John Goodman to star in Alpha House on Amazon

John Goodman Will Star In Amazon Original Series ‘Alpha House’

Amazon has just landed John Goodman to star in its new original series Alpha House.

Much like Netflix recently did with the riveting House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, Amazon has decided to start its own TV production house.

The new Alpha House series will air via the Amazon Instant Library and will be made available at no additional cost for Amazon Prime customers.

Amazon is already working on several children’s series. Amazon also has plans to air six comedy pilots, and it will allow viewers to choose which series should receive a full season run.

It wasn’t clear at the time of the pilot voting announcement how much Amazon would invest in the program. With John Goodman stepping up to the bat, it appears the company is very serious about its future in TV series production.

Netflix spent $100 million to secure the rights for House Of Cards, and Amazon apparently is not skimping either. In fact, Alpha House is written by Academy Award nominee and Pulitzer-Prize winner Garry Trudeau.

Alpha House is about four Washington, D.C., senators who live together in a rented house.

With his recent starring role in Argo and his understanding of TV production thanks to his time on Roseanne, John Goodman could end up with another hit on his hands.

Production on Alpha House has already started, but an air date has not yet been revealed.

Will you be tuning in to Amazon Instant Video to watch John Goodman in Alpha House?