis, author of “The Vatican Diaries,” an investigation into the workings of the Holy See, says that keeping papal secrets is the job of every employee of the Vatican:

“You have to understand that actually every Vatican employee and official takes an oath of secrecy when they assume their job. And this isn’t something that is taken lightly. They swear to keep secret any office matters and anything pertaining to the pope.”

Many Catholics angered by the Vatican keeping papal secrets over the Catholic priest sex scandals desire that the Church be more open and transparent. Bloomberg points out that “Benedict clones” dominate a large percentage of the 117 voting cardinals who will choose the next pope, so changes to how papal secrecy is handled might be unlikely.

Monsignor Robert Wister, a priest and professor of church history at Seton Hall University, points out that the leadership of the Catholic Church is skewed toward Europeans and Italians especially even though many of the 1.2 billion Catholics are from other parts of the world:

“The balance is terribly skewed, half are Europeans and that is much the least significant part of the church and one of the weakest. Naming that last group of five cardinals who were from developing countries was making up for what was a blunder.”

Do you think the Vatican should change how papal secrets are handled in the future?

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32 Responses to “Papal Secrets Revealed After Pope Benedict XVI Resigns”

  1. Anonymous

    This is probably the most secret secret the Vatican wishes it could perfect as a secret. try this to save hours: Remember to be guilty you need mens rea, and as this is all secret many will be felled as it is the work of man, but you will never hear the crash, it is too secret.

  2. Matthew de Lellis

    TIP of an enormous iceberg: there are things the Vatican knows that if exposed would change the course of mankind and the Christan faith forever. There are secrets known to Popes that the world does not really want to know, lest everything they think they know would come into question. The world is NOT as it seems: be careful what questions you ask : you may not like the answers.

  3. Mark Bruckner

    Wow….he had the batteries on his pacemaker "secretly changed?" My father had a pacemaker for 14 years and I wasn't privy to the need for battery changes until he was on his deathbed.

  4. Joe Smith

    Not a catholic, just interested in history and this is. I have to think he is a good man to know when it is time to quit. I would say it takes a big man to realize this.

  5. David Patrick

    More hate group nonsense. Read in the Daily Beast "Mean Men" a article from Newsweek. Abuse is the same in every institution, faith and walk of life. No higher in the Catholic Church. Also read from "Report: Protestant Church Insurers Handle 260 Sex Abuse Cases a Year".

  6. Shawna Marie

    Secrets are withholding information, which is a lie in its own sense. That completely contradicts what the Chruch is supposed to be about. If we get mad at our government for covering things up, we should be even more upset over the Church covering things up.

  7. Donald Hull

    The church continues to do itself in… Who cares about 'the secrets'? Just knowing the day to day operations is more than bizarre enough to destroy most of the laity. It's more a bank/business than a church, thanks to the hierarchy. Thank goodness they've lost most of their relevancy with todays world governments. If only every Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop and Abbot could/would RESIGN immediately and let God clean up the mess, pick up the remnants and start over. What we have now is nothing short of SHAMEFUL SALACIOUS SCANDAL endorsed by the hierarchy, no less…and, sadly, it seems that's just the 'tip of the iceberg'… Keep in mind, the 'devil' didn't do this, the hierarchy did.

  8. Frank James

    No changes will be made.It has be be like that cuz its part of the Plan.NWO don't you see? The next pope is the last Pope.He destroys Rome.Then the end of Religion. Eight Harbingers of Judgment has transpired. Are you blind deaf and dumb? The world as we know it is right around the corner.Then in 2015 during the first days of May it will become obvious to all.

  9. Natalia Mirksyaya

    I am guessing that's the LEAST of the secrets that the catholic church has. How about molestation cover ups? Those were guarded even better than pace makers. And god knows what those priests do with each other in monasteries. Catholicism is sick, no one cares about pope's non-secrets.

  10. Lori Sloan

    There isn't anything wrong about keeping secrets regarding the pope's health… ultimately that is his decision to make public. As for the sex scandal, that MUST be public because it effects the public. As for the rest, who cares? I am sure some day younger cardinals will have a more global view about where the pope should be from and we'll see it leave Europe for another continent and I think THAT will help the Church to grow and become stronger.

  11. Anonymous

    First, primary Data Protection is not unwarranted 'secrecy' – you would be furious (and rightly so) if your medical condition were spread wide and open by the doctor's secretary or cleaner; and, of course, all state officials still accept an Official Secrets Act aka Data Protection at the highest level in the UK as elsewhere. Second, the church is not a democracy – nor can it ever be; nor do its leaders represent a national/ pan-national assembly, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free.. even if all these do form its members – so the number of European Cardinals reflects only the dearth of suitable candidates for the role elsewhere (note well, England has no elective Cardinal, yet Scotland and Ireland do; this tells you about the standard available not national greatness). Third, and last, inquests into the working of so vast a charitable group tend to fail miserably because they do not understand the character of the body they address – the church is a charity not a business, and the Vatican a free state not a church HQ – so seeking out judgements from (and basing assessments on) disaffected or lax (even ex-) members of that body might be likened to making a cancer or sore tooth or sexual kink the defining factor of your own (well protected) medical history – that is, a waste of time and downright nonsense (but no doubt interesting to a prurient public).

  12. Catherine Miller

    Want to know about the papacy read 'Vicars of Christ'. That'll make your head spin. Ltereally.

  13. Kimberly Thibodeaux McBride

    Church secrets are nothing new. The pope is human and thereby imperfect. What infuriates me as a Catholic is the cover up by church leaders, including the Pope, of sexual abuse by priests. Of course, this is not limited to the Catholic church. Leaders of all faiths cover up scandals such as sexual abuse by its leaders, justifying this by saying that these atrocities would shake the faith of many. My faith does not rest on anyone human, and as much as we glorify the Pope, he is only human. However, those clergymen who abuse children should face the same punishments as anyone else, including incarceration. This secrecy will not end until the day that the people who put their trust in the leaders of any church are valued more than contributions and reputations.

  14. Maggie Wakefield

    I was brought up Catholic… but left the church because of all the hypocricy in it. The Vatican is "Big Business" pure and simple. The last thing they want to do is create any transparency. They would lose the rest of their members. In my opinion, that would not necessarily be a bad thing.

  15. Martha Armstrong Enriquez

    I don't believe there should be ANY secrets, after all, he is human, he is not God, his body will break down just like everybody else. In regards to the sex scandal, regarding the many priests, why keep it a secret? I believe everyone should be exposed, a priest is just like everybody else, a mere man.

  16. Shawna Marie

    If you communicate with the public, they will understand. To just up and leave, THEN have "secrets" exposed makes it look a lot worse than it is, and conspiracy theories kick in…, the Pope is stepping down because sexual assaults on children are coming to light, and the Pope's butler, exposing his involvement (The Vatican jailed this whistle-blower)

  17. Carol Walker

    God has commanded Christians to share the truth–not keep secrets. How could any Christian practice a religion based on lies, idol worship, the claim that the Pope can change god's law because of his power, can forgive sins, and hide secrets protecting both pediphiles and adluterous priests? It is not "the church". It is the Catholic church. Christians are in every church and have a relationship with Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit by submission of our will to Christ can become the true Christian with a heart and behavior examples to draw others toward God. No Pope, Priest, Minister or any human should come between the Christian believer and Christ. And no man can claim sinlessness as the Pope does.

  18. Bob Eichel

    That book is fiction. I know (knew) the author and while he did a great deal of research for it, it is still a work of fiction. (the author is deceased).

  19. Alexander Levi

    Then the conspiracy theories are lies and sins of others. It's better to just let everyone have their own business and not get wrapped up in everything. Be educated about things, but don't take them so personally.

  20. Armida Armstrong

    Secrets destroy lives. The Catholic Church and the pope are finally going to meet their master, the real master, the truth!

  21. Shawna Marie

    Well, now we know why Christianity is losing followers by the millions. Because people who are supposed to be selfless are being selfish.

  22. David Patrick

    I believe you are talking about the secrets of the United States government. I knew a bishop who worked in the Vatican for years. Sadly you would be disappointed to find they are not they are NOT as scandalous as the hate propaganda you're reading. People like you love smearing hate.

  23. David Patrick

    Child abuse is the same percentage in every organization, faith and walk of life. Plenty of facts to back that up!

  24. David Patrick

    Your comment is very transparent. Believing in propaganda without fact is the hypocrisy. I bet your not interested in the fact the church spends over 6 billion dollars a year caring for the sick needy all over the world. Find out what your closest city gets from Catholic Relief Services and how many people they care for. Who do care for daily? I bet you help no one.

  25. David Patrick

    Shawna Marie You better blow the whistle on your family church and job. Child abuse is the same percentage in every walk of life. No higher in the Catholic Church. Oh I see, you have reliable facts. Bet not. Read" Mean Men" in the daily beast. The article is from Newsweek.

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