Man Dressed As ‘Joker’ Causes Disturbance At Applebee’s

An intoxicated man dressed as Joker from The Dark Knight was arrested after he caused a disturbance at a New York Applebee’s.

Police were summoned to the Chautauqua County Applebee’s after 24-year-old Aaron Chase began hassling customers at the restaurant. According to WKBW, Chase was dressed as the character as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie.

According to The Smoking Gun, Chase was drunk when he entered the Lakewood Applebee’s location on Sunday evening. Wearing a green wig and face paint, the man approached the bar and began hassling customers who were trying to enjoy their drinks. When he was asked to leave the premises, Chase reportedly refused.

The incident report reads:

“Aaron A. Chase, dressed in all black, wearing a green wig, and had his face painted like Joke from batman, walked into Applebee’s restaurant. Aaron sat at the bar and wanted to be served. Aaron was intoxicated and had no money. Aaron was acting strange was harassing people at the bar. Aaron was asked to leave several times but he refused.”

According to WIVB, Chase was at a bar called The Good Time Saloon prior to visiting the restaurant. After allegedly having a few drinks at this location, the man decided to pay a visit to Applebee’s.

Lakewood-Busti Police Department Sergeant Paul Gustafson told The Post-Journal:

“We take any call of this nature very seriously, especially in a situation where a person dresses up in this manner and enters a restaurant or business. With the recent events in the country you have to take these situations seriously.”

For disturbing the Applebee’s customers and refusing to leave the premises, Chase has been charged with trespassing. Because of his behavior and his decision to dress as Joker, the man was reportedly taken to an area hospital for mental evaluation.