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Bobbi-Kristina Slams Book By Cissy Houston, Says It Disrespects Whitney

Bobbi-Kristina slams book

As Bobbi-Kristina slams grandma Cissy Houston’s new Whitney Houston tell all book on Twitter, fans are reacting to the knowledge that the late singer’s only daughter is not pleased with the final word on her mom by the only mother figure the younger Houston has left.

Bobbi-Kristina slams the tome as disrespectful and openly told Twitter followers she won’t be reading Cissy’s new release, Remembering Whitney. The book details Cissy’s life after her famous daughter’s sudden and tragic passing in a Beverly Hills hotel room, and, in it, the grieving mom writes of the moment she learned Whitney was found dead:

“That was the moment my life shattered. I don’t know what I did or said after that. I was told later that I screamed so loudly that the whole building must have heard me, but my mind was absolute blank, except for one thought – that my baby had gone.”

It’s hard not to relate to Cissy despite Bobbi-Kristina’s slam of the book, as the celebrity grandma continues and explains a feeling which we can all sadly, to some degree, understand and relate:

“Even now, nearly a year later, I sometimes just ache, wishing I could hug my Nippy one last time. I never ever thought she would go before me. The first days after the news blurred into a terrible haze. I would fall into a fitful sleep and wake up and realise an hour or two later that my greatest nightmare was real.”

Bobbi-Kristina’s Twitter slam of the book begins:


She adds:

Will you be reading the book Bobbi-Kristina slams on Twitter despite Whitney’s daughter’s disapproval?

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12 Responses to “Bobbi-Kristina Slams Book By Cissy Houston, Says It Disrespects Whitney”

  1. Cija Foster

    why can't this girl admit her mother was a drug addict, this girl needs to go to school and get a career before she is soon to follow her mother.

  2. Norman Boggs

    didn't care about these people before and definitely could care less now.

  3. Jodie Lee Bazemore

    Yes, I will be reading it. I think her mom is very truthful and Bobbi Kristina is in denial about what her mother did when she was alive. Time to face the truth little girl. Your mother was a drug addict!

  4. Jenean C. Parker

    Which is why you took the time to click on then read the story right?

  5. Michael A Blackmon-Ham

    then why take the time to read the article and leave a comment….lol

  6. Michael A Blackmon-Ham

    I think it's hard for her to admit that her mom had some demons. I also think she hasn't had a chance to properly grieve. She needs some help.

  7. Lydie Stevens

    Regardless of her mother's drug use, I can sympathize with her. Her mother has not even been dead for a year and a book penned by her grandmother criticizing the mother's life and choices is due.

    According to the article, within 3 months of her death, they were part of a reality show.

    It's so tasteless on all accounts. How long did they grieve?

    And they try to blame Bobby Brown? Seems to me that Whitney spent a huge chunk of her life trying to get away from her family – physically or mentally.

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