The Walking Dead season 3

Walking Dead: Expect More Main Characters To Die In Season 3

The Walking Dead resumes season three just a few hours from now, and that means that a ton of main characters are going to die sometime between now and the end of the prison chapter. has their money on five characters who could get the axe (or the machete) in the second half of season three. The list includes: Season three newcomer Axel, who has never had much purpose on the show and is now the last surviving prisoner; Carol, who was almost killed in T-Dog’s place, according to Greg Nicotero; Baby Judith, who all the writers wanted to kill except exiting showrunner Glen Mazzara; Andrea, who’s a bit unpopular with audiences right now; and Glenn, because (spoiler) they’ve killed him in the comics already.

We all know by now that the comic books have little-to-no bearing on the plot of the TV series, and provide more of a framework than anything else.

But more character deaths coming in season three is an idea that makes sense, especially since the debut of Tyreese and company. As The Examiner points out, “it almost feels as if The Walking Dead creators are replenishing Rick’s group of survivors.”

So who will it be?

It’s hard to say for sure anymore who will live and die. The way The Walking Dead kills off characters seems as random and cruel at times as real life can be. Conversely, they build up the mid-season and season finales as huge, potentially game-changing episodes with major character deaths, and only end up writing off characters like Oscar or Jimmy (whose names I only know from looking them up on Wikipedia just now).

Sure, occasionally they kill off a Sophia, a T-Dog, a Dale, or a Shane, but these deaths happen at the front of a season or close to the end (but not the end) so maybe we should expect someone to die tonight.

Who do you will die in The Walking Dead as season three resumes?