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Amanda Bynes Avoids Eviction By Moving Out Of NY Apartment

Amanda Bynes eccentric

You don’t evict Amanda Bynes, Amanda Bynes evicts herself.

According to TMZ, the former actress decided to leave her New York City apartment after she was asked by her landlord to vacate the premises.

The landlord reportedly sent a note to the 26-year-old nominee for world’s worst driver saying that she was “a disrespectful rule-breaker.”

A source said:

“Bynes got a letter from building management earlier this month explaining that her lease would be terminated, because she’s a building nuisance.”

So what was Bynes doing that would have caused an eviction? According to TMZ sources, Bynes apartment reeked of marijuana 24/7. The landlord finally had enough of Bynes questionably legal drug habit and was getting ready to evict the actress. In addition to the drugs, the building is also a non-smoking building.

But instead of waiting for a legal battle, Bynes decided to relocate on her own. The actress had moving trucks to her Manhattan Apartment this weekend but it’s unclear where Bynes will be taking her stuff.

Bynes has been having a bit of a rough year. She was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI and has been in several car accidents over the last 12 months.

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13 Responses to “Amanda Bynes Avoids Eviction By Moving Out Of NY Apartment”

  1. Jeff Zakany

    Aaah….There's the reason for her wanting to "retire" from show business. She's a pot head. There are some people that experiment with pot, then find out they want to do nothing but stay high 24/7/365. It zaps your motivation completely. I had a buddy like this. 22 years old, single, good looking, but he never wanted to go out and look for girls, never wanted to go to clubs, never wanted to go to parties, all he wanted to do was get high. It was sad.

  2. Parker Shilling

    She still looks hot!
    It could be worse, she could be Lindsey Lohan.

  3. Cheryl Arbon

    You just described me in my twenties. But I grew out of it by thirty. I now own my own business and am a productive member of society!! I was a late bloomer, but I made it. My hope is that so can she! ; )

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