Diane Kruger Plays The Seeker In New Film The Host

Diane Kruger Gets Her Alien On: ‘The Seeker’ Featurette And Poster From ‘The Host’

With less than two months to the release of The Host, a new featurette starring one of the film’s key characters Diane Kruger as The Seeker has been released.

In a story adapted from Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer’s novel of the same, The Host tells the story of an alien race of ‘souls’ who have taken over the Earth by overshadowing the human race and residing in their ‘hosts’ bodies. In the minds of the aliens the process and purpose is a benevolent one. But some humans struggle.

Those that do come to attention of Kruger, who plays The Seeker. It is her job to seek out what’s left of the human resistance and make sure they surrender.

Playing somewhat against type (Troy, National Treasure), from the look of the the brief clip, Kruger brings icy power to her Seeker role. Described by Meyer in a cut-away moment as “pleasantly terrifying,” there’s no way to better that.

Also featured in the clip is Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, Byzantium, Atonement), who plays Melanie Stryder — a human host to a ‘soul’ called Wanderer.

However, Melanie refuses to go quietly and resists the alien presence in her mind and body. Enter The Seeker, who attempts to help the Wanderer exert total dominance over Melanie.

Diane Kruger Plays The Seeker In New Film "The Host "