Florida Man

‘Florida Man’ Twitter Account Follows The World’s Worst Superhero

Read online news for any length of time and you’ll notice a shocking trend: the term “Florida man” is used quite frequently in connection with a lot of bizarre crimes.

Inspired by a photo on Reddit which described this so-called “Florida Man” as a terrible superhero, the Twitter account @_FloridaMan man was soon born. Using authentic headlines involving real Florida men, the account chronicles the misadventures of the world’s worst crime fighter.

Whoever runs the account simply aggregates Florida-related crime stories involving male criminals. The result: an endless stream of pitch black comedy that chronicles the failed endeavors of misguided superhero. Depending on your sense of humor, it’s kind of genius.

Although you might think Florida Man would have a limited number of articles to share, the account has posted no less than four articles in the past 24 hours. Apparently there’s a wealth of material up for grabs.

Included in the recent batch of headlines are “Florida Man Jailed After Waiving Handcuffs and Sex Toy at Convenience Store Customers,” “Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire at Taco Bell,” and “Florida Man with Sex Toy in His Rectum Arrested for Rear-Ending Another Vehicle.”

Even The Inquisitr has contributed to the endless saga of Florida Man. A quick search through the site on Google revealed a number of the superhero’s “adventures.” The exploits chronicled on this website include “Florida Man Shoots Himself in Crotch with Flare Gun” and “Florida Man Arrested For Having Sex With Miniature Donkey.”

Once you associated the term “Florida man” with the world’s worst superhero, it’s hard to reverse the process. Anytime you stumble across yet another Florida story about a man doing something terrible, the image of a lowly crime fighter immediately springs to mind.

Florida Man even has his own unique disguise. The image has been included below.

Florida Man Twitter

What do you think about Florida Man? Is the joke funny or just mean-spirited?