Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi defends video games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Defends Video Games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is doing something most politicians don’t. She’s defending video games.

Nancy Pelosi believes that better gun laws will prevent violence, not censorship of mainstream media.

In an era when politicians are using video games as scapegoats for real-world violence, it’s quite refreshing to see one actually defend them. On Fox News Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi firmly stood up for video games, saying that fantasy violence and its real-life counterpart are not connected as much as her Congressional counterparts seem to think.

Chris Wallace, a host of Fox News Sunday, interviewed Pelosi with some baited questions, claiming that there was already sufficient evidence to blame movies and video games on real life violence. He tried to convince Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to shame Hollywood into censoring the violent content they produce.

According to Escapist Magazine, Nancy Pelosi replied that she shared Wallace’s concerns but his solution was all wrong:

“I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother. But [the evidence] says that, in Japan, for example, they have the most violent games and the lowest death – mortality – from guns. I don’t know what the explanation is for that except they may have good gun laws.”

According to IGN, Nancy Pelosi adds:

“I think we have to do it all, and that’s why we included in there that we have to take a look at what these games are. I don’t think we should do anything anecdotally. We have a saying here, ‘the plural of anecdote is not data.’ So we want to know what is the evidence, what will really make a difference here? And I think it has to be comprehensive.”

Do you agree that Nancy Pelosi is right to defend video games instead of blaming them for real life violence?