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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio A Victim Of Credit Card Theft

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, notoriously known for his firm handling of criminals, has apparently become the victim of credit card theft.

The sheriff is now experiencing a personal brush with crime after unauthorized charges appeared on his Discover credit card. Considered by some to be one of the nation’s toughest law enforcement officials, Arpaio has garnered national attention for his hard-nosed stance against illegal immigration.

An article by The Daily Mail writes that Arpaio’s credit card information was used to make a fraudulent purchase last weekend. The $291 charge was incurred at a grocery store in Chicago, according to officials.

The 80-year-old sheriff claims that he has not visited Chicago in more than 50 years and in no way authorized the use of his Discover card. He became aware of the theft when he was contacted by the credit card company, which warned him of possible illegal activity.

Arpaio is unsure how criminals were able to obtain his card information:

“I’m sure I didn’t make the purchase so it could’ve been done by, what do you call it, skimmers making copies, or through the internet, many different ways. I don’t think I’m the only victim around, there’s many, many more I presume.”

According to a CBS News report, Sheriff Joe Arpaio seems to be taking the unfortunate thievery in stride. He has praised Discover for their prompt action in alerting him to the charges. Arpaio even claims that he may not press charges against the criminals involved if the credit card theft was caused by financial desperation.

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15 Responses to “Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio A Victim Of Credit Card Theft”

  1. Anonymous

    The problem goes much deeper then one person"s card being used. Discover probably lost much more information then they are telling us. That is usually the case in any event.

  2. Anonymous

    The problem goes deeper then just this individual. Discover has a problem and it most likely affects their entire customer base. They will never tell us the real truth, but when one person gets hacked many other get hacked as well.

  3. Anonymous

    Really? Well, is that all they stole from him? After he's stolen thousands of people's lives? Who in God's name would want HIS identity? Too bad, they're cursed!

  4. Raymond Clifford

    Such a unique opportunity to kick around an entity of dislike when he is down? Good luck Sheriff? Don't agree with your personal agenda, but this is not needed!

  5. Allen E. Booth

    It could have been an unscrupulous Discover employee who obtained Arpaio's credit card info and used it fraudulently. (I don't mean to suggest that "they're all crooks", but the possibility I have suggested SHOULD be considered.)

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