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Teacher Pours Pencil Shavings Down Student’s Throat, Isn’t Fired

Teacher pours pencil shavings down student's throat

Arlington, TX – Apparently, pouring pencil shavings down a student’s throat as a “disciplinary measure” can’t get you fired in Texas.

At Boles Junior High School, a teacher allegedly found 13-year-old Marquis Jay in class with his head tilted back, mouth open. So she naturally poured pencil shavings down his throat, reports MSN.

“Teacher came over and poured the pencil shavings in my mouth,” Jay said. His mother, Diedre Brown, is furious.

“I wanted to cry because it was like how could she do that,” says Brown. “What kind of message is it sending to the kids? She is supposed to be the teacher – the adult.”

Marquis says the teacher was merely stopping by to help his classroom instructor and wasn’t assigned to the class. Though the teacher has been suspended, Brown wants her fired, reports CBS.

“This incident is unacceptable and was immediately and fully investigated by the AISD when it occurred almost a month ago. The district took appropriate disciplinary action,” said Director of Communications with Arlington ISD Amy Casas. “The school has been in constant communication with the student’s mother about this incident and other matters. At no time has mom expressed any concerns about the manner in which this situation was handled to the school or the district.”

Still, Brown doesn’t believe any teacher who pours pencil shavings down a student’s throat is fit for the classroom.

“I don’t even think she should be teaching if she can’t have the patience to not know that’s not something she is not supposed to do,” says Brown.

Marquis said that the teacher is now back and did apologize to him. “She said sorry for what happened. She wasn’t thinking right.”

What do you think should happen to the teacher who poured pencil shavings down her student’s throat? Should she be fired?

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7 Responses to “Teacher Pours Pencil Shavings Down Student’s Throat, Isn’t Fired”

  1. Louise Greer

    Heck yeah , she should be fired, I am surprised that she is back to work. What if she isn't thinking straight again and again. This person obviously has a dark side and mentally unstable if she has moments of not thinking straight. Parents get held on abuse charges for doing such things at home, Why should a teacher that knows the boundaries get away with this. If that was my child I would have poured shavings down the teachers throat, and said oops what was I thinking, today I am just not thinking straight. my bad, won't happen again promise.

  2. Scott Roberts

    Wake Up kid, and PAY ATTENTION! Why do you think you do so lousy in school! Teacher shouldn't have used the old trick- but the kid shouldn't be sleeping in class!

  3. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Can't the mother charge her for endangering a child?

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