Obama Has The Voters In His Sights

Obama Shotgun Photo Inspires Hilarious Photoshop Revisions Of The Iconic Image

Much has been made of President Obama’s claim that he is an avid skeet shooter and, therefore, a devoted supporter of the Second Amendment. Republicans were heard laughing from coast to coast, and the White House responded by releasing a photo of the President, in his best blue jeans and perfectly ironed t-shirt, happily blasting away with his trusty shotgun. Perhaps the President should have discouraged the idea because some very clever folks decided that altering the original photograph in dozens of truly twisted ways, and posting the results on the World Wide Web was the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

And ya know what folks: They were absolutely right. Internet users are rolling in the aisles as one new version after another of Obama with a shotgun appears on Twitter and dozens of other popular websites. So far, we are happy to report that the vast majority of the altered images have been basically tasteful and only mildly sarcastic, and no one has really gone for the jugular in a mean and vicious manner. Despite the mainstream media’s constant attempts to convince Americans that Conservatives are all Dr. Evil wannabes who live to slander the President, almost all of the images are simply good-natured attempts to bring some humor to a very serious subject.

Critics of the President are wondering why they never heard a single word about his skeet shooting hobby before since Mr. Obama is quite fond of writing and talking about every second of his life since the moment of his birth. Of course, the President didn’t help himself when he made the following statement to a skeptical public:

“Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time. Not the girls, but often times guests of mine go up there.” (We are trying to picture Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas waiting their turn on the line, shotguns in hand.)

Meanwhile, experienced shooters are wondering about Obama’s skeet shooting style. He may end up with a dislocated shoulder if he insists on holding the shotgun that high, but who is going to correct Barack Obama when he has a loaded weapon in his hands? The vast majority of Americans are thinking, “Nice Try, Mr President, but we don’t buy the story” and hoping he doesn’t pull a Gerald Ford and injure an innocent bystander.

We will leave it to some of America’s more dedicated investigative journalists to get to the bottom of this story — if there are any left who are willing to dig for information about Mr. Obama. While we wait for the results of their probe, you might enjoy a choice selection of our very favorite versions of that renowned contemporary photograph, “Modern American President With Shotgun.”

Obama Skeet Shooting