Power Plant Demolition

Power Plant Imploded In Order To Build City Park [Video]

Chula Vista, CA – A power plant was recently imploded in order to pave the way for a proposed city park.

After careful planning and quite a bit of explosives, officials brought down the San Diego Gas & Electric plant that has been standing in the San Diego Bay since the 50s. According to The Christian Science Monitor, thousands gathered to watch the event take place.

A representative for the Port of San Diego said the demolition of the power plant will allow people to enjoy more views of the bay. Once the rubble has been cleared away, officials intend to use the space for an economic development and a park.

The Los Angeles Times reports that it required 200 pounds of charges and 300 pounds of dynamite to bring the plant to the ground. An estimated 7,000 people are thought to have watched the structure implode. Although some people were glad to see to power plant go, others were a bit more sentimental about the demolition.

Susan Bonner said:

“It’s crazy, but I grew up here and it’s always been part of our life. I’m going to miss its great big, ugly, hulking presence.”

The Port of San Diego and Chula Vista reportedly paid $115 million for the plant in 1999. Former Mayor Shirley Horton said it’s taken nearly 14 years to bring the power plant down.

According to The Associated Press, the power plant was decommissioned in 2010. Although officials made plans for the structure’s implosion last October, a series of delays ultimately forced them to push the event into February.

Current Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox said the demolition “marks the end of an era for a structure that has, famously and infamously, stood on our waterfront for half a century.”

Video of the implosion has been embedded below.

Are you sad that the Chula Vista power plant has been imploded?