utah convenience store robbery

Gun Owner Tells Knife-Wielding Robber To Just Drop His Knife And Run Away

Millcreek, UT – A gun-owning convenience store owner told a would-be robber to just drop his knife and go. The man with criminal intent left the store without any money and perhaps a little less dignity. When the robber flashed his knife and told Ahmed Nazir to open the register, the store owner simply said “no” and drew his handgun.

The robbery suspect has been identified as a 28-year-old Mexican national, according to The Blaze. Luis Guiterrez is accused of entering the Tesoro convenience store just before noon on Monday. Nazir had this to say about the need to pull his .45 caliber handgun from behind the counter:

“He just walked all the way over here, pulled out his knife and said, ‘Hey, open the register and give me your money.’ I thought, wow. No … I’m not going to do that. I pulled out my gun and I said, “Just leave your knife her and leave the store.”

The would-be robber apparently decided that Nazir meant what he said, and fled the scene – after dropping his knife on the counter. The Utah convenience store owner quickly called the police and reported the incident.

Gonzales was picked up quickly at a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, KSL-TV reports. He was arrested on one count of aggravated robbery. Ahmed Nazir keeps the gun handy for personal protection.

During the five years he has owned the convenience store and gas station, this is the first time he has had to pull his weapon. The Tesoro convenience store owner noted he pulled his gun with discretion, but made sure to let the knife-wielding man know that a gun was pointed in his direction.

Do you think carrying a gun enhances personal safety?

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