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Accused Killer Chris Dorner Called ‘Hero’ On Twitter, ‘Dark Knight’ On Facebook

Christopher Dorner called a hero

Supporters of Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer turned “cop killer,” have come out in droves on social media, setting up Facebook fan pages and calling him a “hero” on Twitter for his nine-page manifesto regarding racism and corruption in the LAPD.

Eerily overlapping with the habits of James Holmes’ minor fanbase, Dorner’s supporters are calling the alleged murderer a “Dark Knight,” with one Facebook page borrowing a line from the 2008 film The Dark Knight:”[He’s] the hero LA deserves, but not the one it needs right now … He’s a silent guardian, watchful protector against corruption, he’s our Dark Knight.”

Dorner, for his part, has declared “war” on the LAPD, killing three individuals and wounding two others with sniper fire thus far, reports MSN. The former Navy reservist is still on the run, and most Americans are horrified by his alleged crime spree.

Dorner’s supporters are also somewhat different than those of Aurora shooter James Holmes. While the “Holmies” exhibit a disturbing fascination with the killer himself, those in Dorner’s corner are more concerned with the social and political issues that the accused killer is critical of in his manifesto, reports The Huffington Post.

His supporter’s contend that the media should turn their attention to police brutality and corruption instead of the manhunt for Dorner.

You can visit the Dorner Facebook fanpage discussed above here, or check out some supportive tweets about him below:

What do you think of Christopher Dorner? Hero, or villain?

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16 Responses to “Accused Killer Chris Dorner Called ‘Hero’ On Twitter, ‘Dark Knight’ On Facebook”

  1. LetMe Be TheReason will stay up to date with all news on the task force, manhunt, as well as the inevitable capture or death of Christopher Dorner.

  2. Alphonzo Yates

    in the mid 90 s I witnessed a lapd officer fire his weapon at a young man he said was armed, and I witnessed that the young hispanic man was not armed, and the officer was cleared.there were several other witnesses.

  3. Sabrina Macaloney

    I don't think Chris is a mad man or crazy. I just think he's pissed. Eventhough the lapd wants to shoot first ask no questions later then have the media twist facts and paint the picture that they he was deranged and suffered a mental illness. Fact is the u.s. Has never changed in a hundred years. There will always be lies and curoption. Cops killing the innocent. Look at the women they just shot. The lapd must know by now they just Fucked up that's why their. Giving them a new truck. But if you ssked me feel they better be suing for more then just a fucking truck. The officers should also be charge with attempt of murder. Its time the law takes responsibility for their actions. So when they find him they better treat right since so far its ok for the lapd to shoot two women and their truck. But he can't stand up for all of us little people that r getting the
    shaft. Isn't that what he wants. And isn't that what he's trained for. I'm Canadian and this shit doesn't happen here.

  4. Mary Alexander

    It has nothing to do with him being black. I just see him being a police of the police. if you have never been harassed by a cop then you may truly never understand

  5. Alec Nava

    That shit right there is exactly why he's doing this. RACISM!!! And don't say it isn't.

  6. Scott Wood

    It is not rascism on my part, maybe yours. Be honest, if he was white would you have cheered him on like you have?…Didn't think so. I have been harrased by a cop more than once, and he was usually hispanic or white. Pissed me off but, i didn't think for once i would kill him or his family! come on get ahold of yourself and think things thru. If a cop is bad they will get theirs one way or another by losing their job or possibly(hopefullu) changing their ways.

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