Three Classmates Get Perfect SAT Scores

Three Classmates Get Perfect SAT Scores

Three Pennsylvania classmates managed to get perfect SAT scores. The classmates are all Juniors at Upper Dublin High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The SAT test is taken by high school students in preparation for entering college. A student’s SAT score can determine if they are admitted into a particular college. Most colleges review a student’s score when they apply for admission.

The test lasts three hours and contains ten sections that are each timed separately. The SAT is meant to determine a students readiness for college by determining skill levels in critical thinking, mathematics, and writing.

As stated on, of over 1 million students who take the test, only 80 percent of students complete the SAT, and only 50 to 60 percent of the questions are answered correctly. In 2012 only 360 of those students received a perfect score.

Classmates Julie Baldassano, Benjamin She, and William Raynor all got perfect SAT scores of 2400. Although the students all admit the test was the difficult, they all offer advice to to others faced with the SAT.

As reported by NBC News, Julie Baldassano, age 17, enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter and knitting in her free time. She hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She discusses how she prepared for her SAT:

“Don’t get discouraged, I wasn’t getting anywhere near 2400 when I started practicing, but the more you do the better it’ll go and the easier it will get.”

Benjamin She, age 16, spends his spare time playing the violin and teaching English to the elderly. He compares taking the SAT to playing poker:

“Taking a standardized test like the SAT is just like doing a skill like Poker, it’s all about what you need to do to analyze the questions.”

William Raynor, age 16, enjoys math, science, and playing the viola. He and She are part of the same youth orchestra. Raynor was shocked when he received his results, he states “it’s really exciting and I never expected it.”

All three classmates who got the perfect SAT scores plan to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field.