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Bystanders Shot By Police During Manhunt For Christopher Dorner

Police Shoot Bystanders Los Angeles

At least two bystanders were shot by police officers in the search for suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner.

Dorner is a former cop who is suspected of murdering three people and shooting several more. He posted a manifesto online, detailing his fight against the LAPD.

The Huffington Post reports that officers with both the Los Angeles and Torrance police departments were responsible for shooting the innocent bystanders.

The shootings took place on Thursday morning when two different vehicles were spotted that matched the description of Dorner’s getaway car.

The first incident occurred at 5:20 am when LAPD officers shot two people who had not connection to Dorner. The second incident happened just 25 minutes later when Torrance police shot at a similar vehicle. No injuries were reported.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck spoke during a press conference on Thursday morning. He acknowledged that police shot innocent bystanders during the manhunt. Beck stated:

“One has a minor gunshot wound and is in the process of being released. The second person is in stable condition, with two gunshot wounds. Tragically, we believe this was a case of mistaken identity by the officers.”

The Los Angeles Times notes that Torrance police Lieutenant Devin Chase added, “Now it appears neither of them are directly related. In both of them, officers believe they were at the time.”

The California Highway Patrol has issued a “blue alert” for nine Southern California counties. Dorner is believed to be driving a 2005 blue or gray Nissan Titan with a California license plate. The officers targeted in Dorner’s manifesto are currently under security protection.

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8 Responses to “Bystanders Shot By Police During Manhunt For Christopher Dorner”

  1. Patrick Boone

    It is in no way he fault of the police offences involved or the procedures of the police departments involved. That would only be the case had they shot at high profile civilians or higher ranking police offences. No one should ever think corruption of LAPD or higher r ranking police officers committing crimes could have in any way led to this situation occurring in the first place. It is not as if any corruption a all in the history of the human race needed to be fixed. Something tells me LAPD is going to look into their policies after this on. It has hot too close to the homes of those that make the decisions. Justice is a funny thing.

  2. Anonymous

    They want to take guns away from the American public, but any thug with a badge can shoot at will.

  3. Laura 'Jean' Young

    so they shoot first and ask questions later? of course they do, because LEO's think they are above the law, above the common people. Folks are sick of this mentality. Your just people, you were sworn to uphold the law, and that includes that someone is innocent until proven guilty in a COURT of law, not on the street..sick puckers.

  4. Christy Ward

    The cops that shot the innocent bystanders should go to jail themselves. Being a cop should not get you extra rights. There needs to be major repercussions.

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