Justin Bieber and "Lauren" Michaels

Justin Bieber Thanks SNL’s ‘Lauren’ Michaels On Instagram

Come on, Justin Bieber! You’re standing with Lorne Michaels, not “Lauren” Michaels. Fix the spel … oh, never mind. You put it on Instagram and now it has gone viral.

I can’t tell if Justin Bieber is too busy to pay attention, too famous, or if he just doesn’t care, but he definitely kicked TV icon Lorne Michaels down a few pegs on Instagram. The legendary Saturday Night Live creator posed for a picture with the Biebs, which was then put on the Canadian pop star’s Instagram, with the caption: “Watch me on snl tomorrow night thank u Lauren ur the man.”

This is just the latest in a veritable spree of strange Bieber behavior, which has most recently included: Allegedly groping a fan’s breast, dressing like white trash to meet the Canadian prime minister, and mooning Instagram. Let’s be fair though, Bieber does some pretty cool things too, like buying cold fans a pizza, taking good care of his mom, and treating cancer-stricken young fans like royalty.

But stuff like this is hard to look past, since it’s kind of disrespectful. Sadder still, most of Bieber’s slobbering fan base don’t seem to really notice.

“Ow that’s so adorable Justin I love u do u love me Justin,” wrote one. “Onggggggg immmm sooooo excited did to see you,” writes another. Pretty much no one knows who Lorne Michaels is.

Maybe he’ll make a mea culpa or work it in as a gag tonight on Saturday Night Live.He does usually have a pretty good sense of humor about himself.