2,000 Schools Google Chromebook

Google Chromebooks Now Used By 2,000 Schools

A Friday blog post from Google announced that 2,000 schools are now utilizing Chromebooks to enhance education.

The figure comes on the heels of the newly added 1,000 schools taking part in Google’s Chromebooks for Education program. The current total of schools involved in the effort successfully increased by 50 percent throughout the previous three months.

Global Education Evangelist Jaime Casap wrote the following post on Google’s official blog:

“2012 was a year of opening doors to learning on the web for more and more students each day. With the web, students and teachers are using new technology and devices to collaborate with each other in class, from home, and around the world. We want Google in Education to help open more doors and we’re pleased to announce there are now 2,000 schools using Chromebooks for Education -– twice as many as 3 months ago. And with several Chrome devices available today, there is a device for any school, any student, anywhere.”

An article by PC Magazine writes that, while the program is a global endeavor, three of the latest schools to join Google in their education initiative are located in the United States.

North Carolina’s Transylvania County Schools purchased 900 Chromebooks while St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida added 2,200. California’s Rocketship Education rounds out the list with 1,100 Chromebooks in use.

The Chromebooks for Education program also recently made an impact on the Chicago public school system, which now has 270,000 students, faculty, and teachers connecting and sharing information.

Do you think the use of Google Chromebooks in 2,000 schools will make a positive impact on students and their education?