Donkey meat

Your Burger Might Contain Donkey Meat, Too

If you recently ate a burger that tasted like “ass,” it might be because it contained donkey meat.

It’s not just horse meat that may have contaminated our burgers lately. MSN reports that millions of donkeys were sent to slaughterhouses thanks to a recent Romanian law that prohibits them from roads. The meat was sent to French-0wned factories and turned into frozen meals. All of those boxes were labelled as “beef” and were discovered in Britain, France, and Sweden.

The horse meat pandemic was largely seen as a British problem, but French politicians and newspapers took the matter seriously and did a bit of digging over the weekend. They’re discovering that the French meat processing factory in question may have been aware of the fraud, and French consumer minister Benoît Hamon said that he won’t hesitate to take legal action if this is discovered to be true.

Meanwhile, legal action in the horse meat scandal is ramping up in Europe, with Environment Secretary Owen Paterson describing the contamination of beef products with horse and donkey meat as fraud against the public, according to Independent UK.

Paterson called the horse meat scandal “extensive” across Europe but said that he won’t call for a ban on meat imports. He said that the Food Standards Agency cleared all products as safe for consumption.

“This is a case of fraud and a conspiracy against the public, this is a criminal action, substituting one material for another,” he said.

Silly question, I know, but I have to ask. Would you eat a donkey burger?