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Michael Crabtree, Jim Harbaugh Criticize Super Bowl Officiaiting

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Michael Crabtree and Jim Harbaugh weren’t too happy with the officiating last night.

With about 1:50 left in the fourth quarter, the 49ers had a chance to take the lead. Crabtree ran a route to the corner of the end zone and Colin Kaepernick tossed the ball up to his receiver. The ball landed on the grass and the 49ers turned the ball over on downs.

Both Michael Crabtree and Jim Harbaugh say that the refs missed a crucial holding call on Jimmy Smith during the game.

Crabtree said:

“It was a missed call … [The referee] missed two or three in the game but that was it right there, the Super Bowl was right there … I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to think about it. I don’t know, man. What do you think? I thought it was holding.”

Harbaugh also said that there should have been a holding call on the play.

Harbaugh said:

“There was no question in my mind there was a pass interference, and then a hold on the last play.”

Here’s a video of the play.

Do you think there should have been a flag?

The 49ers turned the ball over on downs after the play and the Ravens were able to hold on to win Super Bowl XLVII.

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40 Responses to “Michael Crabtree, Jim Harbaugh Criticize Super Bowl Officiaiting”

  1. David Snider

    of course it was pass interference. the ball was in the air for almost 2 seconds and the guy was still holding crabtree. What about the holding in the end zone when the ravens were running out the clock. What happened to the REFS?

  2. David Lewis

    There were a couple incidental face masks in the first half they missed. Plus the roughing the kicker was a personal. Cary Williams pushing a ref and staying in the game!! It was awful…as if they were given a que card of what should've happened.

  3. Dave Camello

    How about the offensive one on Culliver, the offside an the 2 point try. Jerome Boger's placing the ball on his 'non marking' foot on the overturned first down was the biggest sign of his incompetency…he was a YARD off on the spot. When I saw that idiot was doing the game I knew trouble was brewing!

  4. Joe Wittmann

    Yes the guy clearly had a hold of Crabtree's jersey……but Crabtree also had his left hand on the guys helmet pushing his head back….in my opinion it was a good "no call"……besides the ball was uncatchable anyway….it was 2-3 yards out of bounds. As far as the holding on the safety….there's not a ref in the NFL going to call that! If your going to get picky how about calling unsportsmanlike conduct on Harbaugh when he was on the sideline down at the 10-15 yard line! He can do that! They have a clearly defined box that they have to stay in on the field!

  5. Rita Karson

    Its done you lost, get over it…the Ravens could be saying the same thing, Crabtree had his hand up pushing as well…it should've never come down to that anyway, you lost the game in the first half…sour grapes don't look good on you Crabtree.

  6. Christopher LaFrieda

    Add to that, a blow to the head on Flacco that would have extended a drive (like it did for 49ers against Falcons), late hit out of bounds on Flacco what would have extended a drive. It's all moot, nothing can make up for the blackout that iced Flacco for 84 minutes. It was going to be a 30 point slaughter. Be happy with the miracles you got.

  7. Anonymous

    Ravens knew there was no chance the refs were going to call a penalty on Ray "Murder" Lewis' last game. Period. They only would have thrown a flag against the 49ers.

  8. Joe Wittmann

    I don't see anyone mentioning the biggest joke of all…..The mysterious "Power Outage"! The Ravens run the kickoff back for a touchdown, and have a 22 point lead and all the momentum……and the lites mysteriously shut off in only 1/2 the stadium…..what a load of crap! Whoever did it knew damn well it would take at least a 1/2 hr to get those lites to come back on….the 49ers just got out played by a team that wanted it more…..Sorry people but "HYPE" doesn't win football games!

  9. David Snider

    crabtree was pushing? yea, trying to get the guy bear hgugging him OFF him. Its not sour grapes, its the truth, the refs sucked. We already congratulated the ravens, so you what on earth are you smoking?

  10. Christopher LaFrieda

    David Snider I said Flacco was iced for 84 minutes. He was off the field for that long because of half time and the blackout. What game did you watch? I was rooting for the 49ers with a room full of 49er fans, but the blackout clearly changed the whole game. I'm not going to cheer that on.

  11. Anonymous

    I heard the 49ers violins start playing immediately afer the game. There were calls missed on both teams. Sour grapes

  12. Jack Schulte

    It was probably the best non-call of the game….especially after they blew calls on Akers great acting, and Flacco getting smashed while out of bounds….its nice that the refs let the guys play the game.

  13. Jacob Ramos

    He was pushing off bc he was getting held. And that was Jon that was down the field. So good job on that one.

  14. Anonymous

    That holding call in the endzone was probably designed. harbaugh probably told the front line to hold all day long because if they call it, its a safety and if they don't call it, its a safety but more time runs off the clock.

  15. David Jarvis

    Crabtree was running into dbs all night. He then pushes off them to help get separation. In the play in question, Crabtree clearly ran right into the db consistent with his mo all night. He further had arms extended against the db and was pushing off on the dbs helmet, and pushed the db to the ground. If anything, it should've been off pass interference. Minimally, a good no call. Whiny 49ers!

  16. Joe Wittmann

    Gee…you wouldnt happen to be a 49ers fan would you David……get a clue….a power surge would not knock out exactly 1/2 the lites……flipping a switch on the other hand will…..I didnt care one way or another who won (i am a Giants fan)….I just found it kinda funny that the lites went out and the game was delayed almost an hr….just as the Ravens had gained all the momentum and opened up a 22pt lead on cry baby Harbaugh and his precious 49ers……

  17. Joe Wittmann

    All week long no-one gave the Ravens a chance…..and come gameday they spanked the 49ers!!

  18. Joe Wittmann

    No it was notl….because he was the one that called the timeout just before they got called for delay of game as the playclock ran out…….

  19. Joe Wittmann

    Exactly….I can't figure out why everyone is crying about the holding in the endzone…..either way its a safety!!! so what didfference would it have made…..

  20. Carlos LeCroy

    C . L . Yo Moma wud slap Yo silly fo bein Fool dat Yo bee thar like a bad clown at a fine Ringling Bros Circus ! .. Dream on PrimaDonna CL .. "WarHero" CarlosRichardLeCroy

  21. Anonymous

    Blame the refs all you want. 49ers were down 28-6 at one point. Maybe Jim Harbaugh needs to think about that before finding a scapegoat. Signed – not a fan of either team.

  22. Kurt Miltenberger

    Does anyone expect anything less from the Forty Whinners! I knew right after the end zone play that this would be the discussion. Great NO CALL!

  23. Role Guy

    Regfs blew not only this call but many others. There was a flagrant holding by 2 Ravens on the 108 yard run back that should have been called, bringing the ball back after penalty to about the 35 yard line. Not TD without the double hold that extended about 10 yards. Crappy refs the entire game.

  24. Role Guy

    Akers was run into and it should have been a roughing the kicker penalty, not the lesser one called. Did the refs get some kind of "how to call the game" instructions to favor the Ravens, I would not be surprised because the NFL gods wanted Ray Lewis to win his last game. I am so glad he is out of the league now so we don't have to hear about him and his antics. If they put him in the booth, sound goes on mute just like when Joe Buck is announcing.

  25. Role Guy

    I expect more from the refs in a playoff game, and from the league office. If this keeps up fans will give up on the NFL, or I predict violence in the parking lots and in the stadium. NFL needs to get it's act together.

  26. Role Guy

    Actually, the better playing team lost. Look at the stats. The Ravens got lucky too many times when penalties were not called on them, one big holding penalty not called on the kickoff return of 108 yards. That was right in front of the ball carrier, so how did the blind refs miss that one?

  27. Role Guy

    Any chance the refs got instructions or a payoff, like the NBA officials did a few years ago. Refs were poor on both sides of the ball.

  28. Alisa Miller

    I'm sorry—when did just sitting and taking crap become our only option! Jim Harbaugh has every right to say what he wants! This is still America, and until President DUMBASS OBAMA says otherwise, we still have FREE SPEECH! HELLO PEOPLE, THE REFS WERE PAID OFF! EVERYBODY FELT SORRY FOR RAY LEWIS AND THAT WAS THAT!

  29. Janice Cron Hodges

    All I know if the officials called the holding like they should have there defintly would have been a different outcome, makes me really believe that the NFL is fixed

  30. Sarah Elizabeth Conrad

    It was a good game but there was ALOT of missed calls the refs should have made. We will come back better next year with a chip on our shoulders.

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