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Justin Bieber Gives Shirtless Apology On Twitter [Video]

Justin Bieber issued a shirtless apology on Twitter last night after he failed to deliver on a Livestream video.

The pop singer tried to upload a video of his new song last night but Bieber ran into a few problems.

The pop singer said that his fans were overpopulating the site and causing it to crash. According to the Social News Daily, the singer is also currently on vacation and doesn’t have the fastest internet connection.

In Bieber’s video apology, the singer says:

“I’m sorry that my Ustream didn’t work but I’m going to do a video right now so you guys can hear some new music… I wish that I had fast internet so I could put it on livestream but it’s just not working. And my fans are just overpopulating the site so I don’t think it’s going to work.”

The apology ends with Bieber listening to a clip of his new song. He lip syncs, nods his head, and eventually he’s joined by his little brother and sister on the couch.

Bieber fans may have been a little disappointed that the Livestream video didn’t work out but they were pretty pleased with Bieber’s apology.

Here’s the video.

The singer also posted a clip of his new song on SoundCloud.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? What did you think of his apology?