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Iran’s Fake Stealth Plane Photoshopped Into Flight

fake stealth plane

When Iran unveiled its new stealth jet aviation experts were skeptical about the plane’s flying abilities. In order to quiet their critics, a picture was posted of the Qaher-313 in action. But it didn’t quiet the critics. It made them laugh. The photoshopped picture of Iran’s fake stealth plane has become an international internet joke.

According to the Daily Mail, the photo shows the plane in the exact position that it was in during its unveiling.

The Atlantic Wire notes that the snowy mountains in the background are the same mountains used in a stock photograph.

That’s pretty damaging evidence.

Iran may claim that their new jet is capable of soaring at high-speeds and evading radar but most critics believe that the jet is a fake and can’t even leave the ground.

Of course, the photo is merely proof of something that aviation experts already knew. The Qaher-313 is more of a model plane than an actual jet.

David Cenciotti, of The Aviationist blog, said that the Qaher-313 is “nothing more than a large mock-up model.”

What do you think? Here are some photos of Iran’s Fake stealth plane.

The fake plane at it’s unveiling …

fake stealth plane

… Plus snowy mountains …

fake stealth plane

…. equals fake stealth plane.

fake stealth plane

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37 Responses to “Iran’s Fake Stealth Plane Photoshopped Into Flight”

  1. Vee Miller

    What can you expect from a 12 century Theocracy? Persians couldn't engineer their way out of a bathtub, much less into the skies.

  2. Josh DeSotel

    Mega shocker even more shocking is the bad quality photoshop job…..Irans stealth fighter and N koreans having a nuke 1/3 the power of the bombs dropped on Japan equals to a lot of shit talk they cannot back up.

  3. Anonymous

    Photoshop? Looks to me like a 1960's transparency laid over a stock photo.

  4. Remy Lawrence

    Another example of how sensational our media has become. Iran never claimed to have successfully test flown this plane. This photoshop job was done by a staff member of one of their many semi-official news agencies as a sort of "artist rendering" of what one might look like in the sky. It obviously was a bad job, but why are we fabricating this story?

  5. Daniel Jason Prall

    I knew this when it was announced, even before the comparison mentioned in this article. How? There is one picture with the pilot seated in a cockpit with Ahmadinejad standing beside him. Not only did the pilot seem not to fit well in it ~ if you also look closely at the quality of the cockpit canopy, you will see quite severe blurriness and irregularities in the molding from the transparency of the plastic. Looks like it was homemade in a garage.

  6. Frank Reis

    well, when your used to subjects, rather than citizen's, you get complacent about how you take pictures and think the public won't know, like pelosi's women in congress picture and photo shop moment, but it didn't make the obamedia posts, wonder why??????????

  7. James Cinnamon

    Really. Did anyone outside of Iran believe it? No. And another thing is their pilots suck. If the plane was real, the Israel airforce can handle it.

  8. Jami Boulanger

    Next up, their stealth aircraft carrier, with a squadron of these stealth fighters on the deck…

  9. Tina Corso

    all of you missed the point! It will and still is evading radar they can't get it out of the basement! CAN YOU ALL SAY MORONS?

  10. Katie Mak

    Where is that story …I too hate when our "enemies", be they liberals, conservatives, blacks, Jews, N Koreans, or Iranians are mocked without justification. There are too many "news agencies" trying to fill up 24 hours a day with nothing …. and some people believing all of it. A lot of poor third world Jihadists are equally convinced the US has streets of gold and all men wear double six-shooters in side holsters because that's what they are told and never bother to ask for proof. World awareness sucks big time .

  11. Anonymous

    LOOK at the reflection of blue lights on the tail in the 'show room' photo.
    The lights are still there in the 'over the snowy mountains' of downtown Bagdhad.

  12. Lyn Noe

    They even forgot to photoshop out the reflective blue lights from the showroom is was sitting that shine on the tail assembly. Duh!

  13. Brett Boresow

    Those two numbers you used "#1" and "#2" to make the number "12" came from the aramaic numerals. The same persians that couldn't engineer their way out of a bathtub came up with the number system you use to mock them.

  14. Bryan Gummersheimer

    This is why you pay for a good graphic designer vs. the cheap guy.

  15. William Ferguson

    Iran has not learned a thing from Sadaam Huessein. He tried to make the world beleive he had weapons of mass destruction also. Look what it got him?

  16. Remy Lawrence

    There is no story, that's the point…no website claimed it was flown yet…Khouz News, which is a non-official news website for a particular province in Iran posted the photo…it would be similar to a blogger here posting a photo…maybe they were joking or trying to convince us that it could fly, but they certainly were not speaking for the Iranian government

  17. Anonymous

    All you need to do is look at the reflection of light from the hanger in the middle of the plane and the shadows from the horizontal stabilizer. The reflection is the same from the hanger lights and the shadow is exactly in the same spot.

  18. Vee Miller

    Brett – Even blind, deaf, stupid and backwards swine find truffles now and again. And that's most likely the LAST advancement the Persians will ever give to society as a whole. They are a pox on the world, on peace, on reason and humanity.

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