Andy Murray Wants More Drug Testing In Tennis

Andy Murray believes tennis needs more PED testing and stricter drug policies.

Hot on the heels of Lance Armstrong’s admittance to using steroids, Murray is calling out his own sport on threats to its competitiveness.

While in London to announce his participation in June’s AEGON Championships at Queen’s Club, Murray opened up about his feelings on the topic:

“It’s down to our governing bodies and the ATP to invest some of our own money and make sure we get more testing done. If it means taking some of the money out of the players’ earnings then that’s what we have to do.”

According to the Daily Mail, tennis spends roughly one million pounds a year on testing. That translates to $1.5 million. The publication notes the amount is roughly that same amount a tennis player earns from winning a Grand Slam.

BBC Sport reports that Murray is upset that the World Anti-Doping Agency is ignoring claims by Eufemiano Fuentes that he supplied tennis players with banned substances.

Fuentes currently stands trial for supplying cyclists with banned substances, but has admitted to supplying athletes from various sports the same drugs.

It wasn’t enough for Andy Murray to call out his own sport for ignoring banned substance use though, he wants every player’s name who has used to be revealed:

“I think it’s essential that the names and whoever was involved with it, it’s essential for tennis that that comes out. If one in 100 is doping then, in my eyes, that isn’t a clean sport and we need to to everything we can to ensure we have everyone that’s competing at the highest level and below is clean.”

Murray, who claims he is a clean player, recently lost the Australian Open to Novak Djokovic. Djokovic thinks Tennis conducts too many blood tests and has complained about how many he underwent in the last year.

Do you agree with Andy Murray that tennis should have stricter drug testing policies?

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