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James Cromwell Arrested For Protesting Cat Torture On UW-Madison Campus

Cat Torture

Babe actor James Cromwell, 73, was arrested on Thursday morning while protesting the torture of cats on the University of Wisconsin campus. Also arrested with Cromwell was PETA spokesman Jeremy Beckham.

Cromwell and Beckham burst into a board meeting at UW-Madison to protest the use of cats for scientific purposes.

On its website, PETA posted the protest video along with the picture of a cat being tortured (pictured above). The photo shows a cat with metal implanted in its head; that image was used at the protest.

According to PETA, UW-Madison starves, deafens, and decapitates at least 30 cats annually. The cats are tortured and killed in the name of brain research for the hearing impaired.

UW-Madison board members deny that the university in any way tortures cats in the name of research.

As he protested, James Cromwell could be heard shouting:

“This is not science. This is cruel!”

After the men burst into the board room, the university’s regents simply ignored the protesters until police arrived to arrest them. The board of directors immediately continued on with their meeting after the men were hauled away in handcuffs.

Cromwell and Beckham are expected to face disorderly conduct charges.

The director of the UW–Madison Research Animal Resources Center offered the following statement:

“Today’s events are just another attempt by outside activists to draw attention to a cause. They have attacked and distorted this research — which has very real benefits for people who are deaf — from every angle imaginable.”

He added:

“Exhaustive independent investigation by the USDA, which regulates the use of animals in research, concluded that PETA’s allegations are baseless.”

No further details have been provided at this time.

James Cromwell PETA protest

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11 Responses to “James Cromwell Arrested For Protesting Cat Torture On UW-Madison Campus”

  1. Toni Griffith

    Let the world investigate this injustice! Universities should NOT use animals in experiments at all! They use these experiments as a ruse to think that these experiments benefit society as a whole! It doesn't! They just create more medicines that do more harm than good. When they do create a medicine you will then hear about it on TV that this medicine now causes cancer then asks you to be a part of a collective lawsuit! Sometimes you cannot cure everything in life, sometimes life as in nature the weak sometimes die. Which is the cycle of life! But to call experiments on unwilling animals as your god givin right as research or study you are wrong! You people in the medical field should know this and if you want to test, test on humans that want to be tested on. NOT ANIMALS who have no say in the matter! Remember karma. What goes around comes around! You use experiments on animals, create medicines from that experiment, next that medicaine causes cancer back in humans! Whether you like to think about it or not what goes around comes around. Please test on willing humans only! When you pass you are held responsible for what you do and your spirit will be held accountable!

  2. Elizabeth Oatman

    This is disgusting! Research or not! You put machinery into a cat's skull and you think that's morally okay! That's extremely screwed up!

  3. Kim Goldstein

    Now the cat can get satellite radio….at least for a short time.

  4. Mike Hanns

    I read somewhere that PETAs claims have been proven to be false, which doesn't suprise me. They only do this crap to get attention for themselves. I hope one of these places sue them for slander! Maybe that will shut them up!

  5. Merrie Voigt

    Mr. Hanns it appears you've never taken any science courses above 102. When I was in college we killed a frog, cat and a dog. The frog no big deal. The cat, to look at his muscles and the beautiful golden retriever, we gave him different medications to speed up his heart until he finally died a painful death. This wasn't even research and when the professors described what we were going to due we couldn't even object without getting an "f" in the class.

  6. Vanessa Powers

    Merrie Voigt Disturbing…..You were made to kill a dog and cat for school and threatened with an F…..I would cry and leave and drop the course….

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