Sue Diamond Bought Her Clifftop House Without A Survey Or Seeing It, It Is Now A Ruin After Landslides

Disabled Woman Faces Ruin After Buying A House Sight Unseen Which Is Now Collapsing

A retired, disabled police officer who bought a house at auction by telephone, is facing financial ruin after the house was hit by a landslide just eight days later and is now collapsing.

Sue Diamond, who suffers from dyslexia, impaired hearing, and restricted mobility, bought the clifftop house in February 2010 for £154,500 ($244,311) without seeing the house or having it surveyed.

The six-bedroom house lies just yards from the edge of Oddicombe Cliffs in Torquay, Devon, and is located in the South West of England.

A picturesque area with tremendous views of the sea and natural beauty Torquay is famous for, on paper it must have looked like the perfect place to see out a retirement.

But disaster was to strike just eight days after the auction. The first of a series of natural landslides first dragged the house’s garden down the clifftop into the sea below, then gradually turned the property’s foundation into crumble.

Since the first landslide, Ms. Diamond has been mired in legal action against Matthew Taylor, the builder she bought the property from, the Daily Mail reports.

Woman Who Bought House By Telephone Without Seeing It, Is Now Facing Ruin After House Collapses.