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Bruce Springsteen: ‘Freaky’ To Be Honored At Grammy Tribute

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen feels it’s “freaky” that he was the guest of honor at a star-studded, pre-Grammy tribute — as the beloved “Boss” was toasted by his fellow celebrities as MusiCares Person of the Year ahead of the big awards night.

Springsteen said it was “freaky” to be honored in such a way, but put the fete in some doubtlessly Jersey-like terms as he described the weirdness. Wrapping up remarks he made as luminaries like Jon Stewart, Elton John, Neil Young, Sting, Kenny Chesney, John Legend, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Patti Smith, and Jackson Browne, Springsteen wrapped up his remarks to the crowd by gushing:

“It’s kind of a freaky experience, the whole thing … This is the huge Italian wedding [wife] Patti [Scialfa] and I never had. It’s a huge Bar Mitzvah. I owe each and every one of you. You made me feel like the person of the year. Now give me that damn guitar.”

Before Springsteen said it was freaky, he did admit:

“John Legend made me sound like Gershwin …I love that. Neil Young made me sound like the Sex Pistols. I love that. What an evening.”

Long-time admitted Springsteen fan (and the man who brokered peace between fellow Boss fan, Jersey boy and eternally rebuffed host Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy) Jon Stewart even made a crack at Bruce’s modesty, joking:

“Here’s a little secret about Bruce Springsteen: He loves this … There’s nothing he’d rather do than come to Los Angeles, put on a suit … and then have people talking about him like he’s dead.”

After the “freaky” honors, MusiCares Person Of The Year Springsteen played a brief set — calling all performers onto the stage for a performance of his hit “Glory Days.”