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Frank Ocean Threatened With Shooting By Chris Brown During Spat

Frank Ocean was threatened by Chris Brown during last month’s altercation between the pair, and it seems that, in addition to a homophobic slur, Brown also made a violent overture about shooting during the spat.

As new information comes out, we’ve learned that Frank Ocean was threatened by Chris Brown, who is said to have used common street slang that may reference gun violence. According to the Los Angeles Times, Brown will likely fulfill a common pattern of escaping legal consequences for threatening Ocean but still face social stigma, if their assessment is any indication:

“Furthermore, Ocean reported that during the fight, Brown said, ‘We can bust on you too,’ which is common street parlance for threatening to shoot him … Ocean has said he won’t pursue charges and has forgiven Brown (though in a more existential fashion than a personal one), and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has said it plans to close the case. But these new alleged details make the story even more disheartening.”

The paper notes that, while Frank Ocean was allegedly threatened by Brown and that Brown will likely not be punished, the re-emergence of his long-past case involving Rihanna may still be causing the singer grief.

As we reported yesterday, Brown has been called on the carpet to answer for what courts have deemed “at best sloppy documentation and at worst fraudulent reporting” in the records of his court-mandated community service in the case.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Reportedly Get Into It At Westlake Recording Studio in California

Also, the fact that Chris Brown allegedly threatened Frank Ocean may be considered in a decision on the former’s probation in the Rihanna case, another indirect consequence for his role in the kerfuffle.