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Lil Wayne Ejected From Heat Game After Threatening Fan [Report]

Lil Wayne Kicked Out Of Knicks Game

Lil Wayne was ejected this weekend from a Miami Heat game after he made a threatening gun gesture at a fan.


The controversy started when Lil Wayne posted a message on Twitter that he was ejected from the Miami Heat game because he was rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wayne wrote: “So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow!”

But there may be a few details missing from the musician’s account of the incident.

According to Miami Heat fan Danny Vega, Lil Wayne was ejected after he made a gun gesture at another fan.

Vega writes on Twitter: “Random guy yelled at Lil Wayne at #MiamiHEAT game. Weezy looked back, gave him a mean stare & gestured he had a gun … Weezy just got into argument with security at the #MiamiHEAT game. He got kicked out for gun gesture.”

Vega’s report hasn’t been verified but it makes more sense than Wayne’s version.

Do you think Lil Wayne was ejected from the game for rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers? Or because he made a gun gesture at another fan?

Or maybe none of the above? The Miami Heat released a statement saying that Wayne was not kicked out of the stadium. Instead, the team says that Weezy chose to leave the game on his own.

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43 Responses to “Lil Wayne Ejected From Heat Game After Threatening Fan [Report]”

  1. Linden Ever

    I agree with Robert LeClair, and may I add that Mr. Wayne's English is atrocious. I'd kick him out just for talking like "dat."

  2. Ken Herring

    Him and Chris Brown should be locked up in the same cell. Pure trash.

  3. Crystal Gail Walker

    Maybe they should eject him from earth back to his home planet. He looks like an alien.

  4. Anthony Schartner

    Nah if they were still around lil wayne would be smoking a blunt with them

  5. Anthony Schartner

    Nah he doesn't deserve jail because he's a hero of some sort because obama praised him during one of his interviews

  6. Anthony Schartner

    Noo, you wouldn't kick him because then you'd be in jail for battery

  7. Anthony Schartner

    I know gay and lil wayne doesn't come close to being gay and you can ask birdman about it and he'll tell you that he's not gay

  8. Anthony Schartner

    He's not trash at all because he's a young man that became someone when he was young by living his dreams and becoming a music artist

  9. Anthony Schartner

    He's not trash because he's still one of us even though he has alot of fame

  10. Anthony Schartner

    but this is real news because lil wayne is one of the nicest person's you could possibly ever meet

  11. Anthony Schartner

    not a waste of oxygen ! no human is that and doesn't deserve to be called that because it's offensive and rude and just judging someone when you don't even know them nor the life that they lived

  12. Anthony Schartner

    He's not a punk but a true talent that deserves everything nice

  13. Anthony Schartner

    quit being judgmental of him because you don't even know him

  14. Anthony Schartner

    He's not an alien but someone that should run for president because he'd then have my vote

  15. Rob Davis

    really dude, that's how u insult miami, the city u now live in. take your ass 2 LA. cause u wearin out your welcome. have your rolly royce along side rick ross when we catch your ass.

  16. Ty Garbutt Woods

    Unfortunately, I have to follow the "character" of the man in question and well…Lil Wayne is not necessarily the bible salesman looking guy. So I believe he did point his finger like a gun at the #MiamiHeat game. I would've been scared too! I'm glad he was kicked out! He LOOKS scary! #messagetothekids #perceptioniseverything

  17. Anthony Schartner

    I don't care if you think my comments are funny or not but please respect them because if you can't respect my comments then I don't respect your comments

  18. Anthony Schartner

    Lil Wayne doesn't even look scary but if he looks scary to you then you must be a Liberal

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