Komodo Dragon

Two Hurt In Komodo Dragon Attack

Two men have been hurt after they were attacked by a komodo dragon in an eastern Indonesian wildlife park.

These individuals worked for the park and were injured after the seven foot long lizard attacked one of the park rangers in his own office before then turning on another employee who looked to help his friend.

Ahmad Main was working alone on Rinca Island in the East Nusa Tenggara province of the country when the lizard pounced. The 50-year-old then jumped onto a chair and pleaded for help, but he was still bitten by the animal.

Usma Li, a 35-year-old official, came into the room and looked to assist Main, pulling him off Ahmad but he then received a bite to his left leg for his troubles. Other employees then were able to chase away the lizard.

It is thought that they have both received serious leg wounds and have received just over 40 stitches each for their wounds in Sanglah hospital in Bali.

It has also been revealed that Ahmad was bitten by a crocodile in 2009.

Komodo dragons are known to inhabit the Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar islands of Indonesia and are the largest species of lizard to be found in the region.

They possess razor-sharp teeth and a poisonous bite that can cause paralysis, and the animals have been known to attack and eat human beings in the past. But they are still endangered in the wild, and it is thought that as little as 4,000 of the creatures are believed to be alive.